Elkay e-granite kitchen sinks - any opinions?

janralixSeptember 10, 2011

We're considering Elkay's e-granite for a kitchen sink. We'll be using it under (an undermount) a granite such as santa cecilia, so think the bisque or mocha might look OK, but are mainly concerned with how durable the material is. Does anyone have one, and if you do, how do you like it? We're also considering Elkay's SS sinks, so we're trying to decide which way to go.


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awesome sink, good value, great material. Doesn't scratch, stain

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I have an Elkay e-granite sink and a quartz sink that we have yet to install (mid-renovation). It is a flat finish, I almost think it looks and feels like plastic. But, I have heard/read really good things about it, so I do not know which we will go with. I did buy mine off of amazon.com, so I could have easy returns if I end up not using it. I will be interested to see the responses you get.

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just put a Blanco Silgranite sink in with my kitchen redo..antracite color...have had it for a week...but I absolutely love it!!!! Way more than my stainless sink that it has replaced.

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Does yours feel like plastic? Kind of like a utility/laundry sink? Do you have polished/shiny counters? Do you think the sink would look odd with polished counters?

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I have the Super Single with the drain in the center...I think that is the right description ?...No!..I don't think it feels like plasttic...it seems to have little sparkley dots?(don't know if that's the right word? ) in it..but it is black...but not deep black.....I love the size..color....I have granite counters...Santa Cecilia ( cream/gold background with black veins and deep maroon spots )....I wanted a large size to put big pans in. Haven't had any issues with water spots at all either, and I haven't done anything special except wipe it witth soapy water after I have washed pans and we have hard water!..With 3 childrren at home that cook...it's already been submitted to hot temperatures and the opposite. If it holds up like it has so far...I am in love :)

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Good to hear from ya'll - thanks. Not too glad to hear about the "plastic feel" of the e-granite - so now I'll check out the Silgranite. What I'd really like, however, is to hear from some long-term users of either material, or something similar. Ya'll have a nice day!

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Jan--have you tried searching the forum for silgranit threads? There are many with longterm users commenting on their sinks.

Just a side story on Blanco vs. Elkay. I had two different people in two different trades tell me without my asking that their customers that were unhappy with their granite sinks had brands other than Blanco. Scratching, chips, staining, and whathaveyou were happening with other brands. Neither of these people had a stake in telling me that as I had already told both that I was purchasing my own sinks separately so they weren't going to get a sale. At the time, I was planning one Blanco and one Elkay. I found a way to make my cleanup sink bigger to get the Blanco instead of Elkay.

Also, I had both companies send me sample chips of their colors. Elkay was difficult to deal with and took about two weeks to get my chips. Blanco was easy to deal with, and I had my samples within three days. I liked the Blanco colors better too.

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You can search for a thread I started in the early spring asking if the White Silgranite sink looks plastic-y.

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i have the kindred granite (made by franke)
have had it for about 18 months now and love love love it
does not feel or look like plastic
cleans well even when we have left a tea bag on it by mistake. took some baking soda and some elbow grease and not a mark left to show
I chose it over the blanco because of the colour. probably owuld have taken blanco if the sink i needed came in biscotti.
however i am very happy with the kindred and would get another without hesitation

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Follow-up: OK, I've read and read, here and elsewhere (thanks, BTW, to everyone posting on GW), about the Elkay e-granite sinks, as well as other manufacturers' granite-based composite sinks.

To begin with, one thing I've read is that there seem to be two types of natural stone composite sink materials: quartz-based and granite-based, with the granite-based material coming out ahead on scratch resistance and durability due their higher stone content (80-85% to 70% for the quartz-based).

Now for the issue: Elkay, within the same description of e-granite on their website, says their e-granite sinks are "granite silica and resin-formed" and calls them granite, while at the same time refers to them as "up to 85% natural quartz and high performance acrylic resins". Well, are they granite-based or quartz-based?

Any experts out there know the low-down on this seemingly contradictory nomenclature? Is Elkay being deceptive and trying to pass off quartz-based sinks as granite-based?

Thanks for any insight!

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A lot of stone vendors and other commercial products' categorization of granite/quartz/etc is arbitrary and bears only minor relation to what geologists would call granite, quartzite, granitoid, etc.

FWIW, geologically granite can be composed of over half quartz (most of the rest being feldspar).

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Blanco silgranite is not, IMHO, "plastic-y". It almost feels silky like a really good quality teflon pan.

Around here the fix seems to be in for Blanco over Elkay but YMMV. If possible you should try to find a store with them both to compare, they really are subtly, but truly, different.

I have a silgranite cascade, but not for the longterm info you're wanting. It's great that you're following breezy's advice and searching the archives, there's a lot there on this subject.

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I think Blanco has more patents, done more research, longer experience, more products, than Elkay and the other brands' composite sinks. I will link Blanco's press release. Of course it's their own press release, so it's going to brag, but nevertheless Silgranit seems to have some impressive credentials and specs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Silgranit II Press Release

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I considered the Blanco sink but decided to go with Elkay because quartz (sink is 85% quartz) is far less porous than granite. I want a white sink and was worried about stains. Additionally it comes in a rectangular shape so if I ever want to replace it, it will be far easier to find a replacement. My granite countertops will be cut to the shape of the sink after all. I would have gone with the (better) quartz countertops too if they weren't so expensive. Lastly, it doesn't hurt that the sink costs about $100 less than the Blanco.

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