My Blue Kitchen !!

roseofblueSeptember 15, 2012

We just moved into our forever home, a 60 yr. old brick, ranch style that we have been searching for, on a wonderful fenced property of Fir, Pine, Maple Trees and gardens. But the kitchen had to go, we gutted the room and ordered appliances, white farmhouse sink, chrome faucet, hardwood floors - so we need to order cabinets! But we are torn between Painted in a shade of Aqua/Turquoise/Teal, that I have been dreaming of for 20 years! Or shall we be safe and select White cabinets or be conservative and select Natural Cherry? We are going to use Marble as we have in other kitchens - hopefully Statuary or Calacatta. We are supposed to decide this, next week - Help us to make this important choice, please, Thank you for all of your ideas and pictures! Rose

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It's your forever home, go for it! You can always use the teal color just for certain areas of cabinets as an accent if it's too much to commit to.

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Do you have an inspiration picture or a specific paint color you can post? Seems if you've wanted it for 20 years you might have to go for the blue!

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Here is one of my inspiration pictures in an Aqua blue! The wall on the side looks too green for me, but we do not want a baby blue! Does anyone have an idea of what color or paint may be used for this look? Thanks, everyone for your advice! Rose

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Definitely go with the aqua/turquoise/teal you want. Are you familiar with the site "House of Turquoise"? I haven't been there lately, but there are always a lot of neat ideas at that site. I'll post a link.

Those colors are our accent colors for the kitchen, and have spilled out into other areas of the house as well (I'm a real blue person). Hope you find a color that works for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: House of Turquoise blog

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Use aqua, you'll love it and that's the point. If you decide down the way that you've made a mistake, you can re-paint them white. Why be "safe"? By the time you're done with this kitchen it will be time to reno again and the new owners can do what they like. In your inspiration pic, I really like the contrast with the white elements. You might consider a white island if you're doing one.

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Go for your dream! If this is your forever home then go for it! This kitchen is for you, find what makes you happy most, and build the rest to work together from there. If it's blue/turquoise cabs then do blue/turquoise cabs.

It can be hard to find the right shade, but look at color samples, magazines, whatever you can find that will help (the inspiration for the colour of my basement walls came from a yoga mat).

If you think it will be too much, then pair it with something like white that can give you the contrast you want. Do the blue on just the perimeter, or just the island if you have one, or just the lowers...

I LOVE red but couldn't commit to an entire kitchen in red. My space was quite dark and also needed some brightening. So I did my island in red and the perimeter in white. The red island makes me happy every time I look at it. And the brightness of the white around the rest of the kitchen is also just what I was looking for.

Think about what you most want, play with colored pencils and samples/mood boards, and maybe even get a good professional designer that can help you make your vision come to life in a way that makes you happy and flows well together.

I hope you find that perfect colour to start from and get it in just the right balance to make a stunning result that brings out a smile every time you're in it!

Here is a link that might be useful: My red and white kitchen

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I wouldn't hesitate for one minute if you've been dreaming of a blue kitchen for 29 years! Absolutely DO IT! You don't have to impress anyone else or worry about resale so why the heck not! You'll wake up every morning, walk into your bright, beautiful, blue kitchen and start the day off with a SMILE :)
Besides, shades of aqua-blue are my favorite colors :)

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Oh my, you all are the greatest, so much support and wonderful ideas! Yes, I do like House of Turquoise & everything Blue - every other color really does look good with Blue, right!! A big hug for all the beautiful pictures, inspiration and beyond! Some of the actual paint colors that were used are not so easy to find - any names of these colors will be appreciated! By the way, our kitchen has a peninsula overlooking a round table & chairs and the windows looking at the back yard.
That is an amazing red color on your island! What shade is your red? And I see your Soapstone, this is our 2nd choice after Marble. What is the name of your Soapstone and how do you wax/oil this counter top? We found the Soapstone to be almost as costly as the Marble. Where did you find your interesting Soapstone?
Shades of Aqua & Turquoise always make me happy, like a walk on the beach!

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roseofblue - as long as you plan to stay in your abode for 15-20 years - go for it! (and enjoy your walk on the beach!)
If not - I would use your blue accents.
Sounds like it will be beautiful!

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Love it!!! We are doing yellow but aqua would have been my second choice so we're using some small blue/aqua accents as it looks great with yellow too : )

Sherwin William Rainwashed and/or Sea Salt are great colors.
Also, BM Woodlawn Blue HC-147 or Palladian Blue. They all have varying degrees of green/blue so you'd want to see them in your space.

shkish did a lovely kitchen with an aqua island & walls-- If you end up you don't want to fully commit to all aqua cabinetry (a lot of work to change) that could be a way to use white cabs and just an aqua island or accent.. and then do aqua walls.

However you decide to go about it, the kitchen will be beautiful!

Good Luck!

