Rohl's Farm Sink - in stock vs. custom order

CT_NewbieSeptember 9, 2013

The local plumbing store said they have a few Rohl's farm sinks in stock because they are so popular. Should I just get one to have sooner vs. later or should I be wary that they were returned for some minor imperfection and I am getting a leftover one? I thought they were made to order.

Am I able to inspect the ones in stock and if so, what am I looking for in terms of ways to know it is a quality sink?

Can I request a left drain sink? I had asked about the 10% right drain and I was told that was due to human error or sometimes one side looks better than another and they try to make the better side "forward" facing and put the logo on the other side


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It would depend on the price for me. I ordered mine online because it was much cheaper than the quote I got from the plumbing supply store, plus I got an ebates rebate. The sink looks perfect to me and has a certificate of authenticity.

I guess it depends on how soon you need it and how keen you are to save money.

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Kitten, where did you get yours and how much was it? Did it include a casement? How about the flange for a garbage disposer.


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I ordered mine online from Quality Bath. We had it delivered right to the cabinet maker. The price was good and the service excellent.

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If the prices were equal I would much prefer getting the sink in person. To the best of my knowledge Rohl (Shaw's) farm sinks are not made to order at the customer level they may be made to order on the retailer level but I am not sure. These sinks are hand made so seeing your actual sink in person can be advantageous. You can check that your sink is square, you can check drainage pitch using the marble test and you can look for any of the handmade imperfections that may have passed Rohl's review process but not yours. With that said none of the retailers in 75 mile radius of us came close to the price we got online at Vintage Tub and Bath, We had a very good purchasing experience with them and they will match the prices of other retailers.

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Thank you! That is very informative. I am concerned about price but not to the point where I want it to interfere with quality. I am especially concerned with quality since each hand made sink varies. That is an interesting point about getting a marble or small ball and seeing if it rolls to the drain! Given the cost of the sink, I would go plus or minus 10% for better quality and service. I wonder if that local plumbing store would match the online prices. I will give it a shot

Thanks again

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No problem at all, I am glad I could help. For an additional point of reference, we could not find another authorized retailer in our area that was within 25% percent of what we paid from an online retailer. From a video I watched Rohl does appear to have thorough quality control measures in place but the sinks are handmade and stuff happens. Also most of the retailers in our area do not stock these sinks they have a sample and then the item needs to be ordered. If the retailer you are dealing with has first quality stock and will meet the online retailers price that is a win win.
-Good Luck

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