Help! Renting apt with horrible kitchen!

dingodemayoSeptember 8, 2013


New here and would love help...I moved into an apartment and am going through a break up, I want to redo the apartment as much as I can within my lease for a nice change. The kitchen is horrible, see pic. Was wondering if anyone had ideas for a better wall color and or any ideas for improvements! Thank you!

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I doubt that the lease will give any leeway to making any changes to the kitchen; even painting the walls are probably forbidden in the lease.

If you want to do anything, you'll probably need to talk to the landlord first to get permission before you can do anything.

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Definitely talk to the landlord before you do anything. Some would be OK with painting, others would hit you with a big damage charge.

Part of the problem is the clutter ... can you bring in a storage piece for under the window to replace that table? Something with drawers or shelves and a work surface.

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You're so lucky to have an apartment kitchen with a sunny window! Definitely a place to grow some herbs or enjoy your morning coffee.

Suggest to the landlord that you'll gladly provide paint and labor if he could do something about the ceiling.

It's so uplifting to you right now, to see pictures of those you love. Do you have a large frame you can make them more comfortable in, than on the refrigerator door?

I hope the extension cord lurking in the doorway is there for move-in work only, and that it isn't going to try to trip you some morning.

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