tip out sponge tray problem: not flush w/cabinet

hollyhocksSeptember 19, 2013

my top of my tip out will not sit flush against the cabinet frame (bottom sits flush). I had it installed by a professional carpenter. 3 other carpenters and my contractor looked at it and can't figure out why the top won't sit flush. they thought it was because the plastic tray was too deep and was hitting the under-mount sink so we bought a slimmer model. same problem (tray wasn't touching the sink after all). anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? everyone is scratching their heads

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post photos?

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Are your cabinet doors inset?

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That happened to me. It is fixed. But i'm scratching my head trying to remember what the trouble was. It was simple. I'll have to take a look at it.
Our tray pops out for washing. (snaps into grooves on screws)
Does yours sit flush with the tray removed?

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Sophie Wheeler

Many tilt outs are incompatible with today's larger sinks. Even the "shallow" ones won't fit if you have a deep front to back sink. Expecially something offset like this where the one bowl takes up all of the space in the cabinet

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thanks for all the replies. attached are the photos. it is an overlay cabinet door. when the plastic tray is removed, the door still has a gap at the top. the plastic tray is really slim and doesn't touch the sink. He had the springs removed at one time, I think they are put back in the correct holes(?). not sure if the carpenter used the hinge template(?). the hinge sits flush with the bottom of the door. maybe the hing is in the incorrect position?

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I would just call the original installer and have him fix it.

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If it closes when the tray is removed, then it must be the hinges. Losen the hinge screws a bit and then try closing it.

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