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belle_vaSeptember 9, 2013

Moving along... now getting down to the nitty gritty...

I have a quick and little question:

I am having a custom (and not fancy) petite hood built. I am using a power pack vent insert. (Still undecided on brand but in the 11 in deep/ 28 wide range.) I'd like to have a SS liner cut for the rest of the space not filled by the power pack itself. I mentioned this to my cabinet maker in a "I am delegating this to you. Here's a photo of what I want it to look like" way. He seemed absolutely thrown off and told me he would deliver the hood with a wooden bottom (it is a mantle cabinet type style) with a hole cut out for the power pack and I was then on my own to figure out the rest.

Has anyone here had a SS liner cut? Do I cut a paper template and go in search of some industrial steel folks? How do I attach it once I get home again? It seems to me like something you'd want cut and in place before the cabinet is finished to help minimize the risk of the steel scratching the finish. Am I over thinking it?

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Circus Peanut

Many of the power pack makers also market a stainless liner that matches their model -- I'd check into that as your first line of attack, and only thereafter approach a metalworking shop.

That said, it's not very hard to fabricate a sheet with a hole in it, and you ought to find someone to do it fairly easily. It will be probably be a metal fabrication shop on the edge of town near all the auto body places. :-)

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Belle- what brand/model are you getting? How much is the bottom of the hood receased? Have a drawing of the hood surround? Post em.

Some "sheet metal" fabs do ss, some don't. We have one metal supplier that also fabs. It is typically done to an accurate drawing. Some might be willing to work from a template. Not likely done on site.

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Thanks guys! I haven't pulled the trigger on the power-pack yet. (So if anyone has insight there, please share.) I've been obsessively researching cfms and 6 in vs 8 in ducting etc. I want a lot of power but not so much that I have to worry with make up air. Leaning towards the Zephyr tornado. It is 11 in deep and 27ish wide. My "hood" is a hybrid love child of a cabinet and a mantel. Maybe 16 deep (I know not ideal but it's better than 13 in deep!) So the pre fab liners are too deep, even the adjustable ones. It will sit up in the body of the hood about 4 inches, so not flush with the bottom. I guess I will try to trace a template and go in search of steel. So many details- at once overwhelming and a total blast of exhilaration.

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Hi belle_va,

We designed and built our own custom wood hood, with a SS liner for the hood and also SS countertops surrounding our cooktop. You will need to find a local metal shop and they will be EXACTING in their questions to you regarding what you want and dimensions.

Definitely doable, but you need to know what you want and how to explain it to them.

Here's a shot of the liner. I think we both glued and screwed it in place.

Here's the hood:

Good luck!

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