Oh no! Granite is not what we thought...

mirucaSeptember 11, 2013

The granite went in today and it is NOTHING like we thought. It changes everything. Painful. My daughter is devastated - it is her kitchen. She loved the slab when she saw it and it is the only one she had that reaction to - but it looks quite different in the confined space of a counter. Oh dear.

I am not sure how to recover from this.

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Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. It is so hard to picture what a slab in the granite yard will look like once installed.
But you know what, give it a day or two. Sometimes it's just the initial chock of seeing something new in your space. Several times during this renovation have I freaked out about something because it didn't turn out the way I thought it would, but then after a couple of days I get used to it and realize that it looks just fine.
Hope it will all be ok.

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It's very true that when you first see things, it can be an adjustment! I've found I usually adjust, even if the product is truly quite different looking than expected or than the sample. Unless something is really wrong with the mix and it clashes or something.

What stone did she get? How is it different?

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Oh no that is my fear :( So afraid once on counter I will not think it is what I thought. What did you all pick post pics? I also agree about adjusting to it can take a few days.

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THis usually happens with the backsplash.
Please tell us the granite and post a picture if you can. She might have to go in a different direction for the backsplash to tie everything together.
But, in the end she will have a great kitchen.

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That sucks! Do you have any pictures? Maybe we could help. What type of material did she choose? Are you sure it's the same slab?

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You know, this happened to me in a prior kitchen. Once I saw it in the kitchen, it looked completely different than it did standing up on its side. I saw grey undertones that I never saw before, and I was horrified because I was looking for tan, not grey....

Lighting can make such a difference. And patterns/texture can feel so different when you're seeing it horizontally rather than vertically.

If it is definitely the same slab she picked out - I feel her pain. Been there.

All I can say is, I just kept telling myself, it's ok. No one died. This is not a disaster, you know? So you take a step back and do the best you can to work with it.

Again, all of that is assuming it is the same slab she picked out, and she's just not liking it now that it is actually in.

I know it hurts, to spend all that money and then not like the results.

Post pictures. There are a lot of people here who can help and will have ideas.

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I don't generally have the disconnect between seeing things differently under different circumstances, but I know it happens.

Honestly I usually try to talk clients out of finishes that they have very strong reactions to when they first see them. First of all, I think it is a form of infatuation, and secondly, the reality of it at the end does not live up to the way it has been bolstered up in the client's mind.

Sometimes the "love" for it almost completely obscures the idea that it might not really be that suitable--you aren't looking at it in the context of the whole room, you are focused on it as an individual element.

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If i really did not like it, and i still did not like it a week later... I would replace it.

If budget is an issue, I would forego the backsplash for now (plain old paint is actually fine), and put in the counter I want.

I've lived with mistakes. And my opinion is, if you don't HAVE to, then don't.

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I agree with Mtnrdredux. If you can afford to replace it, I would do so. Is there a bathroom that it would work in or could you sell pieces on CL? Otherwise, live with it for a while, save up and replace it with something that works better with the other finishes.

Is there an island? Maybe leave the granite on the island (focal point) and put something calmer on the perimeter?

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Miruca, what does your daughter no longer like about the new granite counters, although she loved the slab? Maybe you can change the lighting (color temperature, radius of the light spread, type of light)? Can you post pictures to share? Lighting can make such a difference.

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Thanks all - I had to take a breather and didn't even want to post pictures. In short order, I said to myself and my daughter exactly what mtnrdredux said - you don 't have to live with it - it can be changed perhaps not immediately but maybe within the next year. That took the pressure off and that horrible feeling of angst about what a huge expensive mistake to face everyday for years!

Palimpsest - Generally I would agree with you not choosing something with the strongest reaction due to infatuation. I definitely would apply that to myself - however, my daughter has always instinctively had exquisite taste. It is something I marvel at actually. I have learned to trust her implicitly in matters of design and taste. This is only the second time ever that her vision and the reality were off on these type of choices. Lol - fortunately, the first time was only a dress.

So, we're calmed down and trying to look through a different lens on how she can make this work until she decides otherwise. The. first two pictures stopped me, and everyone I showed them to, in our tracks. The next day, pictures from a broader view looked more hopeful. So here goes...

We' be talked about how this went so awry - partly I think it was a focus on wanting lots of white and overall liking "contrasts" - versus a blending in beige background. I dare say - contrast is what we got! Also - although the slab looked fabulous - neither of us focused on the conversion to 2ft wide counters and what those brown splotches would look like on that narrow, long run of space. It kind feels like having a leopard for a countertop.

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I personally think it is beautiful. We were going to go with that type of granite, and I love the drama and variability. I can see how it would be a bit much for some though.

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I do have to say it is most gorgeous on the island...maybe at some point she can change the counters on the perimeter and leave the island as is...it really fits well in the island.

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I think it's beautiful with those cabinets!

Normally I don't mind a short matching backsplash. But with such variation in that stone you might like the whole thing better if you remove it and either just paint or tile all the way down. I think the two pieces conflicting patterns might be causing a lot of the visual clutter.

