Vote: Cabinets Next to Window Facings?

calyle7September 6, 2013

We are taking out the kitchen window looking out onto the glassed in porch / entry and just making an opening (no glass)
I am having the sink moved to under this opening and will have one wall cabinet on the left side and a corner wall cabinet on the right.
I don't know which way I want the opening finished....Please Help by Voting:

1.) Cabinets butted up to 2" window casings
2.) Cabinets next to window with no window casings
3.) Cabinets at least 2" from window casings
4.) Cabinets at least 2" from window no window casings
Edited and changed facing to casing...thanks

The opening as it is now in front of the sink will be flush with the new counter top...
Please Vote:

1.) Leave counter top and window opening the same and continue granite out to make a flat window sill of sorts.

2.) Build up at least 2 to 4" behind the sink and then add a granite sill or wood.
With both I will have a living plant or two on the sill.

I have asked this in another post but felt I wasn't making myself clear...I hope I have this time and looking forward to your vote..Also please give me any suggestions you may have.
thanks so much...

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Since it is not a real window but just an opening I think I would opt for no casing/trim around the opening. I would also leave 2 inches from the cabinets to the opening. I think it would look crowded if you have the cabinets right up to the opening (or to the casing,if you chose to have casing)

I also vote to have the opening flush and continue the granite out to make the sill level with the countertop.

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If you're referring to window casing, I would vote for the 2" away. Don't crowd it, let the opening frame itself and breathe. On the splash behind the sink, it depends on what is outside that window. I'm thinking the 4" plus wood or granite sill would look better if in a highly visible area from the other side... I usually keep a plant or flowers on my sill behind the sink

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Yes I was referring to window "casing" instead of facing..I have Edited and Corrected my wording....thanks
I just don't know whether to use facing or not...afraid if I do, I may not have 2 more inches to play with so if I use the casing..cabinets may have to butt up to them....if I don't then I have the 2" away from cabinets...will have to see what he says on Monday.

The opening looks out onto an enclosed porch with windows all around ...almost ceiling to is also the front entry to our home. We have some wicker furniture out there but because of no room elsewhere we also have our treadmill and elliptical on one side of the room and that is what we will be looking at unless I can talk hubby into moving it on another wall. He loves it there because this room goes directly into the family room thru an open double door and the treadmill is facing that way.... so he can exercise and look at the TV at the same time...And because of his health conditions he needs the exercise for sure.

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agree with badgergal.

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What is the style of your home? What style of casing does it have (flat, ranch, colonial, other decorative)? How deep is the sill without extending it from the sink? Do you generally keep a clean counter and sink area, lol?

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House was built in the 50's typical one story open concept at all. The house was custom designed and built by a local builder at that time, so he had everything custom done...even to having cabinets built on site or at least built into the house...They were a Bear to get out! The cabinets had shelves on the upper edge around both windows and those were built into the casing of the windows.
The casings around windows and doors were also custom made...Very simple but wide with a small round piece at the edge to finish them off. I have three windows at the end of the eating area in the kitchen that has that same window casing and trim...And I will not want to change that...and the new space around the opening does not allow for that wide of trim.
Right now the sill is 6" wide which could be extended out another inch or two..depending on cost of granite if I go that way.
Yes I do "generally" keep clean counter, sink area most of the time....but when I'm away visiting Grandbaby for a few days ..DH not so much..but hopefully new kitchen will inspire him to do better (lol)

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The ideas you present in the OP are more modern looking, so I think I would do a traditional sill and finish with a narrower version of the existing trim, which sounds pretty. I'd keep the 2 inches of breathing room around the cabinets.

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Thanks for your suggestion...guess I'm still not making myself clear as to what I can do....Sorry....
I don't have 4" to spare from cabinet to window ...
I can only do either a 2" window trim and butt the cabinets up to that.....Or do No trim and have 2" of wall or breathing space from the cabinets.
I am thinking maybe since the other windows have 4" of window trim plus another 1/2 of small trim around may be better since this is just a opening and not a just finish it out with no trim and only put a sill in...
Does that sound like it would look OK?

