Stacked cabinets

maggie530September 9, 2012

I've been talking to a cabinet person and telling him about the kitchens I like from Gardenweb. I have been using the terminology "stacked cabinets", but he says that I don't actually want "stacked," I want custom. When he sent me a drawing, there is a seam and a large space between the top and lower cabinet doors. He says thats what it looks like if they are stacked, and that what I'm looking at on the internet is a single custom cabinet. Looking back tonight through a ton of threads, I can see that he is right - they are all single cabinets. Now I have to make the decision if it's important enough to me to have custom upper cabinets made, or if I can live with the seam and gap in stacked cabinets. Am I missing something? Does anyone have a kitchen with stacked cabinets, not inset doors?

Kitchen will be white with 10 foot ceilings.

Thank you :)

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I think this is a terminology thing. I paid for two sets of cabinets and paid a 10% upcharge to have them stacked. What I got looks like one integrated cabinet -- no visible seams between top and bottom, and about 1/4" between top and bottom doors (full overlay). I don't know what's under the sides and face frame (one or two cabs?), but it looks like one. My cabs are Starmark custom, but I think they're considered semicustom. (Honestly the custom/semicustom distinction confuses me.)

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Sophie Wheeler

There's only a seam and molding if you are using partial overlay cabinets. It doesn't show with full overlay cabinets as long as a full height decorative side panel is field applied.

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You can have two cabinets "combined" as one. This would have no seam on the side. Some semi custom mfg will do that, the upcharge varies. Some also offer a standard "stacked cabinet with no seam on the sides. The top sectioon in that case is a standard fixed size for each mfg. Some semi custom brands will "relocate the intermediate rail" to change the size of the opening. Other brands may require you to order the cabinet from their pricier line which might be custom or what I call "almost custom"
I know that Showplace offers standard stacked, combined, and RIR since I sell them. I believe Shiloh has something suitable? And maybe Medallion? Likely others can offer more brands.

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Thank you! :)

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