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gnancySeptember 24, 2013

I've got just about everything picked out for my kitchen redo and was figuring out the backsplash with my kitchen lady (KL). It will have white upper cabinets, gray lower and I'm using a matte finish Wilsonart laminate called Kiwi for the countertop. It's described as a "directional, wavy green pattern in a yellow-green." I'd decided on a field tile of matte, white 2 x 6, and was going to use it stacked. The accent was to be a 4-inch vertical strip of iridescent mosaic about every 12 inches.

The photo of the iridescent mosaic I picked looked perfect on the website, very colorful, but before finalizing it, I wanted to see the actual tile. I was flabbergasted when I saw it because it looked nothing like the photo. It wasn't just off a little, "due to the monitor"; if I hadn't known it was supposed to be the same tile, I couldn't have picked it out of a line-up. KL agreed when I showed it to her.

So, now I have narrowed it down to two other choices. Both look good with the countertop material and white tile, but they are different with a capital D. One is a transparent iridescent 5/8 tile mosaic that has a lot of pastel iridescence. The other is a mosaic of shades of iridescent green glass, thin in width and thickness.

I think both are equally as good as far as appearance and I'm having a devil of a time deciding. Anybody want to add their 2 cents?

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Hi, Gnancy,

I like backsplash answers more than backsplash questions. ;-)

But in the two options you show here, considering the counter material and prominent white BS tile, I would choose the second green glass. Based on what you describe, it would most complement the countertop with the prominent white BS.

The first option of pastel tile seems too dainty in color and not strong enough to support your counter choice.

Good luck, and I look forward to reveals! Love green. :-)

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I think the second option is better both in color and in format. The rectangular shape of the tile will allow you to appreciate its iridescence more than you could that of smaller squares, and it echoes the shape of your 2" x 6" tiles as well.

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I like the second option too but I also like answers better than questions about backsplash. I think backsplash was my toughest decision. I had something picked out but decided not to commit until the cabinets & counters were in. I ended up choosing something entirely different. For me, I'm glad I waited. My KD was initially not happy. She'd never had a client wait. Obviously, she's not aware of the GW ABB club.

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i'd avoid the glossy /shiny iridescent with the matt formica.The option 2 in dimensions is nice but I'd get a gray/black/pewter theme with matt or satin at most...the darker contrast against the green would be stunning and work with your gray lowers also.The green is also VERY warm-almost gold/yellow and don't see that with gray base cabs that much.

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Hmm...I was about to vote enthusiastically for #2, because that tile is stunningly gorgeous, but herbflavor makes a good point. Can you show us a sample of your gray?

Your two choices are really different and will affect your kitchen's vibe. What are you aiming for? They both seem unique and light-hearted, but the 2nd one is really bold while the first one seems softer. Which one is you?

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Thank you, EAM44, for a quick response. I think it's the small size of each piece of glass (and therefore, the additional grout) that makes me lean toward the squares.

romy718, you have a good point about waiting. I'll have to check. But, one of the reasons I picked the company I did to do the work is that they have a timeline of 2-3 weeks to complete it, so that may not be possible.

herbflavor, I wasn't sure if you were saying you would or wouldn't use the countertop or just the green tile?

And, scootermom, your comment was very perceptive. I am different and a bit quirky, and although I have a bold streak, I really tend toward softer things. So, I guess the littles squares are more "me".

Speaking of grout--It's too bad I can't do something to be able to see what they'd look like with grout. Sometimes that changes everything.

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Fori is not pleased

I like them both, but would probably go with he first one because it's prettier. The second is a little bit toxic green. :)

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Can I just say I admire someone who makes such bold choices. I LOVE that color green but am too afraid to use it in my kitchen other than as an accent. I also love the description of your kitchen and cannot wait for your reveal!

With that said, my choice is for the 2nd option because of the tile shape. However, if that first tile came in rectangles, I think it would look fantastic!

Please be sure to post a reveal when you are all done!

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I love your bright, funky countertop decisions. I often "run away from the herd" in my design choices, and like to find kindred, rogue spirits on GW. (I've been lurking for months but just joined this week!) Your first selection reads "cool, fresh, modern cottage" to me. The second; "edgy, hip, contemporary cottage or sleek kitchen depending on your other choices. I think you feel more comfortable with the softer look, and I would follow your heart. The only other comment I have is that the second option will compete with your kiwi laminate instead of letting it be the star. And when you get that big expanse of kiwi counters and that big expanse of green glass installed, they may read completely differently against each other. That could drastically change the look of your kitchen. I also like herbflavor's suggestion about the gray. If your KL doesn't want you to wait, just smile sweetly, hand her the check for everything but the BS and figure out exactly what you want. You hired her, and not the other way around. Love your bold choices; now be bold with your KL!!!! Good luck!

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Holly- Kay

I will be the dissenter. I like the square tiles much better. Tour counter selection is awesome! I can't wait to see this all pulled together!

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I've got to say, this is really fun, getting so much response! I haven't been able to get any real (oral) feedback up to now. Everyone's got good points.

I didn't add that I have a galley kitchen, so the work area is only 8' to 10' max. So, the BS won't really be viewed from much distance. On one side, there's the fridge & stove, so there will be an area of 24" on each side of the stove, with the fridge on one end & a door at the other. On the other side, BS will be divided by a silgranit 1 þ sink in metallic gray (BS only about 6" h), so there will be 36" counter on one side to a wall & maybe 48" on the other, ending with open space into an 8' x 8' eat-in area. I've got shiny chrome knobs, faucet, & light fixtures, and a medium gray marblized sheet Marmoleum flooring & I'm going to have a thin, double line of chartreuse inserted about every 6' (that will be 3 sets; kitchen is 19' long).

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I love the colors of your cabs and counter. They look fabulous together.

I do like the shape of #2. I like the color as well, but in small doses and not as a permanent fixture. Maybe a purse? :) I think your counter definitely makes a green statement, so I agree with herbflavor and would go with a pewter/gray theme.

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I like the 2nd option much better. The squares look way too girly girl to me. I like the more masculine rectangles.

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