Blanco Silgranit sink in white

somanyquestions_2008September 17, 2008

It looks like everyone loves their silgranit sinks. I have not seen one in person, but I am just about convinced that this is the one for me. Is there a reason nobody seems to get the white? Does it not look white?

Also, what's the other 20% made of (80% granite)? Is it safe for my food and dishes to be soaking in it?

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I have a white one in a box in the basement! I think a lot depends on the countertop color and many people go with granite or soapstone, which calls for a darker color. I am doing an off-white Icestone (Sage Pearl) counter, so white was my only choice. What color are your counters?

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My counters are Cambria Preston and I really prefer white to offwhite.

Have you opened the box in the basement? How do you like the color?

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria Preston

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I am embarrassed to say I did not open the box. I knew I did not want off-white because I figured it would look too yellow and dingy against the gray/white of the countertop.

I should be going to see the counters today or tomorrow, along with the sink, at the fabricators. I will take pics and post.

Why don't you want a darker color sink with that Cambria? I think it might visually blend better. Functionally, I prefer a lighter color sink (has SS last house) and I think if you like white better with the Cambria than the Biscuit, then just get it. I hear they all clean up beautifully. That's why I chose it...

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Amysrq is correct, it depends on the color of the countertop. I wasn't sure what color I wanted until I took my granite sample and compared it to the silgranite color chips at the showroom. I ended up with "biscuit" because my granite is a light color, but no white in it.

Whichever you choose, I hope you will like it. I've had mine for four months now and no regrets.

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I'd recommened you open the box and at least inspect it for damage. We received ours yesterday and opened it to be sure it shipped well. If you don't you won't be able to exchange it.

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I plan on getting the white Silgranit. I haven't chosen counters yet, but I generally like white with anything. I have a white Moenstone sink now with Verde Butterfly counters. I like the contrast. I am holding out b/c I will have white cabinets too and want to be sure the white matches them better than the biscuit. I think it will b/c I want a white white cabinet.

I think the white will be nice with your quartz.

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Thanks for the advice lukk. In our particular situation, this is the plumber's responsibility, not mine.

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I think Neesie's point is good. If your granite has some white in it, get white. If it has no white, consider biscuit or anthracite of the cafe brown.

I mistakenly got a biscuit sink, worrying about the cleaning factor of the white sink. I realize now it wouldn't have mattered, and the white may have looked slightly better than the biscuit as my granite has white in it. It doesn't look terrible, but sometimes it does take on a yellowish tinge which looks out of place. I wish Blanco did a sandy-white, rather than just a yellowy-white.

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Don't shoot me but I didn't get the white because it looked plastic-like to me. I ended up with something totally different because I didn't like the white or black silgranite with my soapstone choice but that is another story. However, later I changed countertops and I chose a black silgranite sink for my second sink just outside the kitchen. It looks GREAT! I wish I had switched out and used it in the kitchen as well.

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I have ubatuba granite and white Blanco silgranit main and prep sinks. I love the contrast and prefer a white sink to anything else. Glad I didn't choose a biscuit, dark, or stainless steel one.

My cabinets are red maple.


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