I think if you remove the backsplash and put the day to day injects back on the counter as planned it might look better to you. Certainly worth a try for the cost :-)

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That is a beautiful stone, but I see your point about the leopard. It is so stunning in the island - I would never change that. I agree that removing the backsplash part might make a huge difference, and maybe down the road change the perimeter. It is a beautiful kitchen, though. Very bold.

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The island is great. Williamsem may be right about the backsplash. If the perimeters are still too much, maybe they could be replaced with inexpensive granite or even laminate at a low cost (cheaper than therapy). Definitely hold off on any new backsplash until she has her confidence back.

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I'm probably one of the least experienced person on this site to give advice but I think it's a beautiful stone and the kitchen is beautiful also. I have to agree with the others about removing the backsplash. I would try taping some white paper over it for a few days to see she likes it better without the back splash.

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It certainly is a beautiful stone. I think I could possibly live with it on the island alone, but I don't think I could deal with the rest of it. I just have a low threshold for high contrast and drama, and I completely understand your daughter's distress.

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Miruca: "It kind feels like having a leopard for a countertop."

The animal I first thought of was a cow, but I can see leopard too. lol Don't mean to make light of it, but I can understand the shock of how much larger and contrasting the dark areas of the granite look on the cabs when compared to the whole slab.

Once the kitchen is finished and accessories and such in their places, it'll be much less noticable and maybe she can find enjoyment in the contrast it provides.

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I like the granite a lot but I don't think it goes well with the dark cabinets. What about painting the cabinets a lighter color - but try it out somehow (maybe with a computer program) before you actually go and do it! I also agree that the backsplash needs to go.

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It is a beautiful stone and it goes with those cabinets quite well. It is high contrast and high drama, but it is not something that is mismatched with the cabinets. However, I can understand how it might not have fit your DD's vision.

You are getting great advice about the short backsplash and other items. Was there a plan to use another material to the full height of the BS, and what is it? As people have mentioned, once the floors are uncovered, the accessories are in place, a BS is up, and art/window treatments are in place, the overall effect will be visually lessened. Right now, you are seeing large expanses of wall against dark cabinets and the speckled counters.

One more thing to add that was not mentioned: Have you tried painting a section of the wall a slightly darker color with more of a brown undertone? Right now, I detect more of a creamy, yellow undertone under the light walls. A few tones darker with more brown in the mix may reduce the contrast. You can pick out the tone from the granite directly. A similar effect could be achieved with the BS material. (I know this does change everything, as it appears the paint is used throughout this level).

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I agree with weissman. Is your daughter happy with the color of the cabinets? I think the bigger issue for me would be all that very dark wood. It's just that the counter is an easier element to target. BTW, I love the floor.

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I'm glad there is not a unanimous OMG reaction to the pictures - it salves the wounds a wee bit :). I do agree it is bold, and after the first shock... the island is perhaps large enough and distant enough from the cabinets that by itself maybe able to have a beauty versus overwhelming look.

My daughter is now thinking of how to play off that bold modern look with the rest of the connected space (ultra modern island chairs, dark modern dining table, and contemporary family room)

Removing the backsplash is an excellent idea! Thank you all! Even at 2 inches it is a little too much given all else... which is also a good reason to leave it just painted all the way down versus introducing another shape, size, color in a backsplash. Jancy, I really like the idea of taping it over with white paper to try it out - genius!

My daughter actually likes a counter with no backsplash but her husband (who works in the kitchen a lot) felt strongly there should be something due to spills etc Finding Breezy's 2 inch back splash seemed to be the perfect compromise for them... which may have been true with a different granite choice.

Is removing a backsplash difficult? Is the granite underneath impacted at all? This particular grantie is extremely fragile - so I hope that wouldn't present an issue.

weissman - GASP! Paint the cabinets... oh my, oh my, oh my. Her deeply rich beautiful new peppercorn cherry cabinets with paint on top? I think my daughter would definitely stress out on that - LOL. The granite will go first for sure. However... I still appreciate all suggestions for her to consider... and don't want to scare away anyone's ideas with my GASP. Actually both she and I are fine with how the color of the cabinets and the granite color look together - it's just those leopard splotches we are having a hard time with.

ghostlyvision - I try to think of leopard vs cow - just can't go there. At least leopard sounds a little exotic.

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I didn't much care for it until I saw the fourth pic and then I thought "WOW!" I could see the beautiful floor, the cabs, and everything together, and I love it. I feel the granite goes great with the cabs.

That being said, if she still doesn't like it in a week or two, it would be a lot more cost-effective to just replace the island. Butcher block maybe? That would take the busy pattern out of the middle of everything and not require nearly as much labor or material as replacing the perimeter.

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My first impression was of a Catahoula leopard dog (this was even before I saw that you had written leopard). Now Catahoula dogs are very handsome, and your daughter's kitchen is beautiful (and the granite is a high quality natural material), but I can understand her reaction. It would be sort of like Holstein-patterned upholstery: fun for a pillow but maybe a bit much on an entire sofa. :)

(photo from dogbreedinfo.com)

I like the idea of taping white paper over the backsplash as a test. It wouldn't have even occurred to me that the backsplash might be all that needs to go, but I think the pp could be right. If you try the paper, take a photo of that too, so you can see the effect in a different context. I wouldn't even consider painting those new cabinets! The colors work together really well. If removing the backsplash isn't enough, then I agree with the others who suggested leaving the granite on the island and putting something plain on the perimeter. When there isn't so much of the pattern it reminds me of cookies and cream, not the dog. :) (Though coming from me, a dog comparison is a compliment.)

