please show me photos of your hi-hats placement

cpartistSeptember 24, 2010

we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I thought my hi-hats were placed ok until my cabinets went in. in one section my pantry got smaller and that threw off the lights on either side of the fridge and the lights on my cooktop side are not centered so the middle light is centered over the cooktop but off to the side. I'm talking about the lights that shine over the counters. so I would like to see how yours look. im wondering if that is normal.

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My drummer friend puts his hi-hat to the right of the snare.

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Is he left handed with a reverse set-up? That's a funky set-up otherwise. Mine go to the left of the snare.

Oh, you mean lights! I think it would be better if you could post a photo and get input on how your particular space looks. Recessed lighting is so different in every kitchen that I'm not sure you'd gain a lot from random pictures of other kitchens.

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the reason I spelled it hi hat and the reason I can't post pictures is because this is my winter place and down here my only computer is my iPad. I don't have an Internet connected phone either. I was hoping to see pictures of how others lights looked and whether I am being too critical about the placement of mine. I think if I could see others I may well gain some idea. for example if you have a separate cooktop is your can light centered over it?

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