a2gemini and rocketmomkd.....

cat_momSeptember 5, 2012

DH just came home with a 6-pack of Troegenator Double Bock Beer and he said, "It's awesome!" :-) He loves malty beers.

PS I had had an ice cream craving, so he came home with a sundae for me!

PPS I was working in the kitchen so this is somewhat on topic!

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Perfect ending to the day! I have 2 left and hope to snag another 6 pack when I visit DM. I can only manage 6 in my luggage They also have a pilsner that I want to try. And I love adding beer to the chile!
But then there is a good glass of vino. If you have whole foods nearby, they are practically giving away 3 vines. We love excellent wines and the cab is decent especially for the price!
I can't believe that I would recommend such a cheap wine but give it a try. You will be surprised.

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I, too, live for thick, rich malty beers.

Thanks for the name!

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CEFreeman, I got the name from a2gemini! LOL. As I mentioned on rocketmomkd's recent finished kitchen thread, DH swears by Brooklyn beers, too, especially Local 2, and Black Ops. He loves Captain Lawrence beers as well (they used to be in Pleasantville, NY, but are now in Elmsford, NY). I think he likes most anything they make!

a2gemini, we definitely need to hang together some time! I was actually sipping a Catena Malbec when the ice cream craving hit (hence my lack of willpower! Ha, ha!).

3 vines sounds familiar, I've probably had one of their wines--they make a Zin?

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I must have been tired - the 2 buck chuck from Whole Foods is actually 3 Wishes - They probably have a Zin - the cab was better than the merlot.
One of our favorite wines at a local restaurant is an Italian Negramaro distributed through Eagle Eye Wines - as my DH says it is "yummy" - lush, rich, and bold and helped heal his eyes after Lasek surgery (and mine also)
Hope to spot some Brooklyn when I head to PA later this month.

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We've had Troegenator and that's a big beer! I'm about ready to move on to the autumn selections coming into the stores now, just finishing up the last of 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon wheat.
a2gemini- if you are anywhere near Lancaster PA, try to check out Stoudt's. Great beer and a really charming restaurant.
catmom- next time you have an ice cream craving, how about a stout float!

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I leave the beer consumption to DH! Don't like beer (though I certainly drank my fair share of 5 for $1 beers during my college days!). Now, a Shiraz float might be interesting...! LOL

DH told me to recommend Palo Santo Marron from Dogfish Head to you guys. He says "it's like beer concentrate."

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Rocket- love stoudts and if I ever drive to pa will snag some on the return. We can get stoudts and victory in Michigan
Cat - we need you to try some real beer- I thought -no way! But once I tried good beers- what a difference!
DM is about 20-30 miles from Adamstown.

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