zero radius stainless sinks

ashikSeptember 27, 2012

Can you tell me your negative experiences with zero radius stainless sinks please.

This cabinet person advised me that water accumulates in the indent lines in the sink.

I am interested in single sinks - and not sure what size I should be wanting to get. I do have large pans and the sink sits over a double cabinet underneath - so I don't think I am restricted in size - but also don't want to give up too much of my counter space.

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Can't post negative experiences because we love ours!

Our Julien 0-radius sink initially had a drainage issue it seemed, but it stopped "puddling" shortly after (maybe it settled?). It's been fine ever since.

No cleaning issues. Occasionally I notice a little bit of hard water residue build-up along corners, but I give it a quick scrub with some BKF and that does the trick. FWIW, we get hard water build-up on our fire clay sinks, granite counters, etc., so I don't consider this to be a 0-radius sink issue.

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We have 2 single bowl stainless steel sinks on the opposite sides of our kitchen. I really loved them at first but after a couple of years I started becoming less satisfied and the dissatisfaction grew over time. Now, 7 years after putting them in, I regret our choice. It's one of the few regrets I have with the kitchen and unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to change.

We constantly have to brush out the corners, even when the rest of the sink looks fine. When buying sink brushes I have to make sure they will actually reach into the corners because a lot of the times the plastic head will prevent the bristles from getting there.

Water drains slowly because of the flatness of the sink and a lot of food chunks and sludge get left behind. This is particularly a problem with the larger sink where we have a grid. It's hard to nudge the bits of food toward the drain when the grid is in the way and the spray on our faucet isn't strong enough for particularly sticky food. And often a slight sludge will build up in the indents running toward the drain. I've had stainless steel sinks in the past but I never had problems like the ones I have with the zero radius sinks.

Bottom line, I would not get another zero radius sink. I would look at the sinks that are close to zero radius but have more forgiving corners. I love the flat surface our sink grid gives us. There is no need for a flat sink under the grid and I'd prefer a sink with more of a slope so that it would drain more quickly and thoroughly.

I've been really happy with the dimensions of our 2 sinks. Our large sink is 30"x17"x10" and it's where I do most of the work. It's large enough to handle several tasks at once. Our other sink is 13"x18"x10". It got hooked up about a month before the larger sink and I found I could perform just about any task in it (the depth allowed me space to rinse dishes under the faucet even when there was soapy water on the bottom.)

Again, I really loved the sinks at first. But, as with many things that age, they require more and more maintenance to keep them looking good. I didn't have to pay the same attention to the corners during the first several year as I do now. Maybe wear and tear and minute scratches give more places for gunk to cling.

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So, you have two conflicting opinions so far. I'm not here to break the tie...

Last house had a zero radius sink, loved it, no crud in the corners. In fact loved it so much, did it again...3 sinks in this kitchen.

But, they are not the same sinks. Before we had a Ticor sink. This time I have a Kohler Stages, a small Ticor beverage sink, and a Julien knock-off. I do find myself cleaning the corners of all of them more than I did in the last house. I don't know why.

Does it bug me enough to say in the next kitchen I would never do it again? No. I like the look, I like the room, and I would certainly pick them again. Well, maybe not the beverage one (only because it splashes like crazy and is too small).

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When I clean the sink, (with BKF or Cameo), I smoosh the scrub sponge into the corners, and then rinse with the spray from our faucet. If I'm wiping the sink dry with a microfiber or paper towel, I'll do the same with the corners. That's it. No scrub brushes, no extra effort. Sometimes I'll clean the sink a few days in a row after washing up from dinner perhaps, and sometimes I'll go a few days without "cleaning" it (just a rinse with the sprayer).

I've mentioned here before; once every so often (could be months), I'll stick a cotton swab into the corners to wipe out any crud that could be lurking, and rarely if ever come up with anything more than the faintest of residue/grime on the tip.

Maybe the welds/corners of our particular Julien sink doesn't hold onto crud as readily as other sinks?

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Really, even the Stages???

I am about to buy one. How do you like it otherwise?

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Love the stages. Cleaning it really is no big deal. One thing I have noticed is that the ss on the bottome is scratched and we have had a grate in it since day 1. I can only think that the BKF did it. It's no big deal but just something I found interesting. I now use the Kaboom spray that turns from purple to white. I love that stuff. It just works great for me. Toxic? Probably.

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Hmmm, no real draws to either side - I am thinking the Kraus zero-radius with the rounded corners might help to alleviate the issues with the corners. Now, if I can only figure out a faucet. Thanks for your input.

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I ditto what cat_mom has said. I have a Julien zero radius 21" x 9" deep.

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