Home Goods & Tuesday Morning

buehlSeptember 22, 2008

I had never heard of the "Home Goods" & "Tuesday Morning" stores before here. So...are they good places to shop for organization and other kitchen & bath accessories?

How does their quality rank in comparison to WalMart, Target, HD/Lowes, IKEA, BBB, The Great Indoors/EXPO, etc.?

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Hi Buehl,

We live in So Cal and our local Tuesday morning is somebody's bad yard sale nightmare! Home Goods has higher quality merchandise and better prices. I would say they have the quality of stuff like the Great Indoors, BBB etc. with much more reasonable prices. They always have rotating stock and accessories galore. Hope this helps

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I can't speak to Home Goods; however, I do shop at Tuesday Morning. It's a good place to find outstanding deals, but you never know what you might find, and it's unlikely to see the same thing there twice. I have found beautiful copper pots, le creuset items, rugs, lots of bedding and table linens, etc.

Another place I sometimes get great deals is Ross. Every now and then I stop in on my way home work and check the housewares section to see what I might find. There are often great deals to be had on high quality items, but you have to look.

At either TM or Ross, if you're looking for something specific, they don't have it. If you're open towhat you might find, then they've got some good stuff.

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Home Goods and Tuesday Morning are not like the other stores you listed. They are stores that sell everything at a discount. I can't speak about TM, but I love HG. It's owned by TJ Maxx. There's a lot of "crap" to sort through, but there's also a lot of higher end merchandise at discount prices--Cuisinart, All Clad, KitchenAid, Roi olive oil, etc. There's also a lot of middle-end merchandise. I just bought Lipper bamboo drawer organizers, Kamenstein paper towel holder (read about it on GW), and two gorgeous counter stools made in Italy for $80 apiece. There was even a Heartland Paragon stove at the HG near me last week. And did I mention the amazing deals on cookbooks? I'm a big fan :)

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I love HomeGoods, as well. Our store is huge and very well organized, with tons of furniture and decorative accessories as well as kitchen goods and linens. I usually find I'm forcing myself to put stuff back because I really don't need it, but I really like it and it's such a deal. I've been in some Tuesday Morning stores that were cramped or disorganized, but the ones near me now are much neater. There I've gotten great deals on a Le Creuset crepe pan, microplane graters and Bodum accessories, to name a few. They always seem to have some really good prices on planters and decorative garden accessories when Spring arrives.

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My Tuesday Morning is not very nice, but HomeGoods is worth visiting on a regular basis.

It's one of the places I take out of town friends to shop and they always end up having a great time and buying half the store.

Great deals on high end (All Clad, La Crueset, Sferra) merchandise as well as great deals on middle of the road accessories. Pricing is great. Quality blows Walmart away, and is better then Target and Ikea.

Take a trip, bring your wallet and a large car! Also if you see something you like, buy it, it will be gone if you come back later for it, and they have a good return policy.

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Don't care for Tues.Morn. but I LOVE my Home Goods!
I try to stop in once a week because the stock changes
daily. Great quality and great prices.

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I did a search on both stores and found a Home Goods only 20 minutes away and a Tuesday Morning about 35. I'm checking out Home Goods this week!

Thanks for the info everyone!

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Love my Home Goods! I agree with others about Tuesday Morning. Very much hit or miss. Let us know what you think.

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i have a new love: neiman marcus Last Call. drool....

i never go to tuesday morning. i agree with skippy. bad yard sale nightmare x10!

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my GF and I go to HomeGoods just for "eye candy". Wish I needed to buy more for my house as much of their furniture is just fun- as an accent piece. Have a good time!

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buehl... I found a Lexington Furniture dining table that I loved but Lexington discontinued at Home Goods. It retailed for 3K and the cheapest I ever found it a an online discount retailer was $1700. I got it a Home Goods, leaf included and in perfect condition for $400... might have been the greatest bargin of my life!

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I hate Tuesday Morning. The deals are never that great on the few good things I find, the rest is junk. I was in Home Goods last week and they had the MOST gorgeous Boos butcher block island, dark stained base, nice thick cherry slab on top...oh man was it beautiful!!! And it was marked down to $360! But dang it all, I was on a girl's night out with my friend and was driving our "fun car" (little orange Miata) so only 2 seats. It was gone, naturally, when I went back.

I agree about Ross, though a lot of times it's pretty junky, I've found some great accessories there. Olive themed plates, metal wall art, tile trivets, cutting boards, interesting platters along with things like colanders, Kitchen Aid utensils, baskets, bedding, and every now and then I'll find a great deal on a pair of really cute shoes!!! My favorite Kenneth Cole sporty flats...original retail $98...I got them for $18!! Okay, so maybe they are like...SOOO last year (said with the attitude of a 16 year old girl) but I love them anyway! ;o)

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My FAVORITE FAVORITE STORE!!! Home Goods is Awesome!!! A lot of their stuff is unique and orginal. And there is a little something there for everyone. Another good place to look for ideas on orgnization is The Container Store (www.containerstore.com), they can be a bit pricey, but a great source for ideas.