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I actually love the granite counters with those beautiful very modern cabinets. I also like the backsplash going up but I would have chosen no backsplash going up part way and did a full backsplash to match the white in the granite. I feel once a white backsplash is up and items are on the counters and island, your daughter is going to love the gorgeous granite counters. By the way, you need to repaint the wall color as it is too yellow for the counters and cabinets.

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laura mcleod

I think the kitchen is nice looking - especially the cabinets, the floor, and that big ol' luscious window. But like some others, I do understand that the countertops feel overly dramatic. I would let myself think about replacing them if in 3 months, I still could not come to terms with them.

In the meantime, I would be tempted to interrupt some of the counter with solid white surfaces.

I'd think about having a long modern white glass cutting board made for the left of the sink to interrupt that counter run.

For the island, I would find (or have made) a modern oversized white platter (could also be cutting board) and use it to anchor the center.

Still keeping it crisp and minimal - but using some large areas of white to balance the busyness of the counters. Good luck with the room - I know it is so stressful when it doesn't look like what we thought it would!

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I've seen this granite before, and I found a picture of how they handled the high constrast counters (your DD's are a little bit more high contrast)

Contemporary Kitchen by Northville Kitchen & Bath Designers Epiphany Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen by Northville Kitchen & Bath Designers Epiphany Kitchens

You can what the accessories do to break up the impact of the high contrast granite.. But, more important, notice the backsplash and the wall color. By choosing the inherent taupe tones in the granite they play down the visual impact of the contrast.

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The post by Gooster is awesome. Dead on. Before anyone does anything, live with it for a little while. Live with it with your toaster and your coffee maker and your bananas on the counter and see if it is still as startling.

The advice about the backsplash is terrific too. Is your daughter planning on leaving the walls white? There are plenty of backsplashes (not 2" tall ones, tile that covers the wall types) that could counterbalance the granite)

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Appreicate the kind encouragement and suggestions from all.... merci.

Gooster and lynne2006 - I think the kitchen paint is Benjaman Moore Ancient Ivory 935 - which is kind of a cooler tone, I believe. However, my DD does like the color yellow and other seperate rooms on this level have two tones of yellow - these rooms are not part of the kitchen, dining, family connected space.

laurainelincoln - thankyou for the suggestion (and empathy) on the white accessories....good idea.

Any suggestions for what material to use as a backsplash - I think it would have to be completely plain in shape, size and color ... and that stymies me a bit. Even before this bold & busy granite, neither my daughter or I were fans of the tile look as a backsplash (not to diminish in anyway the beautiful examples on GW).

northcarolina - given your affinity for dogs, I take your comparison as a complimnet... but truly the dog and cow analogies feel more deflating than the leopard. Now why one would be more ok with a leopard than a cow/dog on their countertop ... I can't account for.

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I also have dark cherry cabinets and Delicatus granite, so I'm sad your daughter feels devastated by her gorgeous kitchen. I hope she grows to appreciate it once it's complete. I bet a lot of the negative reaction she's getting now is because others are picking up on her lack of confidence. Once she's happy with it, their opinions will change as well.

I put granite behind my cooktop and used crema marfil subways elsewhere. I didn't want a backsplash that called any attention to itself.

I'm linking to some other kitchens that used delicatus:




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Gooster - thank you! I agree with ellaf both your posts are right on ...and so gently and artfully conveyed. I felt an immediate interest and calmness when reading your first post - and then with your second... excitement :). Thank you for taking the time to find the pictures. The use of taupe tones could certainly calm things down considerably.

Perhaps we will find a material or paint to soothe - in lieu of a tile look backsplash. We both tend to be visually jarred by backsplashes of linear rectangles with non-linear countertops.

I am vested in finding alternatives as my DD and her DH engaged me to do the design aspects of their house. Based on their conveyed preferences, I do the research, the design drawings, and provide alternatives for their choosing. Completely fun for me. They've been so happy with the kitchen design ...I want them to have that feeling about all the parts of their kitchen.

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Pagesturned, I LOVE your kitchen. I love your granite and how well it goes with your cabinets. Miruca, I really love the granite and cabinets and I just think your daughter needs to accessorize and get a plain backsplash or a nice soothing paint and she will be in love again.

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I think the granite works on the horizontal surfaces. Its very active, it's probably not something I would pick (I like monochromatic counters), but I think it looks good with the other elements. If you do decide to change the perimeter, I would consider a very plain quartz.

How about sheets of back-painted glass for the backsplash, or extra large format tile, with almost no groutlines?

