Drain runnels carved into quartz countertop?

AnnxgSeptember 2, 2013

I often have large pots to clean that cannot go into the dishwasher. I'm getting a new countertop (quartz) and I am considering whether to have drainage channels carved into the section adjoining the under-mounted sink where I can stack the items that need to drain. Has anyone tried this? Interested to hear how well this works (or doesn't) and what you had to pay to get this done. Thanks!

Here's an image - rather fancier than what I plan...


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Not every fabricator can do this. It's super difficult with quartz and super expensive. I had one fabricator that would do it a few years ago, but none that will do it (with quartz) now. It was about $600 then, but in today's prices, that's probably close to $900.

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You could also do an angled drain board (without runnels) it looks sleaker and is easier to clean.

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Here in Europe runnels are a somewhat common (and affordable) option for quartz counters. Drain boards are less common and more expensive.

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Can a fabricator make a drain board area with granite?

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I am a fabricator.

'Can a fabricator make a drain board area with granite?'

Some can. It takes an exceptional amount of craftsmanship particularly on a darker stone where it can be quite difficult to recreate the factory polish.

re: 'runnels'. - not a big deal for a professionally equipped shop. The slots can't be polished completely so the polish issue doesn't arise. We charge $300 for the runnels (which are easy to do) and $550 for a typical sloped drainboard.

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I thought I wanted to do runnels for the same reason--always handwash my bulky items. Turns out, the sink grid in my big sink works magnificently for airdrying large items. Airdrying is the main reason why I love the grid so much. (I had never had an oversized sink OR a grid before remodel.)

I'm glad I didn't bother to mess with runnels in our quartz.

Just food for thought for you!

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I have a quartz counter and wouldn't want runnels, not nohow. You know the stuff that eventually accumulates on the tray of a drying rack? I would not want that in my runnels.

I agree with shanghaimom that a sink grid serves as the best drying rack in the world. If your sink is deep enough, you won't even see things there.

I still have a drying rack on my counter next to my sink. Old school. I generally wash pots and pans by hand.

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