Butt ugly marmoleum welding rod update

deedlesSeptember 11, 2012

It's finally fixed and does it ever look nice now! I had to call and call to get an install date and then had to insist that the same guy was NOT coming back. The salesman said "his boss says he's very good and he has full confidence in his abilities". I suggested the guys boss have him install HIS marmoleum then but I wasn't having him back.

So long story short, different guy came today, did a great job, said "wow, that was one messed up seam and (the guy) knew he had messed it up, too". Apparently our story made it all the way to the owner of the company (big flooring company) and he wasn't to happy with the screw up either.

Now I love my marmoleum and I can't wait to get the trim in there so's I kin wax it!

And they all lived happily ever after.

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So glad there was a happy ending! Pictures? :-)

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Good job.
Persistence pays off!
I wonder, without these boards, if you would have stood as strong. Knowing what we know because of others' knowledge and experiences really changes the consumer end of things, doesn't it? Thank GOD we have this in our back pockets in the face of mediocre or just plain bad work.

This encourages me, since I'm dealing with a huge, rotting porch mess with Thompson Creek gutters now, for over a year. I am one squeaky wheel, but it's not moving very fast. I'm not giving you. I didn't have a rotting porch before they put the gutters up and at some point, I won't again. Grrrrrr

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Pictures? I have insisted my guy order weld rod too, as the butt-joints have peaked significantly. It should be in this week, but I'd love to see how your heat welds have turned out...

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Here is the before with the butt ugly welding rod:

And here is the after with the nicely done butt joint: (bad pic sorry but you really have to look for the seam IRL)

Christine: I have no doubt that this board helped me esp. looking at...whose floor was that? Donnaleen? Can't remember. It's nice to have people tell you that you aren't crazy.

Youngdeb: not sure if I understand you but I had them take OUT the welding rod as the guy did such a crappy job and they ordered the wrong color. From what I've learned and seen, welding rods aren't necessary in a residential setting and this is a second bedroom so...kinda overkill.

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So they replaced it with a butt joint?

My installer did a butt joint, but then they all peaked. The installer, who I am really happy with, was appalled when he came back to see them a month in, and asked that we at least explore the idea of a heat weld.

He's going to try to join them again, pulling them up, trimming and regluing them. If they don't work that way, we'll heat weld.

I am a little concerned about the butt joint and water, which we'll mostly see with mopping. Does anyone else have concerns about that?

This is what I'm dealing with. A butt ugly butt joint!

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I was wondering what happened with your floor. Glad to see you got it fixed. Yes, I am the one who posted the photos of my seam for you.

My floor is still doing great and I love it. I love how it looks, how it feels and how easy it is to care for.

And you know what else, it is softer than I ever expected. That is softer to stand on, softer on my knees when I wash it. It's a great material.

I used marmoleum scrap to line my new island drawers and I love that, too. It smells good when I open a drawer.

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Oooo. That doesn't look good. I hope that doesn't happen to mine. Looks like not enough glue or not rolled down or something. Hey, what color is that floor?

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It's Volcanic Ash. If my seams looked like yours, I'd be dancing on them! But I have confidence my guys are going to get this sorted out. Mainly because I've held back HALF their payment while we figure this out. ;-)

I love the floor. We have had several bbq's since install, which means that the kitchen is covered in 3 different sauces, wet muddy chlorine-y feet are in and out all day, and since cooking takes 2 days, I don't bother cleaning the floor until it's all over with. It was amazing how little gunk you could see!

And I love walking on it barefoot. It's a lovely soft feel.

Donaleen - your butt joints are perfect. Can you describe better how the cuts were angled?

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Youngdeb: I sent my installers the pics of Donnaleens floor and told them that's how it is supposed to look. I think it helped with my situation to do that.

Donnaleen: I'm glad to hear you are still happy with the floors. I'm really liking mine, too now that this has been resolved. Did you wax yours or just leave them the way they are?

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YoungDeb, the cuts are widest at the top and are cut on a bit of an angle. He handcut the whole thing with a hooked sort of knife. I think he is quite a craftsman.

We used to "flip" houses (lovingly restore). We had several bad experiences with other marmoleum installers before we found DJ's Floors. When I saw their work, I knew I wanted them to do our kitchen floor.

Deedles, we did seal the marmoleum. One of us sprayed and the other wiped. There were a few cases where the spray didn't get wiped up (we did it ourselves) and there are some spray drops that I can see when i wash the floor. I suppose they will eventually go away.

Here is a link that might be useful: marmoleum installation

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So much better now. Did they have to replace part to get the seams that tight?

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I'm to have sheet marmoleum installed in a few weeks and made sure the guy knew to use a butt joint, not heat welding rod, (because of your warning.) He told me that of course they wouldn't use a rod, as those are only for commercial applications. I'm so glad you now have a happy ending!

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I invited our marmoleum installers to stop by and see the kitchen with its island and they just left. They were working somewhere close by. It was nice to see them again. They loved DH's new island.

I asked about the welding rod joints. They said they are only for commercial purposes. They explained the process to me.

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Heat rods come in multi-colored versions. Didn't they make one in your pattern?

I think if I can get a match I may still request heat welds between colors in my simple pattern.

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I've seen heat welds that look at lot better than the ones here, that's for sure. You can do them in any color, and if I was doing a pattern, I might consider it. They also offer an option to provide contrasting lines, which can be cool. Black lines between a pattern, for example.

I am thinking my guys will arrive with the heat weld, and we will test it out in the laundry room before we do anything in the middle of the room...

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Mine did have a multi rod (which is not what was ordered because the salesman didn't understand the product) and maybe that would look okay but I just wanted a butt seam and it's just a small bedroom so water should not be an issue at all.

Marti8a: They had to replace half the floor and thankfully had enough of the same lot.

Donaleen: what did you spray it with? I suppose it's in the link. I'll check it out later.

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We used Forbo Marmoleum Finish

Here is a link that might be useful: Forbo Marmoleum Finish

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Youngdeb: the guy that did my heat weld totally didn't follow anything you can easily read about on the Forbo website and that's why it looked so bad. He violated every step of the heat weld process including not waiting 10-24 hrs after the floor is glued before doing the heat weld. I could see it in a pattern esp using it as part of the pattern like you were saying, IF it was executed well.

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Deedles - that was one ugly seam! Glad it is fixed!!!

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