Question about soap dispenser

KimSigSeptember 15, 2013

I was just about ready to order a soap dispenser with my faucet and sink. I read a few reviews on it, some good some bad. I am a bit afraid to instal one in my granite to have it not work. If it doesn't work then I have drilled a hole in my granite for nothing. Please tell me what the real story is!

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a. Pick a soap dispenser with good reviews.
b. Pick the one you are thinking about, and, if you aren't happy, pick another one.

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Dilute the soap with water to prevent clogging. I love mine. Don't like soap bottles.

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The lone dissenter, no soap dispenser, one hole one faucet and hand soap from bath and body!
Even though I am old, I can still reach under the sink for dish detergent.
I would rather my countertop look uncluttered, and an easy swipe for faucet and sink, and I am done.


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You're not alone, Red, I've had too many fail in my lifetime to drill a hole in my counter. Perhaps watering down the soap would help but I'm fine without.

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Installing a dispenser for dish soap was a last minute decision. I'm glad we installed one.

If you decide you don't like using it for dish detergent, down the road, you could use the hole to install a filtered water tap or a hand lotion dispenser.

I highly recommend using the clever Never MT so that you don't have to refill the soap.

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I love mine and can't imagine going back. It's not about reaching under the sink for dish detergent, it's about being up to your elbows in raw chicken and being able to wash your hands without contaminating anything.

(Ok, "elbows" is a bit of an exageration. I use a clean section (like the back, or just above my wrist) of my left hand to squirt soap into my right and bump the water on with my arm.

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The Never MT is genius (although ours did stop working after awhile and we never did get around to replacing it).

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I agree about the raw chicken. But instead of built-in soap dispensers, I use motion-sensor soap pumps (mine are by Simple Human). I already had one for my main chicken-prepping sink, but when I saw how much less water was getting dripped on the wood countertop, I got one for our second sink as well (frequently used by DH and the kids). I have mild dish detergent in them so they can be used both for dishes and handwashing.

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We had a built in soap dispenser at our last house. I didn't like it. It was just one more thing to clean - the part of it that was above the counter and the actual dispenser itself. In our new house I'll just have one disposable dispenser for dish/hand soap on the counter. Easier to clean and easy to toss when it's empty...

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Holly- Kay

I love mine. I wasn't going to get one because I don't like the one we have in our other home but the plumbing house sales lady said they are simple to refill by pouring the detergent in the top. Well I knew that didn't work very well with my other one so I still nixed the idea. Then I read here about the NeverMT and at the last minute decided to go with it. I am very glad I did. I use dawn and also use it to wash my hands.

Love my soap dispenser and love my NeverMT.

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Does the NeverMT work with any dispenser? Those that have it where did you get it? Thanks everyone for the responses. I think we will get one.

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I think online reviews are not that genuine because many are posting fake ones. I have bought one online which was recommended by many of my friends, the reviews i found online was neutral as not that good or not too bad. Then i looked into some online shopping sites, discussed with my friends and found liquid soap dispensers in Instock supplies. Bought it and worth the money.

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