I've heard a lot of good things about Tuesday Morning, but the stores I've been to have never lived up to the hype.

The big bummer is....that Home Goods doesn't offer online sales.

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Like everyone else, love Home Goods! But I really, really, love Tuesday Morning. I have found amazing deals on quality brand-name stuff. Great crystal, linens, kitchen stuff. Depends on your location, but definitely check it out. The one near me is fabulous.
good luck!

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Buehl, there's a Home Goods right in Snowden Square in Columbia. It's my favorite store; I was given a gift certificate as a thank you, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Great deals and beautiful things. They get new things in almost daily and so you never know what you're going to find. It's worth a trip.

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Another Home Goods buyer here, but it's really hit or miss there. If you see something you like, get it because more than likely it won't be there when you go back.

Tuesday Morning is okay. I've found a few things there, but it's usally disorganized and messy.

I do check out Ross, TJMaxx, and Marshalls all the time for home decor bargains too.

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Thanks everyone! More "encouragement" to go this week!

Sue, there's one in Columbia as well? The one I was thinking of is in Mt. Airy...I'll have to check out both to see which is better :-)

After all this hype, I'm really looking forward to it...but it probably won't be until Thursday or Friday since I have a big customer meeting tomorrow & today's the dry run!

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I live in Columbia, right near the HomeGoods at Snowden - it is wonderful, but you have to go there with some frequency as items cycle thru quickly. There is also another HomeGoods in Olney and I've usually found great items there, as well. Happy shopping!!

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THank God for HomeGoods. If I had to shop in Bloomingdales, or any other high end store (BYT, HG has all the highend stuff that they sell)I would be broke. TJ Maxx is also a great store depending on where it is, certain stores have crap. I have never found anything in Tuesday Morning, it's an glorified Odd Job (when it was in business)

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I live near a Home Goods and have never been in.
But now w/ all these kudos, I'm definitely going to check it out!

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Home Goods is owned by TJ Maxx (Marshalls, etc) -- the bargains are sometimes not really bargains. Other posters have covered its good points.

Tuesday AM is very, very hit or miss. They are, IMO, the single best source for very upscale bed sheets on a downscale budget -- usually have a good selection of 500+ thread count Italian linen sheets for under $100/set. Nice selection of xmas wrap & ornaments in season. Other than that, it's sort of an upscale Pic & Save or Big Lots -- occasional great deals from well known mfrs closing out stuff, lots of junk, very disorganized. I go there for new sheets.

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The Home Goods near me is hit or miss. I've gotten nice sheets, lamps, and storage containers there. They're also good for bath items.

But one visit to Tuesday Morning will do it for me. It was enough to give me a headache--cramped aisles, disorganized, overflowing shelves. The few items I picked up were either broken or missing parts. I keep expecting it to go out of business.

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O.k....I'll be the odd-man-out and argue FOR Tuesday Morning! Yes, it is hit-or-miss, and Yes, some are "messy"... but they often have wonderful, unusual objects that i've never seen anywhere except neiman marcus, etc. And when I do find them, they're a fraction of the price.

Conversely, I LIKE Homegoods, but wouldn't say I love it. It's really what they use to call a "super t.j. maxx", though now they refer to them by tjx/homegoods. We actually have a MARSHALLS/Homegoods in chicago burbs now... in case you haven't seen that combo.


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I am definitely no Tuesday Morning apologist, but I have to completely agree with the claim that you can't find better sheets cheaper than TM. It has become pretty much the only place I do buy sheets anymore. Watch out for the Peacock Alley ons that are specifically made for TM-- I don't care for those as much. But overall, you can find some fabulous sheets quite inexpensively there. You can also find some good deals on some good quality wood kid's toys. Not really on topic for a kitchen discussion, but an FYI nonetheless ;)

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I'm going to try to visit both places...but based on reviews here, I'll go to Home Goods first...it's closer anyway!

Thanks again for your input everyone!

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One more suggestion...

If you go to one Tuesday Morning and don't like it, try another one before giving up on the store. There are two near my home. One of them is very well organized, clean and has some wonderful finds (great buys on Sferra linens). The other one is a real disorganized disaster - You couldn't pay me to shop there. It apparently just depends on whether the store manager is any good....

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The only thing I buy at Tuesday morning are bed linens. You can find Italian made sheets at less than 50% off their original price, i.e., Sferra brand. These sheets do not have any additives or poisons in their fibers like you'll find with some other sheets imported from Japan or other countries. Only thing is I can't find the ones for the extra thick queen bed. Can only find them for the single. So I go online and find sales for the bed with the very deep mattress. The rest of the Tuesday morning store is basically junk as far as I'm concerned.

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