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Sorry I didn't re-read the opening post. Why not just hang the cabinets, hold the trim up and see what you think. Do you have a picture of the area to see all the sizes and proportions?

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They will be closing the window up on one side to make room for the cabinet on the right...once they get that closed then I will post a picture....I know a visual makes it so much easier to understand what I am asking.
I can't hang cabinets until they get the opening fixed where they removed a double window which was 60" wide with now it will be somewhere close to 36" wide...And if we add 4" and then put in the sill it will be around 40" high.
Hopefully once i get some pictures posted this will make more sense....thanks

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So it sounds like you already have the cabinets, for gaining any inches there. Could you reduce the window size any more? So at least the cabinet wouldn't be directly butted against a trim piece.

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I would do that in a heartbeat....but had to beg hubby to give up the 26" on the right side for a wall cabinet....and he will not budge to have the window made any am pretty much stuck with what I have. I could make the left side farther away from trim but not right...and know it should be the I probably will just finish out the opening with no trim.
But will post a picture as soon as they get the opening closed so it is understandable.

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Not even an inch? How about 1/2 inch. I have some trim that abuts other things by 1/4 inch.

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Can you bridge the two? There's not a need for much trim room in something like this (very generally), where they've made it an alcove. Not meaning to add the upper row of cabinets. You could have the whole area around the window in trim, with no wall space showing. I also like this very narrow piece they've used around the window. Doesn't have to be 2 inches.

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Here's one, window is a bit wider than yours. The glass doors help, as far as feeling closed in.

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Tell me why you feel trim will look better? Just trying to picture what you are thinking...
Do you think it will look OK to have it very small around the window and the 4" plus on the other 3 windows at the eating area?
I could do 2" trim and then leave the space of the drywall thickness which will probably be 1/2"

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Basically because it's an older traditional home. Trimless would be more modern looking. In the wrong setting, it tends to look unfinished.

Not sure what you mean by leaving space of the drywall thickness.

I think it could look fine to have a narrower version of the window casings installed.

Without seeing anything it's hard to say ... maybe your idea would work too.

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How are you going to cover the raw window jam without any casing?

Nevermind. I guess just corner bead, no interior casing.

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thanks for taking the time to help me...truly appreciate it...will get some pictures as soon as I can...
Yes the house is traditional in most aspects...other than the enclosed glass porch/ entry that the opening will look out to...that seems less traditional to me...

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Here is an idea for not having trim around the opening
This isn't the way I will do it exactly ..I will not have the opening as high as this, will probably only go up 4" and then the window sill.... but it does show how it would look with corner bead...(Is this someones kitchen here on the forum?)

./DSC_0139.jpg.html" target="_blank">

On the left side there is only one 21" cabinet and then a open small snack bar and then a 36" open walk on that side I don't think it will feel cramped.
But on the right there will be the corner cabinet and then go into the back of the U with stove and then another corner cabinet and then the wall with cabinets and the Ref. At the end of the U there is a space of around 5 ft in depth and 9ft in width and that has a small breakfast table in front of 3 even though the kitchen is small there is a lot of window light and light from both the den on one side which is the side we are opening up...and the DR on the other.

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calyle7, the picture you posted is GWer KevinMP's kitchen. If you would like to see more photos of his kitchen, I have linked his reveal below.

You are certainly putting a lot of thought into the details of your kitchen. Good luck wih your decisions. I will be waiting for your reveal.

Here is a link that might be useful: KevinMP's kitchen

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I always thought that should have been trimmed when he was working on the dining room. There is a lot of nice wood work in his house. He ended up installing some miniature columns in it.

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thanks badgergal...I thought I had seen that kitchen before...
Snookums2....Is there pictures of the miniature columns he installed?

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Here is a link that might be useful: before & after

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