where do you store your brooms?

michoumonsterSeptember 23, 2013

hi all, so now that many people have fancy brooms, can you share where you organize all of your brooms and mops? is there a nice rack you are happy with? most that I have seen are cheap and plasticky..

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My most oft-used broom stands at attention behind the refrigerator, its trusty dustpan clinging firmly to it, ready at a moment's notice to leap into my hands for a sweeping mission.

Mini-me, the dustpan and broom, lurks on a hook on the under-sink door for the targeted sniper missions.

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Put this in as soon as the new kitchen was mostly done. I'm hoping that by replacing our 11 year old discount mart specials (which did surprising well for their age) I will keep it sparkling. I'm not dissing discount cleaning apparati, just commenting that they may be near the end of their expected life span by 11 years!

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We put a tall narrow cabinet between the fridge and the doorway with the upper used as a broom closet. The drawers underneath are plastic storage. I don't love it because the opening is narrow, so you have to reach around stuff to find the broom/duster you want. On the other hand, it works and is a lot better than what I had before.

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Mine are stored in a big walk in closet off the hallway near the kitchen. Not perfect, but it works fine. If I bought something like williamsem has and mounted it on the wall it would be better.

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We had a closet like suzanne's and the lower broom portion wasn't really tall enough. In our current remodel, brooms will go in the laundry area.

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Ours are on pegboard in a 6" wide pullout to the left of the fridge.

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My non-fancy broom and floor mop are hidden behind the fridge. The stick vacuum has a proud spot on display next to the tall trash can. Lovely, right!
Suzannes, How wide is your cabinet? 9" or 12"? Is that a stick vacuum behind the broom? I am trying to design a cabinet like that for my vacuum and brooms. Space is a premium in my tiny kitchen.
If we go the Ikea route, there is a popular hack for a 4" broom closet that I might get DH to modify to hold our stick vacuum too.

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I don't have a counter-depth or otherwise fitted fridge. My broom and dustpan are stashed in the space between the fridge and adjacent pantry. Not exactly GW-worthy, but it's making the best of what's available.

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thanks everyone!
i am trying to find a spot for my broom. right now, it is sitting in a corner of the kitchen and falling over and scaring the heck out of me at night. lol!

williamsem, is your broom rack the oxo one? i had read mixed reviews on it. do you find it holds yoru brooms well or do they slide off occasionally? I am hesitant to drill into my walls for it without confirmation it is good...

suzannes, love your broom cabinet! how deep is it? looks like you can stash a lot of stuff in there!

angela, i like your pegboard! do you just use regular hooks for your brooms? one of my brooms has nothing to attach so i have to figure out if i should drill a hole in it to attach to a hook, or get one of those ones like williamsem that grips the handle.

vinudev, i would love to hear more about the ikea hack. i am very close by to ikea.

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Yes, just regular 2" peghooks. I drill a hole through the item if it doesn't already have a hole. I recently added a yardstick in this cabinet that I had to drill a hole through. I use pegboard in our garage as well and had to drill holes through LOTS of things. Metal, plastic, wood, it didn't matter, I was drilling holes.

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michoumonster, The ikea hack looks very similar to angela's pic. I didn't see that before posting.
If you search in the Ikeafans website, you should find many links talking(or asking) about the broom closet. Here's the link to DIY instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea 4

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So far, no problems. DH also reports no problems.

It's not hard to install. Just make sure you play with it first so you understand how things go together. It's really not hard, but for some reason I couldn't wrap my head around certain details at first. Then all of a sudden it all made sense and I ran for the drill!

Don't let the drywall stop you. Those little repairs are a cinch!

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Mine are in a closet just around the corner (like 4 steps away) from the kitchen. I installed one of those plastic racks from Home Depot on one side wall of the closet. It works.

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In my laundry closet, I installed some Container store organizers and that is working well for the brooms. They just screw on to the studs in the wall and brooms just snap on to it. I like the combination of large handle, thinner handles and hooks.

Talking about horse hair brooms. I these tips about how to care for your broom funny and useful :)

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gwlolo, that looks like a nice organizer. you have quite the collection of fancy brooms, indeed!
thanks for sharing your pic. i will look for those container store racks for my laundry also.

btw, after some debate with DH, we decided we are going to do a pegboard like angela's in our kitchen because we have a flat panel next to the fridge that will be the perfect space for it. a pegboard seems like such a versatile solution too! I finally found a contractor/handyman to finish all the small things left to be done. so maybe i can get him to use a professional saw to cut the pegboard for me!
promise to post my broom storage once it is done. thanks everyone!

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I have a narrow (15 inch) space between a chimney and the basement door. I'm thinking about taking some scrap wood and making something like this:

Given the narrowness of the space, the broom heads would have to be down and handles up.

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The most inexpensive, flexible, and sturdy way I have found to store my mops brooms and dustpans is this: Many brooms, mops and dustpans have some kind of hole going through the end of the handle. Take a thick loop of ribbon and tie it through the hole. Arrange command hooks on a wall at whatever height, distance, or layout you want, and hang the mops and brooms on one hook each. The sturdy command hooks can certainly hold the weight. It is inexpensive and a major plus for someone like me who cannot use a drill to save her life. I live for stick-on fixes. This also allows you to stash anywhere - at the top of a stairwell, behind a fridge, inside a closet with the most flexible configuration possible.

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There is a door to the garage from the kitchen. These implements of tidiness are hanging on the wall of one of those small plastic yard sheds. Yes, in the garage. The vacuum lives there too, as do a small recycle bucket that we transfer from the kitchen cabinet model into. Or will, I should say once this mess is all cleaned up. Cabinets to be delivered in 4 days. Yipee. We can finally hook the new range up too. And a dishwasher! I am so excited I might actually learn to cook......

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I store mine in the utility closet near the garage that houses my water softener, water heater, central air conditioner and central heater. I have no room for hooks so the brooms and mops in that room are just leaning against the salt container. My extra cleaning up tools are hung in a small walk-in closet under the steps that I keep hitting my head in and had to put a sign in there to watch my head. I love the idea of the broom closet in the kitchen!

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We are putting a broom closet at the edge of the kitchen, which is also close to the center of our house...It's just large enough for our vacuum, mop, broom, and other cleaning tools. The top is open shelves for cookbooks, our phones to charge, etc.This was a bit of an extra addition to our kitchen plan, and dh initially balked at the extra cost, but we needed *some* place convenient for the cleaning supplies! Since we went with a custom cabinet place, the cost was fairly affordable and they are giving us the specific design that we wanted.

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gladys1924, I really am now considering a Broom closet maybe on the other side of my refrigerator before the dishwasher I just wish my kitchen was bigger for more room. Although my kitchen is open to the family room. I wonder if I can expand the wall of lower cabinets to have a cabinet on the side for a trash pull-out also. I am hoping with taller cabinets, I can fit what I don't use high above so I will not run out of space. I would love to be able to fit my vacuum also inside!

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Yeah - ours is like an 18 inch deep bookcase, with doors on the lower (broom closet) section. It opens to our dining area, which would have an "ick" factor except for the doors covering the cleaning stuff. I'm going to enjoy having cleaning equipment in it's own, convenient place.

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