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I totally love the fifth picture down with the X in the window panes. That is a gorgeous kitchen. The perfect color I just love that!!! But there are many others that are so pretty too. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. I would get what you want. Maybe it will help sell the house and not be a resale problem somewhere down the line. It's so pretty someone else will think so too. : )

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I did blue and I love it. The cabinet maker kept making door samples for me with the different shades until we found the one we liked. Just bite the bullet and go for it. If you have a vision in your head, you will know when you find the right color for you. Blue looks great with marble too! ;)

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Blue is my favorite color and always has been, but I also realized that I was drawn to white kitchens. I did a white perimeter with a wall of blue tall cabinets around my fridge. Did the island in cherry, so I got beautiful wood without making the kitchen too dark. Mixing it up was what worked for me, and I don't think I will ever tire of it. Had I gone all of any of them, I think I could.

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Go for it! We are in our 2nd and last house. I put in green marble counters which I know some future buyer might not like, but might that stop the sale of the house? Who cares. I love it.

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Great ideas and the pictures are really helping us!
gr8day - we also admire the glass cabinets and the color, just wonder what that color is called - does anyone know!
poohpup - Thank you for the wonderful pictures, so many beautiful kitchens! By the way, what kind of Pups do you have? We have 2 Miniature Poodles, Mother & her Daughter!!
2LittleFishies - Those sites are very nice, this works for me but my Husband is a bit color blind (He still sees my eyes as grey not blue/green! So many of the Rainwashed colors just look grey to him! Maybe this is the reason that we have spent almost 8 weeks with our kitchen torn apart and no Cabinets on order, yet!! We need a blue/green color that he sees as Turquoise - does this mean that it should be a darker shade? He liked the Teal that I showed him - is this too much for an average size space that faces North/East? We are trying to figure out if a Skylight or a Solartube will fit with the ridge line of our roof? Maybe more light will help the room?
Does any one have a Skylight or Solartube, and any pictures of the room?
finestra - We all really want to SEE your blue cabinets & Marble, please!
lascatx - May we SEE some pictures, please? We also like Cherry but we cannot figure out how to use it in our 12' x 14' kitchen, no Island just a peninsula!
Wonder what colors (see my picture) are seen in this dreamy kitchen - any suggestions!!

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Yes! Go for the aqua kitchen you want! The particular paint color of the cabinets in the first inspiration picture you posted is Benjamin Moore HC-120 Van Alen Green. That picture is in my inspiration file, too, so I've done a little research on it. The kitchen designer was Garrison Hullinger.

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Rose, the island is "rapture red", my soapstone is "Anastacia" from M.Teixeira and I usually leave it naked/unoiled. When the mood strikes me to dress it up I oil with either plain mineral oil or a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax (something like Booz for wooden cutting boards). Love my soapstone! I also love marble ... in other peoples kitchens!

Good luck finding your aqua. With a DH who has colour blindness issues it can't be easy!

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I am not a big fan of blue for rooms but I really like this one from Crownpoint Cabinetry

Here is a link that might be useful: blue kitchen

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I second Rainwashed as a great color. SW Halcyon Green is also a great color. My bakers table is a tweaked version of that color:

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Rose, I'm glad the pictures were helpful. If you search on for "aqua cabinets", "teal cabinets" or "turquoise cabinets", you'll several other examples. If you hold the mouse over the first photos that show up in the search, you'll see an option for "ask a question" with a number next to it. Click on the number and you can see which questions have been asked already. With most of these pictures, I found that someone had already asked the cabinet color and many times you can find it that way.

My name came by way of trying to find a name that didn't have numbers after it back when I joined AOL. Didn't wnat to be Linda6293749372973. lol Poohpup is the first one that took and was just one of the many pet names I had for my beloved Dalmatian who passed on 6 years ago. I now have one very sweet mutt named Sadie who was rescued by German Shepherd rescue. She looks like she has some German Shepherd in her but is definitely a fruit salad. Poor girl was horribly abused before she came to us. She was pulled out of her previous owners home when he was incarcerated and came within an hour of being euthanized because she was so sick and so scared. We've had her for five years now and she rarely acts like the world is out to hurt her. She gets lots of love now. Every dog we bring into our home will be a rescue dog after our experience with our sweet Sadie.

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Poohpup that is so sweet about your doggie. We always do rescues. My latest is a Golden Retriever who was so skinny she was sort of frightening looking. Of course at our house it didn't take her long to almost need to be on a diet. Her hair was so stiff and wiry, she had skin and ear problems and all in all not a pleasant dog to look at or touch but oh what a love she is. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had and that's saying something since they have all been pretty sweet. But she is special. We love her so much and I am trying to give her the best life to make up for being a breeder dog that was just turned into the dog pound when they were finished with her. Heartbreaking. They said probably a puppy mill. Boo hoo. Not my sweet Abby!!! BTW, we started having her groomed and now her coat is gorgeous and she has the longest hair on her tail and she is very soft. She must have been severely malnourished to look and feel the way she did before. Her tail actually looked broken. Sad. She's a pretty dog now, I can't believe the difference in her coat.

Thanks for posting those gorgeous pictures. It would be so fun to see that in a beach house! I've considered doing a teal in my kitchen just on the island.