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None of the kitchens I linked to are mine. Mine still needs a bit more work before it's complete. And I probably won't post it once I'm done because I have tight aisles and while they bother us not, they would cause pain to some of the good folk here. :)

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First, those look like high end cabinets, so painting them would be out of the question at this point in time, IMHO.
Yes ,this is a dramatic granite. Maybe not exactly what you had in mind.
Moving forward, I love gooster's example with the light beige backsplash and tan walls.
I object to the 4 inch BS. It's a dated look and only compounds the problem here.
Also, you are viewing an empty kitchen. I agree that once you start filling up the counters, it will give your eyes something else to look at.
I hated my granite too. I did not want a busy pattern but wound up with one. Like you, I thought I was seeing white in my granite to tie in with the cabinetry. My granite turned out to be very brown. Not what you would team up with white. (cream yes, really white, no)
My DH was willing to have it removed, but I was afraid of damage to my brand new cabinets. Long story short the right backsplash tied it all together.
Don't remove things just yet since you are still too emotional.
Since you have the four inch BS you can wait to tile the rest. Move in to the kitchen and see how you feel about it. Take your time in figuring out how to change it. I would probably do a solid cream quarzite counter for the perimeter and leave the island.

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pagesturned - thanks for the links to those beautiful kitchens - is one of those yours? We've seen kitchenaddicts before and her beautiful cabinets confirmed my DD's inital choice. I should have noted that this is Alaska White Vintage granite - which some call Delicatus apparently - who knows if there is really a difference ... it probably depends upon the vendor.

Most delicatus that we saw though, and the ones in these pictures, are just a wee bit toned down from the strong contrasts of my DD's granite.

Unfortunately - the negative reaction my DD and I have received has been in response to pictures sent via text without our comment or other interaction. I even received a couple of return "OMG I'm so sorry for you" messages.

Prior to the granite installation the kitchen pic's had a more serene classic contemporary look. I think it is the shock of the contrast and the large dark splotches initially throws many people - as it did us. For my DD, it was not the look she envisioned for the past months .. hence the disappointment and concern. By yesterday though .. she was marching forward with a strong modernistic theme throughout that section of the house - which will go well with the boldness of the kitchen.

I have forwarded her a summary of all the positive comments and great suggestions from GW and she is loving all those.

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ellendi - it is a 2 inch backsplash ... copied from breezy's example. The 2" verison is usually quite a bit sleeker looking than the 4" and I've now started seeing it on other modern kitchens after being introduced to it via breezy's kitchen. This wild and wooley granite just presents its own visual challenges even at the 2".

With most countertops the 2" would definitely be our preference -as for us there is too much visual competition where there is a full backsplashe between the counter and upper cabinets - and yet due to spills, kids etc my DD wants more than just the wall behind at least the sink.

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Miruca, I'm so sorry my comment and photo discouraged you. I had intended it as humor and didn't think it through; I apologize. Who are these people who would text "I'm so sorry" about photos of a friend's kitchen? Maybe you should kick them off the housewarming party guest list. :)

I'm afraid that, not being a designer, I have no new constructive suggestions other than to agree with Pal that glass or large-format rectified tile might be good backsplash ideas; glass was my first thought as well. I actually like 2" counter-material backsplashes in modern kitchens; they aren't outdated at all in that context (I have a sneaking suspicion that full-tile ones will go their own way out sooner or later). With this particular granite the backsplash may or may not be too much, but it sounds as though you will be testing that out.

I hope your daughter loves her beautiful kitchen once she's living in it!

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I think, as the others say, this will all come together after moving in & accessorizing. The cabinets are beautiful & the granite is fun. You have been given wonderful & great feedback to run w/. After all is said & done, I would like to see how she's decorated it & if she's learned to live w/ it, or what she decided to change, if anything. It would be a good post for others to be directed to, if they find themselves feeling the same about their decisions. With what has been chosen so far, I'm sure we'll see a beautiful kitchen a few months down the road.

Best of luck.

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Miruca, sorry too if I caused you any discomfort, I took your leopard comment to be light hearted and only wanted to help you feel a little better.

I really like gooster's pics with the taupe on the walls, that goes really nicely with the counters.

It's a beautiful kitchen, I'm sure you'll find a way to tie everything together and make it stunning. :)

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I love the granite. I have never seen that exact granite before. If I had my kitchen might have been sporting it.
The bold, dramatic look of your daughter's granite reminded me of GWer Gone_South's kitchen. I am taking the liberty of posting a picture and a link to her kitchen so you can see it.
She used a large format tile that might work n you daughter's kitchen (in a different color) for the backsplash.
If your daughter just can't grow to love her kitchen can I buy her house?

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen with dramatic granite

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Like the idea of the glass backsplash and also like the idea of a paint color behind the glass that bridges the counter and cabinets, rather than another color that is unrelated. It seems cohesiveness is a good word for that (stunning) kitchen.

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Personally...I think the stone is stunning. One suggestion I haven't seen is...have you thought about getting the stone honed in place? Honing will leave the pattern of course but I think it will become somewhat muted.

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Circus Peanut

Miruca - I strongly dislike almost all granite, as other GWers can attest -- but I LOVE THIS COUNTERTOP. It's got character! It's warm and alive! The link to a luxurious animal's coat is brilliant, really, not off-putting. I want to pet your counters.

I'd say this is one of the few forward-looking kitchens I've seen in a long while. Please don't consider replacing it with yet another of the zillion boring blah tan-beigey-swirly granites we see all the time.

