Color of moulding for yellow uppers??

2LittleFishiesSeptember 21, 2012

On iphone So can't type much.

Yellow lowers and white uppers but tall cabs (pantry fridge ovens) will be all yellow to ceiling. 8' ceiling. On the tall pieces do we do the moulding yellow or white like the white cabs have? There will also be white crown around rest of kitchen where there are no cabs.


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Hmmmm...I think white makes sense if you have white everywhere else.

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I would do molding to match the cabinetry, so yellow on yellow and white on white.

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I thi k white for consistency.

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Fishies - yup the iphone texting - I haven' t mastered it either - and the completion matching kills me!
I have to go back and look at your plans - I am too visual to just read it and figure it out

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If you scroll down to the bottOm of my first post here you can see the kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Post on cab colors

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Thanks - So many pictures - hope I am looking at the correct set.
I think I would also match the cabinets. Don't want to many color changes..

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