Maybe it's no one's fault.....Help with negotiating.

mrtulinSeptember 9, 2013

The cuisimax dealer has been a delight to work with, but there's a piece that's not going to work. I'm looking for some help about a reasonable solution. (which doesn't mean I necessarily get a new cabinent for free. I want to be fair.)
It's a pantry unit that with the shelves removed could be broom closet. I was very clear that was to be the purpose. we weren't sure of the height; she actually got a broom in the showroom and it fit into a 71"unit. It arrives, and you guessed it: none of my brooms or mops fit!
If it were just a matter of getting shorter cleaning tools, that would be an easy fix. But I really don't want to be measuring brooms and mops over the life of this kitchen. Belatedly I've been looking at utility closet designs and broom closets are tall!
Mine is simply not functional.
I think she should have done some more research, but she has been very throrough and careful otherwise. In all fairness, it seems to be a matter to negotiate, not I win, you lose.

What's your perspective? How might I approach the conversation and the negotiation?

I wouldn't let them install the unit.
I've let her know it is not functional,but kept things pleasantly businesslike. Thanks.

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I'm confused! How tall is the unit they delivered? Is it the 71" she tried in the show room? If so, I'm surprised your brooms and mops don't fit. I just checked and my brooms and mops are all around 55". I really can't imagine using a broom or mop much taller than that. If you have exceptionally tall brooms and mops, you should have let her know how tall the cabinet needed to be. If she delivered a 71" cabinet, you shouldn't have any trouble buying brooms and mops that will fit. If she delivered a cabinet shorter than the one she showed you in the showroom, then it seems like she should fix the problem

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I am also confused. We did exactly what you're saying: ordered a unit with shelves, took out the shelves, and use it for a utility closet. It's 62"

Sorry, took the photo for a different purpose, but those brooms, mops, whatever, fit. (We put a 2-drawer unit under this cabinet.)

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I'm confused too. Why didn't you measure your brooms and mops before hand, if that is what you knew you wanted in there?

I'm not really seeing how it is the designer's fault. I wouldn't expect them to fix it.

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Thanks. That's why I wrote, for a reality check.
Woke up at 5 am, and figured out the problem. Of course brooms and mops will fit into a 71 inch cupboard. But about 16 inches is a cupboard unit on top. Unfortunately, it has a fixed bottom and can't be modified.
I kept looking at this and couldn't figure out what went wrong. I wasn't the only one either .

This is the end of a 5 month process. It was never straightforward because the kitchen is 100 years old and was not well built to start with : crooked walls, floor joists rotten, questionable construction. But there was rot everywhere, including one wall up to second story. Needed structural engineer, new beams, floor completely demolished (clear drop to basement) walls opened and rebuilt.
We've been remarkably philosophical about it, but this simple broom closet question shows my brain is totally tired of kitchen questions and information. Full Stop.
We're in the last two weeks and I should be able to cook on a stove again and not walk around the house to the refrigerator.

That still leaves the question of whether the top cupboard was in the original plans....that is easily answered but not at 6 am.

Thanks for helping me work through something I should have figured out with a glance.

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Many times, you can drill holes in the floor above the broom closet....that way, it holds the brooms and mops for you. Have her order and extra shelf to position just above it, so you don't lose that bottom 'floor'. Hope that makes sense. I had that in my very first house....a kitchen designed by my ktichen designer FATHER back in 1968. I ended up buying my childhood home when I was 21 and continued to enjoy his kitchen. :-)

Ps. If you don't like the raw material showing, you can order/buy chrome grommets to trim them out.

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Thanks for giving this more thought,Kompy. Designer wrote back, too, using exactly same words as yours. I can't translate words into visual images easily, so it is hard to visualize your idea.
Drill in from the front edge of shelf, so broom can be 'slipped' in and slid back into the space?
If I'm off, please try to explain it again.

I know what a grommet is on a tent or tarp, but it doesn't make sense if my description above is what you meant.

The second shelf is a simple, clever fix, too, save the space.

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I think the same thing happened to me. My ironing board wouldn't fit. They were able to remove the fixed floor of the upper cabinet. I have to open both the bottom & top cabinet doors to get tall items out, but I can live with that. I moved one of the adjustable shelves up so that I have a shelf above immediately above the ironing board. I haven't tried brooms yet, I'm actively watching the broom thread before I buy a new broom!

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Addendum to my above post, they covered up where the fixed shelf was removed with a piece of cabinet trim. It looks fine. I'm not sure whose fault it was in my case but it is a laundry room closet so the fix was acceptable to me.

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Wow, you guys are a lot more easy-going than I am. If I ordered a broom or an ironing closet, I would sure expect that it would hold brooms or an iron without modifying the upper cabinet.

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I'm not easy going. I wouldn't want me for a client. I think I've tortured my KD (with all the information I've learned on GW). I am kind of surprised I let that go.

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Make this into a broom closet.
(I don't think so)

view of cabinent
sorry so dark. there hasn't been electricty in the kitchen for 5 months!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Nope, not a broom closet.

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"A picture is worth a thousand words. Nope, not a broom closet."
You said it romy718, I'd expect what I asked for in this case!

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thanks, guys. although the shelving can be removed, it is useless.
I hate negotiating stuff like this. but it is not acceptable, so I'll just do it.

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I still think salvageable: I would ask them to cut the shelves back to HALF depth. Then in the front area, put your broom, mop and swiffer poles there. If broom won't fit, use a HOLE saw and drill a hole in to the CEILING of that section, so your broom slips up into it and then back will hold it in place.

This way you still have some nice storage for cleaning supplies BEHIND your broom and mop.


Ps Here is a photo of a similar idea....although more rough.

A gromment is a chrome ring that can finish out a rough cut hole on a shelf...etc.

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Great thought, Kompy. Idabean, it might lessen your anxiety to change your thinking from crisis to opportunity, lemons to lemonade :) I'm nervous about reviewing some issues with my GC tomorrow, but trust that we both want a win-win result.

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You don't find it a PITA getting broom in there?
The bottom of the upper cabinent is not removable, so a carpenter would have to get up in there to make a hole.

The items are tall enough that they have to go up into that fixed upper cupboard.


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