Re. the short 4" stone backsplashes, I do agree that the look would be improved if you took them off. It's entirely possible to just have a painted backsplash that goes right down to the stone top. For the gap, one uses a pure silicon caulk that matches the stone. (That said, your fabricators may not have been entirely perfect with the wall cut, since they knew a small backsplash was going on top to cover any cutting flaws. Definitely check with them first.)

I agree that backsplash tile would be gilding the lily. If you want more protection than just paint (although it's really not necessary with the great high-tech washable wall paints they make these days), why not just decide on the perfect paint color and cover the backsplash wall with sheet glass? Works really well and is less maintenance than grout.

Chin up! I adore it. Your daughter really does have wonderful taste.

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Circus Peanut

PS: Not that I personally feel you need to change it, but if your discomfort continues, I agree with the suggestion above to look into honing the granite. This will contribute to the warm feel and make it slightly less bold, if that's part of your negative reaction. The pattern will stand out less. Perhaps your fabricator can show you some honed samples of the same slabs?

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I still love the granite and feel it looks stunning with the very beautiful modern cabinets and the beautiful appliances. I still feel strongly about the wall color not going and I feel should be changed to take out the yellow look that does not go well with the granite. I feel once your daughter accessorizes the kitchen, she is going to fall in love.

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I don't understand why so much attention is being paid to removing a two inch backsplash. Very little of it is going to show once the countertops are actually in use. It's an unnecessary expense.

I expect there would be plenty of pits in this granite if it were honed. I wouldn't recommend it.

Two suggestions for wall paint that go well with the granite: Sherwin Williams' Accessible Beige (reads taupe on our walls) and Mindful Gray (the color I loved, but didn't use, since our floors are gray).

And tell your daughter to grab a magnifying glass and to delight in that fabulous granite up close as well. You can't do that with a plain vanilla counter!

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miruca, it is a gorgeous kitchen! I love the cabinets and the granite - and I am not usually drawn to bold patterns.

As I see it, the wall color does not compliment either cabinets or counters (at least in the light/color rendering of my laptop).

I think the right wall color would go a long way toward tying everything together for you and your daughter. It's also a relatively easy and inexpensive option. If it doesn't work, you can consider more drastic action.

Hang in there!

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I agree with removing the granite back splash and putting in a solid glass sheet - this will soften the entire look. I think the granite is very WOW - I would def. keep it on the island, and I also agree with the right paint colours and accessories, the perimeter will be fine too. If after a time it all seems still "too much", the perimeters could be changed to a solid quartz.

I would never paint those cabinets - they are very rich and sophisticated.

Good luck miruca and keep us posted!

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That granite is compelling. I'd want to touch it and think about what in nature it could be. It reminds me of the variation in the ocean floor.

Definitely remove that short backsplash. (caveat: I am repulsed by short backsplashes... reminds me of ankle high socks. I normally would not give a negative opinion on even just a detail of a finished kitchen, because at that time, what is the point? But since you are debating removing it, yes, it would look so much better without it.)

You need a real backsplash, something that is calming. I think something that picks up one of the gray colors would be perfect

Like this Houzz backsplash maybe, only with a grout color that almost matches the color of the tile so it is quieter

The fact that there is variation in tile shapes "matches" the fact that there is variation in granite shapes.

I would go with a glass tile variation like that, and then pick a gray color of tile + grout that quietly blends with my favorite lighter shade of gray in the granite


    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 2:45PM
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I used to sell Thomasville furniture...and this kitchen reminds me of something from the Hemingway collection. The style was bold and unique...and people bought it, in droves! It was so different that people were just blown away by it.

Your daughter's kitchen is the same way. Take off the 2" backsplash and use something stunning...all the way around the range hood. I like the tan colors in the similar kitchen posted, earlier.

Tell your daughter to hold her head up and brag to her friends that she is loving the countertops and they're exactly as she pictured them. She only wishes she had gone with her original backsplash choice and finds the 2" too timid. Trust me, her 'friends' will start to question their earlier statements and wishing they had been more bold with their own choices! :)

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 3:00PM
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Interesting, I like the 2" backsplash, especially because it fits the space under the window perfectly.

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 3:09PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I love GW, and now my DD does too. With your comments and suggestions it took less than 30 hours to pick us up and carry us wholeheartedly to a new vision. The grand canyon, between the original vision and the final reality, has closed. Forever thank you.

NorthCarolina & Ghostlyvision - so thoughtful of you to follow up - all is fine. Funny creatures we are with what sometimes impacts us in different ways... I understood completely the intended humor though... and NC your dog is beautiful.

Badgergirl - I'll let DD know there is a buyer in the wings. LOL.

Circuspeanut - so glad to provide you with a granite you can like!

Pagesturned - thanks for providing names of the paint suggestions, it always helps to have the detail information. I will be interested to see DD kitchen in person in a few weeks to see the actual paint - as DD says it has a gray vs a yellow undertone but the photos may convey something else. Will be interesting to see in person since several people have keyed in on the paint.

RemodelFla - had not thought of honing the granite but given the extreme fragility of this granite I tend to agree with the follow up posters that honing may create chipping, pitting issues.

Again everyone .. so grateful so many people responded with such positive comments, solid suggestions, and humor. This kitchen IS a true reflection of GW from start to finish.

