More questions re appliance installation

boone_2009September 25, 2013

Hi everyone! I have two questions.

In a previous thread, I'd asked whom I should hire to install appliances and all of you said a GC was the best person for the job.

Well, we had all but confirmed the GC recommended by the place we bought our appliances from ( Pacific Sales - Southern CA) when he told us today that he could not do the job as he had hurt his back.

So we went back to the names given by Pacific Sales and only two others were available - one is a GC but said he does not do anything plumbing-related, which means he won't install the faucet, garbage disposer, air gap, soap dispenser. The other is a plumbing installer and he said he could install everything : dw, gas cooktop, garbage disposer, faucet/air gap/soap dispenser...*and* double oven, which latter I found strange as I was under the impression that double ovens are best installed by GC's or electricians. Should we just hire him for all *but* the double oven?

My next question has to do with price; this is what he quoted us -
DW - 139 ( to me this seems a bit expensive?)
Cooktop- 139
All sink related stuff ( garbage disposer, faucet, soap dispenser, air gap) - 250
His price for the double oven was 160.

I know that a garbage disposer install alone will be around 100 at least, but I don't know about the other prices.
The sink connection, faucet, soap dispenser and air gap price would then come to a total of 150 - I am a tyro at all this but it seems to me that that's a bit much; please advise me.

If any of you are in Southern CA and know of a good GC installer, please let me know. I'm finding it quite difficult to get a licensed installer, believe it or not; I look at the Licensing website and so many of the installers near where I live, have expired or suspended licenses!

(Pacific Sales has a disclaimer saying they only recommend the people on that list but otherwise have no connection to their services and the customer is free to hire anyone else. So if anything goes wrong with the installation, we cannot hold them responsible.)

Thank you, everyone!

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Are the appliances gas or elec. and is there a range hood,
wood appliance panels and have the knobs and pulls been installed?

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snoonyb: Gas cooktop, electric double oven. No wood appliance panels. Yes, knobs and pulls have been installed.
Cooktop is in its own brick-arched alcove which basically acts as a hood, with vent fan above ( vents to the outside).

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Those prices, including the DW, don't seem that bad. I know you question the DW, but it needs electric, water, and drain hook up plus leveling, testing, and securing to the counter or cabinets. It takes some time. If that includes removal/disposal of the current DW that would be a bargain.

If all the ovens need is to be connected to the power via an already installed dedicated line, that should be something relatively easy. He's already doing basic electric hook up for other things, that would not be much different.

If the oven hook up requires installing the dedicated line and then hook up, I'd hire an electrician.

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Call Frank Chalmers at Coval Cabinets 562-634-0351. He's a custom cabinet shop who often coordinates kitchen remodels for his cabinet customers,

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What part of So. Cal.? My GC installed my dw, disposer, panel ready frig and freezer, and hood (appliance store installed our range). I can ask if he's interested if it's not too far.

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Following this thread as I too am in So Cal and may need the same.

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You are all so kind.

williamsem: Thanks. Good to know the DW price is about right. Our old dw has been removed ( as have all our old appliances).
Yes, we have a dedicated line already installed for the ovens. However, won't the new oven cabinet require ( perhaps) some modifications to fit the two ovens? Our Lowes KD said no, there would be no problems and the ovens come with the trim panel.
Your post reassured me, thank you!

snoonyb: thanks for the recommendation, though area code 562 is quite far from us.

meek95: San Fernando Valley - thanks!

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You are correct. the farthest installation I have done for him was Ventura.
Just as a comparison, my prices are about 80% of what you have been quoted and when there are an abundance of under sink appliances, it's time and material. It can get a little convoluted.

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Pacific Sales will install the dishwasher for free.

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snoonyb: Thank you! I guess the city location and time/materials are reasons why prices differ between professionals.

jellytoast; I didn't know that. We bought the appliances from Pac Sales in Burbank way back at the end of May; at that time we were told the DW installation was also done ( at a price) by their recommended installers. Maybe this is a new promotion? Please let me know more details if you can, so I can call their store. Thank you so very much.

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Boone, I can't remember, it may have been that the dishwasher installation was a promotion, but they did install mine for free. When they delivered it, the guy said that installation wasn't included, but after he left, I was sure I remembered that it was supposed to be free, so I called the store ... I had to remind them that it was part of the deal. They sent the guy back and he installed it no charge. If you haven't paid for your appliances completely (maybe you've only paid a deposit), have them cancel the old order and ring it up as a new order. That way, you can get any current promotion which may include free installation on a DW. Also, some manufactures (KA, for instance) only want to give a warranty from the "sold by" date, not the installation date. If your receipt has an old date, that may cut your warranty short. Anyway, PS doesn't have a problem canceling the old paperwork and giving you new with a new date.

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I think you got lucky, jellytoast! I checked the Pacific Sales website and they only do free installs for fridges and laundry appliances.
We paid for the appliances; our dishwasher is a KA.
I'll call the Burbank store and check again.
Thank you!

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My GC mostly works in South Orange County but I'll ask him anyway or maybe he knows someone else.

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meek95: Thank you for your kind offer but we decided to go with the GC who does not do plumbing and get the plumber to do the sink-related stuff. Both are close to our home and It actually works out less expensive that way.
Thanks, everyone! :-)

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Hi all,

I need to ask you all about a real puzzle (to me): the GC charges 95 for the DW installation while the plumber asked for ( as in my earlier post above) 139.

Williamsem ( above) had said that 139 was a pretty good price. Why then is the GC charging so much lower?

I'm posting again today only because the GC ( both he and the plumber are supposed to install this week )is now raising his price for the double oven by 25 ( said we misunderstood)and the plumber is raising his price for the sink-related stuff to 300 ( from 250- he said he looked over the work to be done and made a mistake with his earlier price)... aieee.
So anyway, my head's full of numbers and I've been going over the new quotes and started wondering about the discrepancy in DW price :-).
Thanks for your time and your patience!!!!

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bump? :-)

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Since your GC is already there at your house doing other things, he can afford to lower his price for the DW install ... that would be my guess. And plumbers always charge an arm and leg for whatever they do.

It took about 30 minutes start to finish to install my dishwasher, from the time they walked in the door and un-boxed it, to to time they drove off.

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i had paid for appliance store to install DW. When they removed the old one, they discovered the wiring was wrong. The GC had both plumber and electrician to fix the wiring, plus is charging $150 to fix the bad wood near top (sink ledge), and another sum to replace 2 wood floor boards that were ruined.

My point? Be glad you had no water damage, which takes hours to repair, and probably costs the price of DW.

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Thanks, jellytoast, makes sense. Lol@ plumber charging an arm and a leg! It's really amazing *and* alarming how our costs have added up solely due to things like this - electrician, plumber, drywall guy etc.

bookworm4321: my sympathies. We had water damage a few years ago and my heart was in my mouth when the demo was done but luckily we have a tile floor and the old cabinets were on a slab so all was well, whew!

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