Backsplash for Delicatus granite

cbeth85September 28, 2013

We're building a new house. We went to the granite warehouse today and I fell in love with Delicatus White, which we purchased. We are going with a glazed white cabinet (which is creamy), and I think it works really well with the granite. I love the look of a light, white kitchen, but don't want one that feels "cold". I had been thinking about doing a subway tile backsplash, but they all made my cabinets look really yellow. Plus, my fiance isn't a big fan of the shiny subway tile look.

We are fairly restricted in our choices, as our builder would prefer that we purchase from one store. We tentatively picked an octagon patterned travertine tile backsplash, but now I'm afraid it might be too busy. On the other hand, the darker pieces do tie in with the grays in the granite. The alternative would be a tumbled travertine subway shape tile...but I think the beige stone seemed to have pink undertones, which I don't want.

I've included a pic of our granite slab (it reads more blue here than it is). What do you all think? Should we stick with our original pick (pic in the next post), or go with the simpler stone (that isn't the color that I love)?

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Here's the backsplash. Thanks for any input!

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I love your granite choice with the door and I think the backsplash you look will look nice also. This is just my opinion. I wonder if a mock-up of a kitchen could be posted to see what all three choices would look like together? I wish I had that talent to help you.

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Go with what looks great with your other elements in your kitchen. If your builder has limited resources is it possible to get a rebate for this aspect and do something later? The photo with the mosaic looks good with your cabinet but does it look good with your counter? If you go with the mosaic my opinion is that I wouldn't do any detail of any sort other than the mosaic. Otherwise it will look even busier.

There are examples on GW of others who used just a mosaic of the sort you've posted, yet even smaller tiles. They didn't use any listello, or pattern above the stove, and I think it was very nice.

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That tile says "bathroom floor" to me, and it doesn't do much to warm up the kitchen. Just from looking at the little chunk of granite sitting on the tile, I see too much pattern. The door style, multiplied across the room, will add another layer of busyness.

I don't think there's any getting around the cool feeling of an all white kitchen, so I'd try some blue/gray or gray glass or ceramic tile. There's got to be more than two choices!

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It's really hard to make all the choices when the kitchen isn't even a hole in the ground yet. So IMO it takes a lot of time to put things together then keep editing.
Chances are that the source he wants you to use can get more than what's on their display floor. Find out what companies you have to choose from then go to their websites and look at every offering. After you narrow it down then order samples, borrow the cab door again and get a sample of your granite. Put your choices together, look at them together at diff times of day in diff light, take pics, and keep narrowing it until you find what works. And if your builder needs a choice for $ amount have him plug in a number w choice listed as TBD.
Your cabinet and counter are beautiful. I'm thinking you're going to want a "quieter" BS to complement but not compete.

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A kitchen does not have to have a BS to be considered done or pass inspection/code, so don't be "bullied" into having to pick something you're not sure of because of the builders timeline or being forced to shop at only one place. Ask for a credit and do it later on your own if necessary. Just make sure when the counter is installed they caulk/seal the space between the counter and back wall so water, etc doesn't drip down into your cabinets.

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Thank you all! I really do appreciate all your opinions. You've confirmed what I was thinking...I just don't think it's going to work. We are going to another tile place today to look. If I have to pay for it out of pocket, hopefully I can get a credit. If not, oh well. I'd rather have something that I love and that works in our kitchen.

Do you all have any suggestions on what might look good? I'm going to definitely try a glass type subway- maybe that will work better than the white. Any other ideas?

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There is matte finish subway tile on the market. Look up Sonoma Tilemakers. Some people are going with solid backsplashes made of the chosen granite, quartz, marble, etc.

Sorry, I pick things where I find them, not where someone wants me to get it. If I find it at his choice, okay, I will buy it. I bought out of state for slate tile, and my murals.


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Simple, simple, simple.

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I'm so glad I posted about this and didn't just settle for that other tile. We spent the afternoon at another (much nicer) tile store, and with the help of a design consultant, came up with 3-4 options. We took them to one of the builder's house with similar cabinets as ours will be to compare. Unfortunately, I didn't get pics with the cabinet, but here's the favorite of the bunch. What do you think? Better?

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I love it! Much better than the other in my opinion.

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I REALLY like your new selection!

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Agree - looks perfect

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I don't know, maybe it's better, maybe not. Sorry to be the voice of dissension here, but do you have a large stone sample to look at it with? To me, that's too small a stone sample to know if it works or not.
It's quieter, and that's good.

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Wow that looks pretty together, both are soft and delicate looking, so complementary. Agree, get it together with some larger samples. What size is the tile? Try to find a picture online.

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Looks great!!

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gardenweber Kellienoelle has the same granite although with dark cabinets but I think her backsplash would look great with your cabinets too. Her tiles were Crossville porcelain tiles in Empress White in 4" x 12. I am taking the liberty of posting a picture of her backsplash so you can see how great it looks with the Delicatus granite.

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cbeth, many of us have had difficulty with the backsplash because we did not have a vision of all three elements, the cabinet color, the granite and the backsplash. As a result, we have ripped out brand new backslashes and replaced them.

I don't think this will be your case. I agree with Joanie. Take your time with the backsplash. There are so many tiles out there. Your granite can take you in many directions.

I would wait until after the granite install. Your granite will be horizontal and reflect light differently, as will your cabinets. When you are ready to make your choices, you need to do it in your environment, with your lighting situation.

Case in point. In the showroom, my Dove White cabinets had a creamy look. In my kitchen with lots of natural light, they looked stark white!

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I used to work for a cabinet company that was also a fabricator of granite/marble/quartz. We used tumbled travertine usually 6" most of the time with Delicatus. It was subtle and matched perfectly.
The only suggestion is that you not use a small tile as it will be too much with the Delicatus. If you take notice, in Kellienoelles kitchen, they used 4 x 12. Anything smaller would overtake the granite.
I wonder if your choice doesn't have too much going on to match well enough?

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I HAVE that Crema Marfil backsplash, and be aware that every block will be quite different. I picked through mine and laid them out so my tile guy could use the best ones first. I wanted LOTS of color in mine, and left the more bland ones for last. I think if I had not done this, it would be quite blotchy, and busy. Busy does not go with your granite, which I love!!


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We have Delicatus, too and our cabinet colors look to be very similar. We went with a bone-colored, crackle finished 3 X 6 subway from Henry tile. We like it a lot and it seems to not over-power the kitchen. Hope this helps you and be sure to let us know what you pick!

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"be aware that every block will be quite different"

Don't you hate this? They show you samples of something soft and quiet, or a certain coloring, but that is not what you will get!

Before you order anything, natural or ceramic, ask to see some representative samples from the current lot. They can be vastly different than what's in the show room. And they usually say no returns.

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We're still on the fence. I will be going back to look at some more options later this week. I am concerned about it still being too busy. This particular sample wasn't, but that's a very good point that not all in the lot will be like it. I'm definitely going to see if I can see some from the actual lot we would be purchasing. Thanks for the tip! I'm hoping to be able to wait to settle on something until the granite is installed. Hopefully the builder will agree.

Bowyer123- your kitchen is gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting that picture! That's really the look I ultimately wanted. I love the subway tiles, but my fiancé is convinced it would look cold and sterile. I bet he changes his mind when he sees this! Do you know about how much this tile costs?

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