Need Help with lighting in Kitchen

calyle7September 3, 2013

Hope it's OK for me to re post this...posted in lighting but notice that more response's come from this forum...if its not alright to do this..please let me know.
I have someone that is doing the demolition and some of the other work ...he will also be hanging the cabinets, but knows nothing about Where to put the lighting.
I have tried to download the kitchen dimensions and layout but no luck.
My kitchen is small the work area which is U shape is 9ft wide and the length is 10ft with an additional 5ft at the end with a small kitchen table. Right now I have a hanging light over the table..also think I will want one that will match the pendants I will get? There will be a very small snack bar between the kitchen and the den..I want a small pendant there. I also want a pendant over the sink.
My other lights is what I need to know What to get..How Many and Where do I put them?
I have a Rectangle Fluorescent Light in the middle of the U Shape...that I will get Rid of! Granted it puts out an abundance of light...but is so outdated..I want to replace it. I read awhile back on the forum where someone had suggested to someone else a Square LED light that would be sufficient for the entire kitchen space. Does anyone know about these and where do I look for them?
Second ..Do I need cam lights in this small space?
There will be a light under the microwave over the stove...would also like a cam light for that area?
Will have a pendant over sink...Do I need another light there?
I do want under cabinet lighting and when I get the glass in my corner cabinets I want light in those two.
If someone would help guide me and tell me what I need and where to find it...I would be so

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Without a seeing your layout, it is difficult to guide you. If you Google how to plan kitchen lighting you will get some sites that might help you. Generally you do not want all the lighting to be behind you while you are working. So fixtures should be placed to light up the area where you are working. The main ceiling light will brighten the whole room. Under cabinet lighting may be desired as well. To some extent lighting is a personal choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV's take on kitchen lighting

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