Looking for reveals, huango, sanjuangirl, sparklingwater

kksmamaSeptember 4, 2013

All three of you have been helpful and/or inspiring to me, and I don't want to miss seeing your creations. Sparklingwater, did you get things worked out with your GC? Huango did you find the right knife organizer? Sanjuangirl, I'm in love with your b/s and want to see more.
This process has been much harder and taken much longer than I thought possible. I'm super grateful to have a place to share the triumphs and tribulations with others. My hood was hung on the wall today, not hooked up or surrounded by cabinetry, but it still looks lovely to me. I have a lot of drawer organizing to do, and weeks to wait for counter stools, lights, pulls, final cabinets, door glass, floor repair, and of course the b/s. But I'm starting to cook in my kitchen and to know where things are, and I love my zones and island!

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Well, I know I'm not Huango, Sanjuangirl or Sparklingwater, but I just wanted to say I feel your excitement about the hood being up and you starting to cook again!
Congrats! :-)

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Thanks, Boone! It has been surprising to me that remodeling is so full of highs and lows. I didn't expect to have so much emotion, worry, and excitement over this project. I guess it is because of the huge money/time investment? Or because my kitchen is central to how I care for my family? I know that some people do this without becoming TKO, but I'm not sure how.

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Hi and yes, the GC re-did a few things, including that irregularly painted wall and we're through the punch list and hold the releases. Thanks for asking. We are getting the floor refinished next week, need to work on the banquette, and are joining the ABB club due to remodel fatigue. Gosh, the difference in before and after is stunning to me, especially at night with LED under cabinet lights, when it takes on a slight Ansel Adams hue of darkness surrounding the white cabinets. I love it!

You've expressed it so well with the unexpected highs and lows endured during a kitchen remodeling. It seemed like a 13 week pregnancy, sometimes a slow week others on fast forward, which suddenly resulted in the birth a kitchen. All fingers and toes, crying for attention and needing some wrapping in one's arms with warmth and and blankets and check ups and adjustments. Simply amazing! Hopefully I'll get to the point of some reveal photos in not too long a time.
Glad to hear your vent hood is up, symbolic of good aromas and cooking, being with friends: a true sign of getting there. Looking forward to hearing more.

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Sparklingwater, proud new parents send around at least a few snapshots before the first professional pictures, I wanna see those under cabinet lights!

I may need a banquette too...but that will have to be a discrete project for some time after dd's bedroom and bathroom.. the pool resurfacing, my bedroom refresh, painting the exterior...

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I want to see those reveals too! Maybe one day I will get around to posting my reveal, lol! Kitchen was finished in late May and I have been so busy with kids and summer and totally trashing it cooking then lovingly cleaning it, I haven't gotten around to posting pics. Amybe next week.....

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My Ansel Adams-esque kitchen re-model at dusk! One of my favorite American photographers. Did his work impact sub-consciously or was it just all serendipitous? Or, is it just in the eye of the beholder? Idk.

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Oh Sparklingwater, that looks so dreamy! Love the peaceful softness. "Good night tea kettle, good night gorgeous counters. Good night elegant glass shelves. Good night knobs, goodnight pulls, goodnight noises, everywhere"

I had planned on all lower pulls, and all upper knobs, but really like how you put knobs low under the sink rather than vertical pulls there!

What a gorgeous space, thank you for sharing!

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Ditto of Heidi: ... Kitchen was finished in late Feb and I have been so busy with kids and summer and totally trashing it cooking then lovingly cleaning it, I haven't gotten around to posting pics...
We also had a great support group for during the reno and when DH had surgery (Stage 2 kidney cancer - he's doing great now), so we're slowly "repaying" their kindness by having small intimate dinners, and to show off our new kitchen :)
All that schmoozing takes time (I enjoy my wine slowly), so that means the last details are being push aside.

I will probably take 97.5%-done pictures this month, to capture it w/ the natural light before Winter-gloominess sets in.

I did post my issue w/ my sticky/tacky Waterlox butcherblock countertops...yes, just another issue to deal with.

AND I've started researching on my new projects:
- stone patio
- driveway lighting
- chalk, white board, magnetic board for my communication hub/wall (wall is 9feet x 10feet, so lots of space - need ideas!)
- and maybe my masterbedroom?
Ahhhh, so many ideas/thoughts, but not enough time.

