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lzhwongSeptember 22, 2013

I've already received quite a bit of helpful feedback on our kitchen layout but I would like some more input. I just received our cabinet renderings and would like you to take a look again.

One of my main concerns is on the range wall. Currently, the drawer banks flanking both sides of the range are 24''. Originally, they were draw as 2 banks of 24'' on the left and 2 banks of 21'' on the right. I asked him to make them symmetrical and as a result there is only a 6'' opening for the corner cabinet. One option is to eliminate the corner cabinet altogether and have a bank of drawers on the other side. The other option is to revert back to the original drawing and have 2 banks of 24'' and 2 banks of 21''.

There are 2 windows flanking the stove and 1 large window over the sink. To the right of the sink will be a hutch style cabinet.

Thank you again for all of your help!

Please take a look and let me know if there are any glaring concerns.

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I'm having trouble figuring out some of those measurements with all those numbers. But why can't they make each side of the range have one 24 and one 21 stack? That would give you 6 inches back and be equal on each side.

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I'm no layout expert, but I believe function trumps symmetry. Besides, with a corner cabinet on one end and wall ovens on the other end, you aren't symmetrical to start with.

Can you post an overhead layout, with dimensions? Please show where the openings lead.

What are you planning for the base corner? Lazy Susan, pull-out contraption, blind corner? What do you plan to keep there?

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I would prefer 24/21 and be able to use the corner cab. The island will be in the way, so I think widths of drawers will not be much noticed. Besides, the windows, hood and anything on the eye level would attract more attention imo.

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