Is this corner too tight?

numbersjunkieSeptember 10, 2013

I have previously posted other threads asking for help with my kitchen - asking about a corner range, and possible cantilever addition that I thought would allow for a better design. Lisa_a came up with a great idea to move the entry door so it opens on an angle, but DH and contractor nixed that plan. We can, however, move the door into the pantry and I am working on a layout based on that.

Here is my current plan, and I am concerned about the corner between the main sink and the refrigerator. I have a 36 inch sink base and plan to use a 33 inch silgranit super single. That will give me 1.5 inches of counter on each side. Then a 21 inch cabinet plus 3 inches of filler. On the other leg I will have 3 inches of filler plus a 27" cabinet. Then the refrigerator. Not sure yet if it will be full depth or counter depth. There will be no corner cabinet and a window will be above the 27" inch cabinet next to the refrigerator. We need the light and the window allow us to see who is at the door without walking around the corner.

Is this corner too tight to be functional? I am thinking it would be a space to package leftovers and possibly also a place for a coffee bar.

If anyone has this type of layout with the refrigerator that close to the corner I would appreciate pics or feedback on how it works. Other comments on the layout are also welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prior thread

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For counter/base-corner wall to a tall I use 51 for aminimum (have one corner like that myself) so at 54 your fine. Have to watch that wall cabinet door swing though-either both doorss right OR two cabinets OR one door swings into your face.

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You would probably do best to put this question in your original thread. There are likely many people who "subscribed" to that thread who get notified when there is a new post there. They may never see this new thread. I know you probably haven't even thought of it this way and don't mean to do this, but it's not very nice to the ones who have already been helping you.

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Yes angela, I agree and will post a link to this tread under the previous one. I certainly did not mean to shun the group who posted some really good suggestions before! I just thought the subject line about an angled range was no longer relevant to the discussion as it has evolved. My bad!

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I'm glad you didn't take it the wrong way. : )

Only reason I thought to post it is because I have been waiting to hear what your contractor said about the angled door idea. So I know others probably are waiting to hear as well. Plus, its good to keep layouts all in one thread so people can see what ideas have already been suggested along the way.

It's great we have the ability to edit our posts, but wouldn't it be nice if we could edit the subject line as well ?!?!

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just from my experience with lake house living meaning guests/ and various activities related to the type of environment and conditions around you I would take that back area of entry with door as situated and run the storage and laundry on the bedroom side wall, without the halfwall dividing, and come right thru and create a passage ,maybe a pocket door to main hallway area. Have 2nd passage to kitchen but narrow it slightly so you have some wall space on new "vestibule"side you just created for hooks or shallow shelves/whatever. I would place fridge on left side of your kitchen.

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