Why does my sink faucet sing to me?!

AboutToGetDustySeptember 27, 2012

Please help solve the mystery of my singing sink faucet! Ever since the kitchen was completed, I've noticed that my Rohl Country faucet "sings" - makes an odd sound. Sometimes, but not always. When it sings, the pressure is lower. When it doesn't, the water pressure is greater. I cannot seem to corrolate this with the dishwasher or shower or washing machine running. What's up with that? Is something wrong? I recorded a video on my phone where you can hear the faucet singing - interestingly when I switch to the side spray it immediately stops. But this forum rejected the file type.

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Is that like moaning? Given it stops when you turn on the spray my totally uninformed mind wonders about the diverter. Also, I think sometimes it is due to venting, and toilets, and...

I'd try asking over on plumbing.

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What do you mean "the pressure is lower"? Do you mean that there is not as great a flow of water out of the faucet as there generally is?

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Yes, it sounds like moaning! And yes, Angie, the water flow is lower when it makes a sound, and greater when it does not. The sound also goes away when the spray is on. My contractor said it was probably due to changes in the city water pressure...but in my old kitchen, my faucet never made sounds like this!

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Fa la la la la...my sink no longer sings! I called Rohl and they said they were very sure the weird moaning sound was coming from dirt/debris stuck in the diverter dome. They sent me a new diverter and my contractor replaced it and flushed it out well...looks like the plumber didn't flush it out well enough in the beginning. So very happy - it's the best Christmas present :-)

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I love happy endings. ;)

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abouttogetdusty- I have the rohl country series and mine sings too!!! drives me nuts! so happy to see your post! mine happens more when I turn the water up higher. They sent me a new screen with that allows more water to get through, but still have the noise. They then sent me the parts for the diverter, but my hubby is my plumber, and he wasn't sure how to get that little part out, it was in there really good. Any tips on changing out the diverter, the sound is killing me!! Lol thanks in advance for any help on this! Michelle

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bump for abouttogetdusty

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Michelle, my bathroom Rohl keeps leaking (even after some parts were replaced), so my contractor should be back this week (again!) I hope to fix it (finally?!) I will ask him what he did with the diverter. Sorry, I was distracted by cranky children when he was here. Has your husband called Rohl? They were very nice on the phone and I'm sure would walk him through it. Not only did my GC change out the diverter, but he flushed everything out for about 10 minutes. My impression from my phone conversation with Rohl is that this is not an uncommon problem. Annoying, isn't it?! Does the "singing" stop when you turn on the sidespray? That's what happened with mine.

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Yes it stops with sidespray. If you could find out if diverter is hard to get out. My husband seemed to think the peice would never come out. maybe he was not looking at right piece. Any info when he comes would be greatly appreciated. really don't want to hire a plumber. I appreciate it! Michelle

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Sure will when he stop by again. Now that I have peace and quiet to think...do you have the original manual? If not, it may be online. I handed the manual to my GC and he said it was very helpful.

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Sorry, Michelle, my guy still hasn't come over (waiting for Rohl to send us a new bathroom faucet) I love the look of my Rohls but so far I am not impressed with how high maintenance they are!

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I agree!Mine is still singing! LOL- kind of gotten used to it! Lowered the water pressure, that seemed to help alittle.Thanks!

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Your Kitchen Faucet is sing/humming/whining due to a combination of low or high water pressure and a spring located in your diverter. Call ROHL's Customer Service line @ 800.777.9762 and ask for them to send you a new diverter with the spring removed and your noise will go away.

Here is a link that might be useful: ROHL Home

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Glad I'm seeing this thread, it's only been 8 years for me!

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