calyle7September 15, 2013

Wondering what the preference is of those on the forum?
I am having an open window (with no glass) that looks out into the enclosed glass / entry room. The window is over my sink and I was wondering..Which will look better or you prefer?
1.) Granite going up at least 4" behind the sink and faucet and then a Granite window sill on top of that?

2.) Area behind sink and faucet done in back splash tile and only the window sill in granite?

The window has been closed more than planned so now it is 34" wide was suppose to be 39" Sink will just fit below with 1/2 on either side. We are not happy about that, but decided we needed some space around the window to add trim if we choose to do that, or even if we don't we didn't want the cabinets butted up to the edge of the opening.

I like both looks and was wondering what everyone thought?
Will ask the fabricator when he comes to take template and depending on cost ..that may make the decision for me...
thanks for your opinions...

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Are you having a 4" granite backsplash all around the kitchen or not? If so, I'd do the same under the window if the window is 4" off the counter. If you are having tile on the back splash and no granite 4" piece, I think I'd probably continue that tile under the sink, too. If your window is higher than 4", you could go either way really.

I feel ya on having to shrink your window. I'd envisioned a 5' wide window in my kitchen and now it's down to 40" wide. The need for upper cabinets and window relief won out over a big expanse of glass.

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I vote for tile on the backsplash area with the granite sill.

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Which ever you pick, make sure the sill overhangs the splash by at least an inch and returns to the wall.

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Guess I'm not grasping for some reason.....So tired ....
What do you mean "returns to wall"?

To answer question about 4" granite around entire counter I am not having that...will have backsplash only.....So thought it might look better to have the backslash under window instead of granite...

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Given the size of the opening, I'd opt for using the same as the rest of your backsplash.

I have the same dilemma, but with a much larger opening118". Wonder if opinions would be different in that case. Or am I just waffling because this one is "my" decision.

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I like both looks, too. A year ago, I would have voted hands down for putting the BS tile there with granite for the sill. However, since then there have been a couple of GW kitchens where they extended the counter up around the sink area only and it looked rather great. At least one of those was soapstone, if I am remembering right.

Is your counter granite solid or busy?

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My Granite is Bianco Romano..
Here is a picture of my slab

and with the cabinet door

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My mom has a similar look (but regular window) and I like the different backsplash. It makes the window sill stand out and ties in with the counter. Hope that helps :)

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I think with this granite, I'd use tile and then the granite on the sill, if you want.

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Hi, Calyle. Hope I'm not saying something too stupid because I can't see the whole thing, but I also would like the backsplash tile to continue all around for an uninterrupted horizontal sweep.

Have you mocked up pictures of your kitchen covered with a typical mealtime mess? That's when people see it most, and it's usually a powerful argument for simplifying the background--a lot, though not always.

Your choices are beautiful together, BTW.

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Thanks everyone...Appreciate your opinions and recommendations...
I also feel the backsplash will be the better choice behind the sink...But am hoping to get the Granite Sill...

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