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ptaunkSeptember 22, 2013


We are buying a new house and we have an option to decide whether to choose a one level or 2 level kitchen island. I have attached a picture of the model kitchen, our's is very similar to this one. We cook a lot but same time we have enough counter top space that we need. What would be a good option from the looks and resale point of view.

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I think this is like the sing v. Double sink question - that is, 50/50. I had a two-level island and took it out. I vastly preferred the single level I replaced it with.

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I agree - it's more a matter of personal preference. I debated this question and finally did one level as I wanted a big expanse to work on.

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I'd look at it more in terms of what is going to be more functional. The problem that I see with a one level island is where to put electrical outlets. With a two level island, you have a backsplash that you can have your outlets. With a one level island, you either need to put outlets in the sides of the end cabinets or install those type of outlets that pop up from the countertop. For a small island, the outlets in the sides of the end cabinets will do just fine, but it may be more of an issue with a larger island.

Also, if the sink is in the island, you would need to use an air switch for the disposer instead of a wall switch, with a one level. I personally, love our air switch.

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One level - you'll get much more useable surface area. It's better for hosting people, as it's easier to have self-serve dishes and you don't have to worry about limited space.

Aside from that, I personally think 2-level counters looks a bit dated to early 2000s.

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One level. We replaced our two-level with a one-level and love it.

Interestingly, people are much more inclined to sit at the one level counter. More inviting? At the two-level guests and kids might stand around but they didn't pull out a stool as readily.

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Also having had both, I much prefer a one level. I have no problems with having my outlets on the outer side of the cabinet and on the wall to the right of it. My sink is in my island and I don't mind that, either.

It's easier to keep clean and neat looking, too, IMHO.

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One level. I'm in the same predicament (building a house) and chose one level.

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Another vote for one level. I've had both and prefer one level by far. The outlet issue that a previous poster mentioned is a non-issue.

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One nice thing about the two-level is that it will keep prep messes and dishes out of view while you are in the dining area.

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That's why I did it originally (I had a two-level island and a two-level peninsula, both of which I took out in my remodel -- for me the negatives outweighed that one positive).

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I had a two-level peninsula and replaced it with one level. I love the extra prep space. I only used one of the two outlets in my old peninsula, so now I have one on the end panel, and it works fine. I also found that the new sinks are deeper than the old, so you can hide your dirty prep dishes and not see them from the table.

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Another consideration is the size of the stools needed--counter height (one-level) vs bar height (two-level), and who will be using them. When my kids were small, they could climb up on counter height stools, but bar height would have been more clumsy for them.

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I am doing a two level, except it is a little different than the one shown. I am doing a larger counter height portion with a table height at one end. One can sit at either height and the lower section acts like a breakfast/snack/baking area. No sink or cook top on either section.


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