Kitchen layout review

dianamc75September 24, 2012

Hi! New here. We are renovating a 1950s prairie style home. THe old kitchen, which is in the back of the property, will become the laundry room/mud room. The kitchen will be all new, with a beautiful lake view, but I am limited somewhat by the existing space.

Here is the space now:




On one end is all windows. Those will be staying. THere is a walk out on the one side. That will be staying.

The kichen is long and narrow. Opposite the windows will be a full walk through butler's pantry.

I love to cook and we love to host. WE have 3 young children (7, 6 & 3)

With that background here are the drawings. We are still modifying. I would love feedback as to function:



This is the wall next to the walk out. It will house a coffee bar/beverage station. I then have a 4.5 foot opening into the great room followed by a pantry wall.


This is the range wall. It causes me the most grief. Originally I wanted a range to break up the look of all the cabinets, but decided that I couldn't go back to a range from a wall oven. It just didn't feel comfortable to me. With the wall oven, it seemed we had no choice but to flank the fridge and wall oven on either side of the stove top (forgive my vocabulary if it is all wrong). The space only allows 2 feet on either side of the range. Is that sufficient?


The island will likely house a dishwasher, sink, garborator, freezer drawer, garbage pullouts and drawers which will house every day plates/glasses (the only other option is to house them in the pantry or the side wall cabinet, both seem to far from the stove)


The walk through pantry will house a stand up freezer, extra dishwasher, second oven, sink and warming drawer (?? it seems everyone is suggesting this but I don't have it now and not sure I would use it).

This is how I envision the pantry:


My questions:

1. What are your thoughts on function

2. The kitchen is quite long, with just the windows on the one end (North facing). Do you think this will be a big issue? Ideas for lighting?

3. Any other things that jump out at you???:

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I am sorry...I am still trying to learn how to post photos!

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Here is the overview, which shows the island. I don't think I did it right in the first post, and I can't see how to edit.

It seems that I can figure out how to post one photo, but not multiples in a thread.


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Space now:


Overview: See previous post

Wall next to the walk out

Range wall


Pantry inspiration:

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Pantry inspiration...see link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantry Inspiration

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Thank you for fixing my thread!

I wanted to mention that I will be taking up to 10 inches off island p&p drawers to give more room in my seating area. I think it is too tight now.

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Without being able to see the entire first floor plan, its hard to say, but what I would do is move the doorway on the wall marked with 13 feet over to between the table and the cabinets, move the cabinets over to the ?pantry wall and create an opening into the pantry in the middle of the wall. (perhaps close off one end). Leave the dishes and the micro in the pantry area - so it functioned as walk-through snacking but also as cleanup - removing the need for another big dishwasher.

Possibly move the big ref into the pantry but would certainly move it to the table end of the counter run so it had easy access from the table space. I think the ref/frz drawers are not well placed or even why you need them right there. Depending on what your are thinking of using the drawers for, they might be better off in the pantry (let it double as a party bar). The ovens might be better off out in the kitchen.

This does a couple of things - you can have more counter in the kitchen proper. Access to the pantry is much closer and direct.

The table space is a lot better. You're kinda lacking somewhere between two and three feet of space at the table area - so this creates a nice walkway between the table and the kitchen without decreasing the kitchen storage space. Alternate would be the 10 inches off your p&p storage PLUS reducing the width of the table down to about 36". Right now, there isn't a good way for people at the interior end of the table to actually get there. and become seated.

It gets the "heat" out of the pantry - no warming drawer out there and I'd have no thermal oven. It doesn't get rid of the heat and moisture from doing the dishes.

As far as smaller things go, I would do 36" cabinets on either side of the cooktop and combine those with a pair of 9" spice/oil pullouts in place of the 3" fillers. (the floor plan differs from the elevations?). If the whole enchilada moves east (as drawn), I'd have another 30" available for ovens.

