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phoggieSeptember 6, 2012

I am planning my kitchen in my new build...and the kitchen is driving my insane!

I have swung from dark to white cabinets.....but after seeing so many white, I think many of them seem cold and stark and the dark cabinets might feel like a cave because of there is only one window....SO, I am leaning toward cream colored painted cabinets, counter tops will be cream, black, brown and a sprinkling of gray, floors will be hickory with gunstocks stain, stainless appliances. If you have pics of cream cabinets, would you kindly post them? I seem to like warmer colors rather than the cool ones.


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Going through the same 'craziness' myself. I moved to Florida and all the kitchens are white, white, white.

I'd love to see light maple with shaker doors or cream.


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There was a picture on here with (light) painted upper cabinets and stained lowers. It was a great effect- I don't know how to find it though.

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2 toned kitchens are becoming almost standard fare...you could do white or light on top and the stained wood for lowers.

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Look through the Finished kitchens Blog for a whole lot of kitchens in different woods and colors.

There are 32 pages of kitchen photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchens Blog

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You asked for cream. These are:

Linen and Grey

Linen with Maple

as opposed to White

Hope that helps.

All images are from the Inspiration/Photo Gallery at Cliqstudios

Here is a link that might be useful: CliqStudios

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That sounds like MY kitchen! This photo was pre countertops...OK, it is still pre countertops, but now I have plywood....Eventually it will have walnut!!


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Love the linen with maple!

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Phoggie- I like the linen/cream, too. It's so much warmer than the white.

Have you considered an island, rather than the peninsula? I've always wondered if that might be a better fit for you...and you can have the island the wood or a different color. I know you said you didn't need many upper cabinets :)

Original plan... From Cottage house plans

Plan with island...

From Cottage house plans

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No suggestions on an exact color, but I do love the way you are thinking. I think you will love your choices.

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White would be too stark for me, too, so I picked "ivory cream" tinted varnish, a color offered by my cabinet company, Starmark. It's probably cooler than what you're going for -- "pale putty" might have been a more accurate name for it. Sorry I can't give you an equivalent BM color name. Anyway, here's the space:

I agree with bee -- I like the direction you're going!

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Thanks for the posts and pics. The color of the cabinet paint is called pearl. LL, I DO need upper cabinets....bad back...so am extending the wall so that can happen. If I didn't, I would do a darker island, but I can't have everything....got to try to stay within my modest budget...which is a challenge...especially in the kitchen.

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Oops! I thought you wanted it more open. Are you sure drawers (maybe on the island?) wouldn't be another option? You wouldn't have to lean over as much and still have lots of storage.

Also dish drawers on either side of the sink might be eaiser than a dishwasher. And a wall oven is my favorite (also have problems picking heavy things up from very low...too much throwing hay! LOL) so I love my wall oven. If that's something that would be better for you, we could look at some other options for your layout.

As for expense, you can get some very nice appliances at reasonable prices. And you'd save money if you had fewer cabinets and maybe more pantry storage. Just a few ideas :)

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