Cabinet Order Panic

anldsmomSeptember 1, 2014

I've already placed my Shiloh cabinet order, putting down 24% on the final cost of the cabinets. I have no buyer's remorse. I found what I wanted and at a price I found acceptable. The plan and layout are hopefully what I want. I carefully thought through the detail options and made choices I am satisfied with.

BUT, I am worried that my KD may have made mistakes in submitting the order. I really wanted to look at the detailed order and check for mistakes myself, but that felt like I was questioning the KD's ability to do it right, so I didn't. But, multiple times he did not hear what I told him and did not make the plan the way I wanted and I had to point things out for him to change to the way I originally requested.

(For example, one of my current cabinets is missing a door and in the final plan he suddenly assumed I wanted the cabinet that will replace it to also not have a door. Or I told him I did not want a microwave hood and he put one in the first design anyways, even after we had discussed extensively alternative locations. Or I told him that I wanted all slab drawers and he made some slab and some not. Or he made the cabinet over the stove and side panel only come halfway forward on the fridge. Etc.)

He's a really nice, likeable guy and is recommended by my GC (Who is fabulous and busy and hard to get and I fully trust because he has done work for us before.) But, just not as detail oriented as I would like. I am really worried that my cabinet order is going to come in with mistakes.

Now that the order has gone in, is it too late to make changes anyways, so I just need to patiently wait and hope for the best?

Or should I ask him if I can come in and check it all and see if there is anything amiss that perhaps can be fixed before its already made?

I really should have written down all my requests for him and not relied on his notes of my giving them to him verbally.

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" ... but that felt like I was questioning the KD's ability to do it right [checking the order for accuracy] ... "

What are you afraid of? Just tell him you want to review the order for accuracy. Better to find mistakes now while it's still early in the game. It is your job, it is your money, it is your order. Rather than drive yourself crazy with "what ifs," just call him up and say something like, "I'd really like to double-check my order to make sure it is exactly what I asked for." Simple.

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I was in a similar state-didn't want to push too much to look at the cabinet order. But did worry that KD had not made the final changes we talked about over the phone. Thankfully, he had. But, yeah I still wish we had a more detail oriented KD. He didn't suggest anything more than what I had designed with GW's help.
Did your KD give you detailed layouts and pictures? If not, I would ask for that pronto and make sure it is right. Mine did and I made sure it has everything where I wanted it and in the correct size. It even had trim and end panel info on it. So it was easy for GC to check when the cabinets came in. Not a single piece was missing. I was so thrilled!
I think GW spoils us too much. Here , the people who hang out and help are much more detail oriented than in real life. So we just have to learn to put our foot down and ask for what we want. Good Luck! Shiloh makes a great product.

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I ordered my schular cabs from lowes a few weeks ago. When i placed the order, the KD printed out the detailed list she would be placing first. She then read off each line item and assigned it a number. She had me put that number next to each coordinating cabinet on the layout picture. It didn't take much time and really gave me peace of mind that the order was correct. She then placed the order and gave me a copy of my order with the prices for each item. She said to use that list to check that everything is delivered and not missing anything. Very easy. I would be losing sleep for 6-8 weeks if I had to just hope the order was right. You should not feel bad one bit for asking to check over the order. I hope it is ok.

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I'm going to call the KD today and request to see the detailed order. It was ordered 2 weeks ago and should have a 6 week lead time. If I find mistakes will it be too late to prevent them from starting them wrong?

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More than likely too late. They may be able to pull the entire order but then you will start from scratch with the lead time. Unfortunately you know the answer to your question and it was spelled out perfectly by jellytoast.

"It is your job, it is your money, it is your order"

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anldsmom, chances are there is nothing wrong with the order and it is exactly as you wanted. If it were me, I would still request to see the order for peace of mind. Why torture yourself as you wait for the order to arrive? And if there are mistakes, it is still better to find them now than later. Either way, a mistake will likely add additional time to your job. And if there are no mistakes, all the better and you will be able to relax and stop worrying.

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I would request to see the order to be sure everything is OK in case there can be changes and to have when everything comes in to be sure nothing is missing.

Which door style and door color did you go with?

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It never hurts to have a second set of eyes for sure! As long as you're doing it as a team effort, and not as a "gotcha" type of help, anything you can do to ensure accuracy is appreciated. (Which is why I want the installer to go over the design in the field before it's ordered. Those extra eyes help to catch things.)

I had an order recently after one of the manufacturer's catalogs was updated in 20/20, and it showed two different labels for the same cabinet. Which I didn't catch. When I double checked the order confirmation myself, my eyes passed over the fact that it listed a B27 on the order when it should have been a 3DB27 as listed first in the design. Both nomenclature were listed, due to a glitch in 20/20. Yes, the wrong cabinet got ordered. Yes, we ate it, and express ordered the correct cabinet. I would have loved to have had a customer that had a fresh set of eyes going over things to help prevent that! 20/20 can be notorious about things like that. I promise that it's really helpful to have two sets of eyes on the same gazillion lines of print! If you catch anything after the confirmation is received, it's not a big deal to correct it. If the order is already in production, then it becomes a big deal. It's an even bigger deal if the order is delivered with the error.

This is a team effort. If you see something that doesn't look right, speak up!

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I'm a kitchen designer and I go over every factory acknowledgment with every client, in detail. It covers my assets and theirs! :-) I started doing this many years ago when semi-custom became the norm....and there was a lot more attention to detail required. There is nothing wrong with asking. I don't understand why more KD's don't do this. I have the acknowledgement, the layout and elevations on hand when doing this. I make copies of the layout and elevations labeled 'jobsite copy' so it's there for any subcontractors needing to see it. I can say that aside from missing a finished end, I have not made a mistake in MANY years. Knock of wood!

I also like to document via email. Once I had a client who was doing a minor makeover to an already very new, expensive custom kitchen to a house he had just purchased. We reworked the island and added a whole new baking area. After his cabinets were delivered he called me yelling and screaming (no kidding!) He said, "My white cabinets don't have white interiors! I never would have agreed to this!". Being they were custom P&F cabinets that took 14 weeks at the time, I told him I would have to check my paperwork for notes and check emails. I knew that this was something we had talked about, just wasn't sure I had proof. Within a few minutes, I found the email where I asked you want the standard wood grain finish interior or do you want to do a matching white interior? There was an upgrade to do that. He said "No, I'm already over budget....keep it the standard maple interior". I called him and told him about the email and his decision and that a copy of the email was enroute. He got really quiet and embarrassed.

There are SO many decisions to be made with cabinets nowadays (door, edge profile, construction, wood, finish..etc) It's to everyone's benefit to go over it. I always have one co-worker go over it as well. LIke LWO said, an extra set of eyes is always a good thing.

As to Shiloh....once the KD receives the factory paperwork, they only have 24 hours to make changes. And once it's in production, there's no way to stop it, usually.....a new cabinet would have to be made if an error was made.

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