Some may not know that the overall design was a direct result of mpagmom's posts sharing pictures and specific details and drawings on her kitchen. Because of GW, I was also able to "stick to my guns" on several things the contractor's KD was insistent that could not, should not be. And now... the final touches will again be because of GW! GW is truly an empowering "expand the possibilities" group.

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 3:25PM
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Miruca, what temperature are the lights your DD has in the ceiling? Maybe they are 2,700K making the paint color more yellow. I would switch to 3,000K temperature. I had to do this to a bathroom and the paint color was more acceptable. I still feel a more taupe paint would look nicer but I love the cabinets and if my kitchen was as big as your daughter's that is what I wanted to go with at first in 2011. My kitchen is small and can't fit an island so I decided due to no windows in the kitchen except for the sliding glass door, I need lighter cabinets. I just adore the style and the deep rich color of the cabinets. I love the granite counters. I do not mind the 2" backsplash at all. I love having recessed lights and all the natural light from the windows. I LOVE the island. I can't wait to see more pictures when the room is totally done and accessorized.

This post was edited by lynn2006 on Tue, Mar 11, 14 at 0:41

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 4:44PM
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Miruca, I'm so glad your daughter and you are getting this support! Everyone has made great points about the positives of her kitchen choices, including the granite. It really does go well with the dark, understated cabinets (which I love). When you consider the pics from gooster and badgergal, you can see how wonderful it will be.

The problem (problem?) I found with my own kitchen remodel is that each step of the process was such a visual change to get used to. Each new addition seemed to jump out at me for a while. When my cabinets were installed, each time I walked into my kitchen, my reaction was "Whoa! There are my big white cabinets!"... then, "Whoa! There's my huge countertop!" then "Whoa--look at all that stainless steel!" ... Backsplash is going in this week, and I'm preparing for my "Whoa! There it is!" reaction that will occur until my eyes adjust to something new. :-)

So, although your daughter is probably having these "Whoa!" reactions to her granite now, she'll soon have more visuals to balance everything, such as hardware, lighting, rugs and accessories. As the process continues, my bet is that she'll grow to love her countertops as part of her kitchen's overall appearance.

Good luck! Please post more pics as the "Whoa's" continue.

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 4:52PM
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I think the counters are beautiful. Personally, I would change the cabinet color to white as that would tie in the counters and the floor. The floor - if it is going to stay blond/yellow wood, doesn't work with the counters or the cabinets all together. Paint the cabinets white and let the counters be the center piece in the kitchen. It will be a much more modern and calm space with a good white and the floor will blend better.
The stone is gorgeous

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 6:58PM
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homeimprovementmom, you made me look in Houzz for


I love fumed-wood effects. It looks feather-y, like the feathery edges of the shapes in her granite.

The first picture that comes up at that link shows the softness effect.

From the Q&A, sounds like it's done with this oil "monocoat rubio fumed"

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 7:17PM
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Lynne2006 - excellent idea to check the lighting temperature - had not thought about that at all but it makes perfect sense. They are going to check on the temperatures tomorrow. That would also explain why the floors look a honey blond in the pictures ... when they are actually a beautiful neutral white oak.

Peony4 - I laughed reading about your "Whoa's" . Will look forward to seeing your pictures.

homeimprovementmom - the floors are actually a neutral white oak - when I first saw them with the cabinets, in person, they were stunningly beautiful together. Lighting and picture issues obviously may be impacting presentation here - but boy GW'ers pick up on everything!

    Bookmark   September 15, 2013 at 8:41PM
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Kristen Hallock

I actually like the granite. Its busy and makes a statement, and probably wouldnt be something I would pick out because I am too chicken to pick something bold like that. But I really do think it works.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 9:26AM
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I don't think this was mentioned yet but the kitchen is not finished and not being used. Whether you have a bs or not the kitchen will look different (better) when its actually lived in. I assume there will be some items on the counters? Counters with even a few items look better. This kitchen reminds me on my own so of course I love it : )

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 10:52AM
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debra's right, an unfinished, unused kitchen can be daunting. I hated mine because it looked like some stranger's kitchen had taken up residence in my house. Who was this imposter?!!! It started getting better the minute I set down my always-on-the-counter bottle of olive oil with the colorful label. I baked a batch of cookies. It helped me to do familiar, normal things to restore my comfort level.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 11:00AM
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I LOVE it. Really, truly. :) I promise I wouldn't say that if I didn't...

Of course, I'm another one who is going to tell you this reminds me of my kitchen. :)

(I have Arctic Cream on dark brown cabs, and I love the contrast. I didn't want everything to just blend together....)

It may be one of those "whoa" moments talked about above. Yes, there is definitely contrast in that kitchen....and again, I think it looks spectacular! Sounds like your daughter didn't want everything to blend together, right?

Wait until it's all finished. I bet it looks stunningly beautiful.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 11:02AM
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I have to laugh out loud when I see responses that say, "Change the cabinets". Those are obviously new cabinets and MUCH more expensive than the granite. As if painting brand new cabinets (which look beautiful) is actually an answer.

