Granite stains

maciek82September 23, 2013

Hey everyone,
I recently purchased a new home. After months of hard work (complete rehab), my family and I were able to move in. I recently noticed stains on our antique brown granite. Looks like after glasses or some kind of containers. Can anyone help me identify the type of stain I have and how I can remove them. I'm not 100% sure if the granite installer sealed the granite, but once I remove these stains, I'll definitely seal them.


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Antique brown is very dense-So it is likely sealer residue on the surface that is causing the issues.
if you have the sample piece do the lemon test and see if it etches(thats what those ghost like looking rings and shapes you have on your countertop are) hopefully the sample piece wasn't sealed and it wont etch.
That way you will know if it is the sealer thatis causing the problems.
If you aren't sure if the sample was sealed paint stripper will remove any sealer from the surface-then try the lemon test. To do this test just place a small puddle of lemon juice on the surface for a few minutes and remove.
Check the result.
Have the installer or fabricator remove the excess sealer.
Do a little research and make a decision to seal or not to seal.

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