Honed absolute black granite stains

cmm6797September 19, 2012

We've lived in our kitchen for about a year and the honed absolute granite has begun to "stain," for lack of a better description. I think they are mostly water marks. There are several glass rings, a circle from a cooking pot, etc. I have tried hot water and the Method Daily Granite cleaning spray, which is what we typically use to clean the counters. Nothing gets the marks out.

Does anyone have any cleaning suggestions? Ay other information on why this is happening would also be helpful. I'm confused as to why this is just happening now. For the first 6 months or so the counters were easy to clean. Thanks!

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Absolute black shouldn't stain and shouldn't need to be sealed. It's possible that your granite was sealed and the stains are showing up in the sealer. In that case you need to remove the sealer. Alternatively, you might not have been sold authentic absolute black. You should contact your fabricator.

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Yes the countertop was sealed; I remember the installers applying the sealer. I didn't know that it shouldn't be. How would the sealer be removed?

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I agree with Weissman. Absolute Black is the most dense countertop granite. Consequently, it should not be sealed because the sealer cannot penetrate the granite, and then sits on top of the stone creating a haze, and showing water marks and the like.

I am linking a recent thread, and also you could go on the John Bridge Tile and Stone Forum and ask the experts there with a post liked "How do I remove sealer on Absolute Black" or something like that. They are very friendly there to the "non-pro's", and you will get advice from guys in the business (without having to pay someone!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens Forum Thread about AB Sealer

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