BTW, I LOVE the cabs... and the counters... and the floor. I have no fear it will all come together very nicely.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 12:02PM
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I think your daughters reaction is typical of the building process. Individual items you have chosen, even though well thought out and coordinated to other items in the design, have a way of "shocking" us when that is the focus of a new element in the design.
The granite looks fantastic with her choice of cabinets and the transitional design she is trying to achieve. It looks especially good with the dining area? cluster of globe lighting. I believe a more somber stone would have been a safe choice but one that would not bring the kitchen to a wow kitchen.
If she was one intent on using the BS to bring a Wow then I would caution as that may tip the balance to be too busy for the CT granite. Get rid of the 2" strip if/when she decides to do a BS.
Above all please reconsider the paint choices in the kitchen as well as the first floor. I do not see anything good in any color that has lemony undertones for the overall of her space. Shots of color even yellow but not lemony would be good for accent pieces, artwork, bowls etc.
The overall finished kitchen with this CT will be beautiful and above average. Something not achieved with a run of the mill quieter stone.
Finish the kitchen minus the BS, repaint with a more pleasing wall color and live with it for a while. My guess is she will see what the rest of us see. It's lovely.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 12:37PM
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I love it too! I think it has its own originality and not the "usual" kitchens we see all the time. I praise you for your creativity! Let's face it, there are kitchens on this board all the time that the homeowner "loves" and I sorta dislike or see strange layouts etc...yours is not one of them....

I was initially shocked when I saw some of the selections installed...but as all the layers begin to come together...a house becomes a home...

Look at the big picture, not just one element in that beautiful kitchen!

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 12:53PM
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Just in case you can stand another compliment...

I was a little taken aback when you first posted pictures but I've come back to this thread several times since and it quickly grew on me. I hope it's growing on your daughter, too. Some of my favorite kitchens here are ones that break the mold and have design elements that I'd not have the nerve to choose for myself but that I think look great. This kitchen is gearing up to be one of them. I have no doubt this will work itself out.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 1:46PM
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I, like others, think the granite is beautiful, but striking. I would fix the paint and have DD live with it a while before deciding what to do. For me, the 2" backsplash is a little too much. It takes the pattern vertical, which looks bolder than it does on the horizontal surface.

We recently put Kashmir white granite in a small condo kitchen. It came with the standard 4" backsplash. We hated the backsplash on first sight and ripped it out before the adhesive had time to set up. There was something about it that just looked off. We replaced it with 6" tiles and a small mosiaic border on top (didn't want to do a full height backsplash).

I've seen some lovely kitchens where the backsplash is solid slab granite and it looks fine. I think that in this case, the vertical granite is accentuating the pattern, thus not helping your DD's unease with it.

Lovely cabinets and space. I think it will be beautiful when it's done, and hopefully it will become the kitchen she hoped for.

    Bookmark   September 16, 2013 at 3:30PM
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I am so glad I'm not this customer's fabricator. It is crushing when you do a great job installing the stone they pick and then they don't love it right away.

It looks great.

    Bookmark   September 19, 2013 at 4:49PM
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lynn2006 - thanks so much for the lighting question. The LED's are indeed 2700 and are the likely culprit for the "yellow" that people are seeing.

The paint itself actually has a hint of "smoke" or grey undertone- Benjamin Moore Ancient Ivory

DD has decided to keep the backsplash for now. Interestingly she googled granites and everytime she immediately keyed into the the exact granite she had chosen. So she is feeling like her instincts were right on and the "vision" just hadn't caught up.

Re the fabricator - I think the fabricator did a great job (although I have not actually seen it). They were not around to see my DD first reaction. Regardless, the appreicaton for the quality of their work can be seperate from the visual aesthetic's of the granite itself. Although, I'm sure it is rewarding when a customer is thrilled with both.

    Bookmark   September 20, 2013 at 9:52AM
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Miruca, I guess the LED's were expensive so your daughter may not want to change the bulbs. If there is anywhere else to use them in the house and she can change out the LED bulbs in the kitchen to have a 3,000K temperature, I think she will be happier will less yellow in the room. Glad I could help.

    Bookmark   September 20, 2013 at 12:37PM
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Miruca, I put Delicatus into my kitchen remodel. Yes, very dramatic, but I loved that about it and would do it again in a heartbeat. I have since moved to a new house and still miss that granite. As far as ideas for backsplash, I had thoughs of doing something more flashy, but once it was in I settled on a calm plain matte porcelein "subway" tile, but it was 3"x12" for a more contemporary feel. Here is the link to my old kitchen (that I miss). Ignore the mismatched plate covers, I was trying to pick one. I'd be happy to post others if you are interested in seeing how it looks with "stuff". I found that it takes down the drama of the counters a bit.

    Bookmark   September 20, 2013 at 2:45PM
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This is a beautiful kitchen. :) I would focus on the walls-the light color needs to go in order to tone down the granite-I would paint them a shade similar to the kitchen gooster posted. :)

    Bookmark   September 20, 2013 at 4:49PM
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I know I'm going to mimic everyone else on here, but, I have to agree, your Daughter's granite is really beautiful, I personally love it. I can understand though, being that it has a lot of flow to it, that it can seem overwhelming & because you see your slab vertical & then see it horizontal once it becomes your counter top, it can look quite different, but honestly, it's a beautiful piece. I agree, if nothing else, keep the island granite, it really does stand out & look so nice with the cabinets in her kitchen. But, I also know, it comes down to what's going to make her happy, so, I hope she grows to love it, but, if not, finds what works for her, in the end, she needs to love what she has in her kitchen, I hope everyone loving it makes her feel better, good luck to you all.

