Input on color of tin for backsplash?

Maine_MareSeptember 5, 2012

I received some sample colors for the backsplash that will be installed behind my range. I would love to hear your choice for color. I know the color isn't perfect on your monitor but I'm hoping that the cabinet and tile in the same photo gives you some idea of their relationship.

My mom is thinking the dove gray would be the best option as a stronger color would 'look weird' with the backsplash being only behind the range and not under the rest of the cabinets.

I love the depth of the Mahogany but worry that the dark color will cause that area to feel like a cave.

Options - clockwise from 12: sage, gray, mahogany, river rock :

Distressed Sage:

Dove Gray


River Rock:

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Can you show us a wide frame photo with your countertop, lower cabinets and a little bit of floor? Also, is the paint on the rest of the backsplash area staying or will you be matching it to the tin?

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I like #1 the best. It appears to have toning that picks up the beautiful color of your cabinets. Whatever you choose, I hope you'll treat us to a full photo of your kitchen. : )

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I like the sage.

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Here are a few more shots. The floor is waterloxed pine and the walls will stay that white color (BM White Dove).

There is still more to do until I post a final reveal but I promise not to wait too much longer. Although, it's a tiny kitchen, there isn't much more than this :)

Photo with flash:

Photo without flash (more realistic color):

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I LOVE the distressed sage!


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My vote is for the sage. The distressing makes it look more like actual, real recycled tin tiles. Both grey options look too shiny and new.

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I like the sage. The river rock looks like it could go pink on you, at least on this monitor. I like how the dark red is a similar shade to your cabinets, but I think it's too dark and will end up looking like a dark box and you'd lose the detail. And it's too much contrast with the white walls.

I think the Dove grey would also be ok, but I prefer the sage. An antiqued/distressed white or cream would also work I think.

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I would go with the mahogany, but I like rich color. I am also in Maine and am wondering who made your cabinets?

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(and the cabinets are beautiful)

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Mabeldingeldine, they were made by Les Fossel and his crew from Restoration Resources. I can't recommend him enough. Great crew, very realistic with what actually needs to be done in an old home, realistic with their estimates (my kitchen came out 4K more than the estimate, mostly because of the extensive electrical work necessary), and quality work. I also love that they will do as much or as little as you want. My budget was very limited for the amount of work needed and they were very conscious of this and said things like "you can do this for less than we can" and "here's where you can save some money". They also were happy to have us do the entire demo and painting to save almost $10K.

Thanks all! I am leaning towards sage as well. It won't compete with the cabinets but also will look nice against the walls.

Here is a link that might be useful: Les' website

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I'm a fan of the sage, too. Love the distressed look.

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Mare, thanks for the info. I suspect am not too far from you, I live along the Kennebec south of Augusta. I have heard of Les Fossel but I did not realize he did cabinet work, too. Thanks for the info.

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I vote for the sage. I like that it is not so monochromatic and seems to pick up a little color from the cabinets.

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