Kitchen intervention --- need layout help!

KitNoviceSeptember 11, 2012

I'm having a really tough time coming up with a layout for my new kitchen. I'm just can't seem to form a coherent thought where kitchens are concerned! I'd appreciate any help!!!

Here are the appliances:



French door fridge (preferably full depth)

Single wall oven


I'm so frozen in indecision that I can't seem to even decide between a OTR microwave or built in microwave (over the wall oven?) or space-saver microwave mounted under upper cabinets. My husband has ruled out a drawer microwave - and thank goodness, because at least one option is ruled out!

I'd like to squeeze in a pantry cabinet somewhere too.

There are five of us and we have a large extended family that will be over frequently.

Here's a basic floorplan: From Drop Box

The wall where the fridge currently is measures 8 1/2 feet, but that includes light switches, etc. The wall with the range and wall oven is 12 1/2'. There are 9' ceilings throughout.

I'm looking for form over function as far as the design goes. Just to give you a glimpse into the chaos that is in my head - I can't decide the microwave placement because if I put it over the wall oven there's no easy landing space below in case the dish gets too hot, but if I get an OTR I have to reach over a gas range to access the microwave, but if I put it under an upper cabinet it just doesn't look as pretty (ok, I guess I'm not entirely into form over function).

We're also building this house, so no custom cabinets for us - just the options the builder has (they're nice options, but not as flexible as custom cabinets). Please help!!

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I think a U shape has to be considered. The island would become the 2nd side and connect up at the top sink wall. Place fridge where wall oven is and the 2nd oven goes under counter opposite range[or where fridge was]. At the end of this part of the U-opposite range,place a 2nd sink[it will be near fridge-handy-and guests can use it without going all the way into the U-also handy]. The back of the U on family room side can have overhang for seating for all the get-togethers. You have even more under counter area now inside the U for a microwave-or over where fridge was. With 16 feet-you can still have a generous passage from living areas into kitchen and have that long useful counter run with 2nd sink. I do like island kitchens but with split entry because of the island you can't necessarily get all you want in,plus with so much activity I think the 2nd sink is key-you're getting a zone for people away from the cleanup and top part of the kitchen if you do a U. Good luck with decision making-there are probably even more schemes to play around with.

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What cabinet options do you have with builder ? Are any of the cabinet lines from your builder semi-custom ? Our builder suggested we use UltraCraft which is a semi-custom line. We went with them and have been very happy with them. You can change the height width and depth of them in 1/16" increments at no extra charge. A lot of things that are upcharges with other cabinets are standard.

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herbflavor - A u-shape, hmm...what are the benefits of the u shape? I'm just concerned because there are usually a ton of people in the kitchen (which I don't mind) and a ushape would "trap" them without easy access to the family room.

angela12345: Ours are pretty standard cabinets - they're the Quality line of Quality cabinets. I included a link to their spec guide below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quality Cabinets Spec Guide

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I was thinking of something like the picture below, but I'm not sure of the wall with the oven/microwave/fridge. I feel like it should have some countertop for a landing spot for things from the fridge, oven and microwave. Could I move the fridge to the wall by the range and leave the oven and pantry cabinet on the other wall with counterop in between them? Or push the wall oven and cabinet together and have countertop off to the side?

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This is the rest of the kitchen.

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Hi Kit, I really like what you've done. Can you share kitchen dimensions, faucet, sink, flooring color/mfg, cabinet maker styles?

Please post more!

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Thanks - but I can't claim this as my own :) This is what I'm thinking of doing in my kitchen, but I can't figure out if I like the wall with the fridge/wall oven/pantry cabinet. I'm thinking there should be countertop there as a landing spot for hot stuff from the microwave/wall oven and ingredients from the fridge, but I was hoping for some input from the talented folks on this forum. I'm a complete newbie at all of this.

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Do you bake? The other layout works because the island is oriented the other way and works for landing and as a baking center for the ovens which is on the same run as the frig. You could do that... move the oven against the frig wall. I'd then think about flipping the range and sink runs.

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I cook more than bake and it's usually for at least 6-8 people. What's the reason for flipping the sink and range runs? Is it to keep the sink more centrally located?

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TThink about the natural flow in a kitchen. Get stuff from the frig, rinse off and packaging in trash, then to range/cooktop. I have a convection/speed oven/mw above my regular sized oven. It works beautifully for any and all functions. With 5 people and a large extended family you may find benefit in the use of a second oven that can also be a MW.

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