Marble, honed vs polished

yakkinyettiSeptember 10, 2010

I visited stone warehouse today, asking for marble and light granites. Salesman says he will show me why I SHOULD put marble in the kitchen. If marble is what you want and choose granite, every time you see your kitchen, you will try to picture what it would have looked like if you had gone with what you wanted.

I was deciding between Bianco Romano granite or honed carrerra or statuary marble. KD figured out price of Ceasarstone but I cant justify that price for a manmade product trying to mimic the au natural that speaks to me.

Anyway he explained how the polish process uses resin that will coat and fill pores and lessen staining that should last years if cleaned and cared for properly. Now I'm so confused! Should I go with marble? If so, honed or polished? Or should I go safe with granite? Spending big bucks on this possible onetime reno. DD says "go BIG or go home".

The cherry chocolate cabinets are already ordered. Starting demo 9/20.

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there are a lot of excellent threads on this topic. search the forum under marble and you will be reading for days :)
the search function has been acting up so if it does not work, go to google and search as follows: gardenweb + marble

i am going for marble, decided to get what i really love.

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" but I cant justify that price for a manmade product trying to mimic the au natural that speaks to me."

Exactly the way I felt. I sat their tonight with the granite thinking about how lovely nature made this (and trying not to think of the big hole it left in Brazil somewhere :(

Are you talking about countertops or backsplash?

If you pick marble, be aware that it will not look like the day you installed it for long. I was at a friends recently with honed carrera on the island maybe for 10+ years. It still looked natural, smooth, but certainly not shiny new. Think about bars that you have been to with marble on the long surfaces. Or the bistro tables. Nothing wrong with the look, just not shiny and new looking. It's all in what YOU want ;) Are you the type to love the stone or the type who wants it all shiny/perfect/pretty?

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