Cut the 40" p&p drawers in favor of smaller dish storage cabinet - maybe a 36" and a larger trash/recycling cabinet. Roughly, when putting stuff like a trash pullout in a framed cabinet, it needs to be somewhat bigger. I have an 18" pullout that fits two almost full size cans - but I would need a 21" framed cabinet to fit the same pullout. Again, if its moving east, there would be another 30" cabinet there.

Maybe not have the ref/frz drawers directly across from the ref because of potential door/drawer stuff - but also it would just bug me to have others fluttering around my only sink.

When I look at your layout, I wonder about the amount of storage available in the kitchen proper - where you'll store your mixing bowls, mixer, food processor, etc. For sure have the bank of 36" cabinets in the pantry open on both sides. It's a cute inspiration picture, but I would not want to walk over there and around the corner every time I needed a can of tomatoes, a potato or a...

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Beautiful plan! Love the drawings--its going to be a beautiful kitchen! And those views--WOW!!!!

I think you've got a great start on the plans. I agree there is not enough space between the kitchen cabinetry/island and the dining area. Typically, you allow 2' for the chair from the edge of the table. You've curently got 3', however if someone is sitting in the chair, there is not enough space left to walk between the island and chair. Even adding the 10", I think it will still be tight. Also, the range wall cabs might need to be shortened a bit too. 5' of clearance between the island and dining table would be the ideal minimum, but you could likely shave a few inches off that and be ok--say around 4'5". I just measured between our island and the back of our sofa with the counter stool pulled out and while it's a little narrow, it works. Can you shave another 8" out of the island and the range wall? You could likely take the garbage/recycling down to a 15" cabinet with a 16" front, sink base to 33", and if you took the P&P base down to 27" you'd be right where you need to be. That would make the island 10'4" long with plenty of seating available on the backside. Don't forget you'll have another 1-2" of overhang with the countertops in place.

For the fridge & ovens, what would you think about making the oven a double oven, deleting the one in the pantry (should save you some $$$) and moving them to the pantry wall facing into the kitchen? You could recess them back into the pantry completely or partially. The island & the countertop where the fridge used to be would be your landing area for items from the fridge or oven. Another idea is recessing one on each end of the pantry and leave the center part in the pantry or recess that whole side, placing oven and fridge on either end with counter in between. Either option would leave plenty of space on either side of the cooktop and you could shorten that cabinet run to allow more room in the dining area.

That's a beautiful inspiration pic for the pantry. I would urge you to definitely think about how you would use the space and not how you envision it looking or how neat it would be to have that space. I can honestly say that I would not use an oven or sink or DW in my pantry area. A freezer, maybe. That's why I gave the suggestions on utilizing some of the pantry space for the fridge & oven. My guess is you will likely spend more time in the kitchen than the pantry, so I would make the kitchen as functional as possible first, then worry about the pantry. But that's just me & may not match up to how you use your kitchen/pantry on an everyday basis.

Hope this helps!

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These ideas do help! Thanks.

The bare pantry wall is definitely my nemesis, but for a variety of reasons (the least of which is costs), we are stuck with that entry into the kitchen and that wall of the pantry. If I put anything on that wall, then I am concerned about the flow into the kitchen. I also don't want to lose the walk through pantry idea as we host quite a bit.

I am frustrated with this design!! The other side of that 13 foot wall is a long narrow dining room. When you walk into the house, you either have to go down a hallway around the pantry and into the kitchen, or you walk through dining room into kitchen.

I can't move the opening of the dining room kitchen to the other side as the previous poster mentioned because I have a chimney flute or something or other that is there (wood fireplace in basement).

I debated having the ovens IN the pantry to give me more counter space next to the range, but I was concerned about the accessibility of that.

Originally, both ovens were built in next to the range, but I asked for one to be removed in order to give me more storage in that area.

I need to try to find the main floor plan so you can see what I am talking about.

I can move the fridge/freezer drawer into the pantry, and give me more room in the island for table seating.

I don't know what to do about making general storage more accessible. How do people do this with no uppers???

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