Back to work to PAY for my "hobbies".

Wishing you the best w/ your kitchen completion. It's so close; feels great, huh?


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Thanks, Amanda. Part of the reason I want to see reveals is because my kitchen does not feel close or great :(
There are so many problems, it seems that nothing is right the first time, and it is wearing on me. This morning I noticed that my one-level (thanks to you) beloved island, is set 1/4" off square over the 66" width. It isn't noticeable to me over the length, because of the layout. I know I have a ridiculously accurate eye for that and no one else would notice. And I think asking for plumbing and electric to be uninstalled, 6 men to come and lift and move the island 1/4", and then reinstall plumbing and electric, would be unreasonable and likely to result in worse problems. But I've comforted myself over problems with appliance installation by saying "at least the granite is perfect" which was silly: nothing is. Except in reveal pictures. Or small dinners, over wine with close friends and a healthy husband. I'm so glad you are enjoying that!

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Oh, yes, I hear you. I did post on the Exhausted thread. That's why my 2 sconces in my familyroom doesn't match. I just had the electrician install any sconces I had in my house just to pass electrical inspection. I'll replace them when I get my 4th/5th wind to get me going again to research matching/similar sconces. But right now, there's light, so it's all good....

No, don't move that sucker.
1/4" will not be noticed. Big CRACK in granite: yeah, people will notice.

Here's 2 sneak peak/pix from friend's phone.
So 2 years ago, my friends from Zumba class came over for potluck (left pix).
I just had them over again just last week (right pix).

The BEFORE was right after a Zumba class, thus the sweats.
BEFORE: sushi rolls;
AFTER: Vietnamese fresh rolls.

We were all hanging out at my peninsula, then and now.
Now that I have 20+feet of countertop, we still hang out at only 5+feet of countertop. :)

forgive my facial expression.

Hang in there,
So worth it!

I wish I could have my GW friends over for intimate dinners, to REPAY you for all that you've taught me, helped me, hold my hand, steer me clear away from certain things, "listen" to me, etc.


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kksmama, i understand your frustration, having been there (4 weeks took 13 and lots of back and forth to do the job the way I needed done). It took daily deep breaths to get up and keep at it when I even knew they were coming-poor communication. A lock box for that many weeks was surreal and I'd NEVER recommend permission again and indeed had them remove it prior to finish.

Post your progress so we may revel in them with you. Like, how is your vent hood coming. Once it's connected will you plan on using the stove, if available?

Support is what you need indeed. I wish I had turned to GW Kitchens when I was struggling but couldn't get over my hesitation to do so until the end.

We're here for you. And thanks for your kind words about our new space.

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huego, I've seen bits and pieces of your kitchen in past posts. Thanks for showing us some more today. It is all so lovely, the windows, design/cabinets/counters and of course, the overall lighting effect. Love those wall lights too. :)

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Gorgeous, Amanda! Are those cabinets as black as they look? Love the horizontal handles! Is your backsplash one gorgeous piece of marble?

Thank you all so very much. I never imagined that remodeling my kitchen would be such an emotional experience, or that the kindness and generosity of people who try to make it better for those who follow would bring tears to my eyes - but it does.

There was substantial progress this week, all my appliances are now functional - including the hood insert which is very exciting. I'll need help from GW this weekend finalizing the cabinet surround and adjacent cabinets. I love my tapmaster; the utrusta opener for the prep area garbage is working "well enough" if not quite like I'd hoped. I made them take the lock box off, my family and dogs were mostly staying elsewhere during demo and cabinet install but we're all living here now.

But most of the door fronts will have to be remade, refinished, or both. The 42" cabinets were designed to hold only 2 movable shelves, so I have to insist they make extras and drill the holes so they can be installed. The appliance guy said the installers will have to move the built in fridge to solve the screw through the pocket door problem, and I'll probably be waiting until month's end for flooring, stools, pulls, and glass for doors. l remember Sparklingwater writing something about not getting the "finished" look and that is exactly what had me so worried. I'm torn between feeling like I'm too picky or have too high of expectations vs feeling like I'm entirely too nice and too patient and too easy to push to the back burner as workers are scheduled. I really like the workers, and my GC, and I know they want this to go well and be recommended to my friends .... but I don't think I can recommend any remodeling to anyone!

Really, thank you all for sharing your journeys, and mine. It does help. Happy weekend!

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