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remodelfla - Those colors are great, unfortunately my Husband sees them as a shade of grey because he is a bit color-blind. He seems to see the Turquoise colors the best, the Aqua hues fade to grey for his eyes.
We just painted the master bedroom Farrow & Ball: BLUE GROUND #210 - room faces North and mostly East, similar to the kitchen - this color looks beautiful to both of us, like being on the beach!!
Poohpup - Your Sadie is very blessed to have you, I'm sure that you feel the same about her - a Love Story! We have been trying to navigate the HOUZZ site for weeks, Thank you for your help! Hubby really likes the Traditional Kitchen by Philadelphia Architect Period Architecture Ltd. The glaze may be too costly but what does everyone think about a Rub Through finish on the edges and raised areas? No extra cost for this feature, it may be just a little Rub Through or you may have more of the Maple wood showing, then it is visible across the room.
gr8day - Your Abby sounds lovely, a blessing for you, also! We'd like to see pictures of all your Pups sitting in your kitchens or You & your Pet!!
Shall we start something NEW: My Pet - My Kitchen!! How about this for our brains that are on a kitchen search for inspiration!!

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There was one a while ago. I believe the topic for posts was "Does your dog look like your kitchen?". It was really cute and really true!!!

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go for it!

next spring I'm gonna attempt to paint mine (after a test paint on a spare door) something like this -

the 8th pic down of the above pics would be a possibility too (for me).

it won't be scruffed up but just wiped down in a dark brown or black stain.

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gr8day - I'll try to find the "Does your dog look like your kitchen"!
desertsteph - Wow, how did your sample look? We feel pleased if we do a real good job of painting the walls and trim!
We really like the Traditional Kitchen, also.
What is your base color of Blue, please? Will the addition of the stain over the Blue change the color a little or a lot? We are still looking for the right shade for our kitchen.
Thanks to all for sharing pictures and advice - we need to decide this week on the color. The design and the layout look pretty good and seems functional for us. Just want to love the colors! Does anyone have an accordian garage door in their kitchen - do you really like it or does it give you problems? Are there better ways to access the small appliances etc.? Thanks again, for sharing your pictures and ideas.

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We're not done yet...

My kitchen "turns" colors due to one East facing window and mainly northern (cool) light. For this reason I went with creamy white perimeter cabinets to keep my space light and went blue on my island. I was so worried that DH wouldn't like it, (you can probably find my obsessive old posts), but he loves it now.

Two colors I loved were Vintage Kitchen (8226) and Porch Swing (8272) both from the old Martha Stewart Signature line at Sherwin Williams. Yes, they'll still mix them.

Anyway, the Vintage Kitchen was too washed out and the Porch Swing was too blue. So, I ended up playing around with some paints I had on hand. I had Annie Sloan Provence, Pure White and Old White. I mixed away until I got a sample I loved in my space. I had enough mixed that I ended up painting the island with the Annie Sloan and top coating with polyurethane. However, you could just as easily buy inexpensive craft paints and play around with color until you get it just right. Paint up a small amount on cardstock and have your paint store color match it in a brand you like.

I still have some blue samples. If you want to contact me off line, I could paint up some cards for you and mail them to you.


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That's beautiful, Kathe! Gorgeous color.

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kathe-I don't know how true to life the color is on my monitor but I love your island.

roseofblue-We painted an accent wall in our daylight basement and used SW slick blue. It seems to be a pretty true and strong turquoise.

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Rose- I say go for the blue!

Donaleen- Thanks for posting that picture. I've been trying to find an idea for a half wall above a banquette, for a vintage kitchen. That sink 'window' is just beautiful :)

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kathec - THANK YOU the "Kathe" Blue cabinet is so Beautiful !
Yes, we'd appreciate some samples of your New Blue, Thank you for sharing, you are very talented and have a good eye!
leela4 - SW slick blue, is a great color, must be a beautiful basement - Thank you!
lavender lass - Thank you so much for the encouragement!
Our Son just finished laying the Hand-scraped Maple hardwood floor, in our Living & Dining room - Looks wonderful, thank you Joe, you are an expert! Looking forward to the kitchen floor of the same wood and your amazing back-splash design and skill - just as soon as our much anticipated Blue Cabinets are ordered!! Joe likes the color WELL WATER as seen on a valspar chart - will have to see that in person - another sample paint! My basement might look good in a checker board of Blue samples!!
Here is a display of the glass, brick tile with a Marble Background for the back splash that Joe and I like - with the Well Water Blue sample chart and the Well Water color is sitting on top of a Maple board that we painted with our paint sample of Farrow & Ball #210 Blue Ground. This #210 may be too light for our cabinets but we liked it so much that we bought a gallon of the best BM paint and had it mixed to Blue #210 - this is now enhancing our master bedroom walls, we really like our island blue, makes the room look much larger, too! Trying to decide if I like the Ralph Lauren Lake House Pillows with this new Blue, what do you all think about the Blue walls and the floral pillows? Rose

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