Kitchen Cabinets - MDF vs. All wood

remodelingcrzSeptember 1, 2013

We are remodeling our kitchen 15x15 and I wanted to know the difference between MDF type cabinets (Century) vice All Wood (Shiloh) semi custom. There is approx 9k difference between the 2. Shiloh offers nicer finishes. We anticipate being in the home for at least 10yrs, and I'm wondering what is the better value? How they will hold up? We live in a high cost area. I would appreciate your input.

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We recently sold our house in the very high-priced SF Bay Area. We had redone the kitchen about 6 years earlier. The buyers praised the kitchen's look, layout and condition. They didn't ask whether the cabinets were MDF or plywood (the answeris MDF) I would have dropped dead if they had (asked).

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i have Brookhaven (Woodmode) cabinets and they are mdf. One of the cutom shops I talked too also did MDF for their frameless line. They said it was more stable. Don't know about that but I was convinced that it doesn't equate to poor quality.

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Note- often "MDF" is misused term. Very few mfg's use mdf, "furniture board" which is a high grade particle board is much more common and often referred to by sales as MDF. For instance WM/BH use furniture board not mdf.
In any case it is a good material for the application. You'll find lots of past threads on it.
Also note-"All wood" is used by mfg's does not need to mean plywood OR solid wood. It is also used to refer to cabinets made with FB, which is itself an all wood product.

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Poorly built cabinets regardless of what material they are constructed with are going to be low quality. The material used is not the only reason for a 9k price difference. As far as the two companies listed you will find much more information on Shiloh than Century. I believe Century was founded in 2000 and is a Canadian based company. I do not know much more information positive or negative about them. You will be able to find a lot of information on Shiloh. Shilo cabinetry was founded in 1977 and is based out of Missouri. They have a solid reputation and are generally regarded as a good value. As of now there is no up charge for inset cabinets and depending on where and when you order dovetail drawers as well as soft close may be an upgrade or included as part of a promotion.

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There is a current post on this topic - check out the apples to oranges a good description of the materials is included. -I also included a link to my problem drawer...

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IKEA cabinets are not plywood, and they have a 25 year warranty.

I have IKEA cabinets and would put their durability and features like self and soft closing doors and drawers against anything out there on the market for the same price.

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