    Bookmark   September 21, 2013 at 12:29AM
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Kellienoelle - I love your counter with the backsplash. So sorry you couldn't take it with you. If you have more pictures it would be great to see them.

    Bookmark   September 21, 2013 at 7:18PM
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In looking again at your daughters kitchen, it actually has similar tones in the cabinets, lighter wood floor (although hers is much nicer), and even gray walls so maybe a long shot would be helpful too, I'll post a couple. Regarding the paint color, we kept the color we had before the remodel. I was sure that we would have to repaint because it wouldn't look good with the new stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it (or maybe too lazy to change it!)

Delicatus is soo sooo very beautiful that I hope you guys learn to love it! I had the same reaction your daughter did. Every time I went to look at slabs I was drawn to Delicatus like a moth to light. Once she can decorate it, I hope she is happy with it!

Better shot of backsplash we picked
And see, once you add in food and wine and friends and fun, you can't see the "leopard"!

This post was edited by kellienoelle on Sat, Sep 21, 13 at 21:12

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KellieNoelle, I love your kitchen, especially the counters, backsplash and your beautiful appliances. Can you tell us more about the appliances that you used. Your counter is one of my favorites. I like the choice of paint color also. Thank you for sharing.

    Bookmark   September 21, 2013 at 10:58PM
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Thanks! I enjoyed the year that we had together (haha). The appliances were actually all pieced together from the "return" and "scratch and dent" area of a local large furniture store. The fridge was a Samsung Counter Depth French Door. I loved that fridge. I'll get one again. The stove was also Samsung induction. I liked it as well. I can't even remember what the DW was , but was obviously not to thrilled with it. Paint was SW Silverplate....a nice true grey. We had decent light and it read "gray:

    Bookmark   September 21, 2013 at 11:30PM
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Thanks! I enjoyed the year that we had together (haha). The appliances were actually all pieced together from the "return" and "scratch and dent" area of a local large furniture store. The fridge was a Samsung Counter Depth French Door. I loved that fridge. I'll get one again. The stove was also Samsung induction. I liked it as well. I can't even remember what the DW was , but was obviously not to thrilled with it. Paint was SW Silverplate....a nice true grey. We had decent light and it read "gray:

    Bookmark   September 21, 2013 at 11:40PM
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Kellienoelle, You did great with the appliances. I love the Samsung Counter Depth French Door in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing the paint color.

    Bookmark   September 22, 2013 at 12:40AM
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Any updates on the beautiful kitchen with the gorgeous granite counters that I loved? Was the wall color changed? Were the 2700K LED's changed to be less warm? Please update us.

    Bookmark   December 5, 2013 at 7:34PM
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I love the kitchen! Would love to see the finished product. I'm wrestling between two, delicattus white (seems very different from yours) and royal white, which looks much more like yours. I've ordered natural maple shaker style cabinets and am looking for a more contemporary feel.

The photo is the Royal White. I'll post the Delicattus White in the next post.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2014 at 2:00PM
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Here is the picture of the Delicattus White.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2014 at 2:02PM
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lynn2006 - my daughter left everything as it was and in short order ( a matter of days) absolutely loved her kitchen ... especially the granite and the 2" backsplash. Everyone that comes in is in awe of the kitchen :). I think once the disconnect between the original vision and reality was adjusted .... there was room to just appreicate the way it turned out. I have to say it is absolutely stunning.

bocakitty- the royal white is VERY similar... and of course I am now very partial to it :)

    Bookmark   March 10, 2014 at 11:57PM
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Miruca, thank you so much for the update. I am so glad your daughter is in love with her beautiful kitchen. My first love was the dark beautiful cabinets she has and that same granite! But I do not have much natural light in my kitchen so I decided to go with off-white cabinets. If I ever had a big kitchen with lots of windows, I would want what your daughter has. I love the 2" backspash and I am thinking that is the way to go. In person the wall color may look beautiful as the monitor changes the color of walls.

bocakitty, both granites are beautiful. Forget the names of each and decide which goes best with your cabinets and floors and which you like best.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2014 at 12:45AM
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Finally picked a granite, similar to your daughter's Miruca. It's called Alpine White. I can't waIt for it to be installed! It has more ivory than the royal white. The slabs I chose have lots of interesting black crystals and up close there is even some dark green and burgandy. These aren't the exact slabs I picked, but very close in the lot. I'll post pix of the final reveal...if I survive! :)

    Bookmark   March 11, 2014 at 10:29PM
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Pic 2 alpine white

    Bookmark   March 11, 2014 at 10:31PM
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Pic 3 Alpine White

    Bookmark   March 11, 2014 at 10:34PM
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Bocakitty, I love your Alpine White Slabs! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see them installed!

    Bookmark   March 11, 2014 at 10:40PM
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