After Granite installed, problem with dishwasher.

sunnylundSeptember 2, 2012

Granite countertop is sitting on the dishwasher? After the granite installation, it's little hard to open and close the door. Today we couldn't start the dishwasher (no sign of any electricity) until my husband pushed the door a few time then finally it started. Anyone has same issue?

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I remember during the install that they put something in to prevent this problem - but don't remember how they did it....
Hang in there and contact them on Tuesday

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You can lower the height of the dishwasher a bit by adjusting the leveling legs. Try lowering and see if your problems go away.

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Did your DW come with adjustable feet? If so, reduce the overall height a bit and see if that helps.

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Great minds Angie!

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Thank you all. I don't know the dishwasher has adjustable legs. I will ask DH tomorrow. I remembered seeing the top of dishwasher ( some kind of form, not hard cover) when the granite guy removed the old countertop. Thank you again!

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