Anyone have Blue Barracuda granite?

momali3September 5, 2008

If so, I'd love to see pictures of your kitchen! I am searching for an affordable blue granite. My main loves are Azul Macaubus and Blue Mediterranean, but those exceed my granite allowance. One fabricator told me that Barracuda was within our price range. I've seen thumbnails and even pictures of slabs on the Internet but would love to see pictures of it in place in a kitchen.

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I hear you on those two. Gorgeous, gorgeous stone but way beyond our price range. I've not seen Blue Barracuda but you may want to see if you can find a yard with Arcobaleno. That's what we have. It's got purples, pinks and grays along with the blue.

Here's our "blue barracuda"
From Kitchen

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One of the local granite yards had something very like Prbris,' only with less interesting colors, called Blue Jaguar. I never heard the name anywhere else so I figured it was just a made up name, but you could try.

A couple of alternative lower budget suggestions:
-- the brown/tan granites with blue specks such as Blue Eyes (common enough to be found at Expo)
-- the black granite with blue specks, where of course I'm drawing a blank right now
-- Blue Pearl, available at HD, which is really a gray
-- continue to search for Azul Macaubas and other favorites; as I think I noted on another post, prices on AM varied from $25/sf to $115/sf at the same yard depending on how rare & exotic the color of the particular slab is considered; I had to go to approximately 17000 yards to find my stone at a decent price
-- is Blue Louise/Luisa aka Van Gogh to your taste and in your budget? It's an extremely wild colored granite (brown/other colors swirled in 2 slabs are alike so pix don't do it justice) where, again, I think there would be wild price variations. I think I remember reading that you liked teal in particular?

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I've seen pix of that Arcobaleno and it's very pretty. I could definitely live with that. It's not at our local yard, which has a limited inventory, compared to big cities.But I could see if our fabricator could get it from
another yard. As you see, Bluekitchen, I am still at it; still struggling to find a blue that I love and can afford. Long story short, I changed fabricators since #1 just wasn't following thru for me. #2 seems more willing. We'd pretty much decided to do perimeter counters in a plain, very affordable black, such as Black Pearl, and then I was hoping to get YOUR Azul Macaubus or MY Blue Mediterranean for a smashing island. DH and I went to Dallas over Labor Day weekend and located both these granites at a big yard there, but both were just 2 cm and GC says I need 3 cm. Anyway, local fabricator #2 called and found out that those two would cost us $140+ a sq ft(that's stone, fabricating, installing), which is over what we feel justified in spending. Then I recalled that #1 had told me that Blue Barracuda (from same Dallas yard) was affordable for us. And I think she meant for the entire kitchen, BUT it is just really, really wild, think I'd get tired of it. But maybe just on the island it would be dramatic, would tie-in well with the black, and with the right backsplash under our white cabinets.... Worth thinking about, but really hoped that some GWebber would have used it and would have pix. Tonight over sushi DH suggested what about a really good-looking blue tile, and no it's not really teal I like--well I love teal in other settings, but I have a big blue/white china collection (as in Spode Blue Room colors), and so it's a true blue, really a cobalt that I'd like or a softer or paler blue but not with as much green as teal. Whew. I'm wordy, I know. Blue Luise I think is too pricey. Blue Pearl I could afford and that black with the blue specks, too, though DH and I both prefer veins rather than speckles and I always said (eat my words) "I'd never have anything that sparkles." So what do you think of a blue tiled island with quiet black perimeter counters? Prep sink then could not be undermount, sigh, but I could live with that. I trust you, Blue, your kitchen epitomizes my dream kitchen!

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Blue, here are just some of my many blue plates, some commemorative ones, some Spode. Then I have yet another blue/white china that we use daily. So my dream in new house was to have a chiefly blue/white kitchen (blue counters, white cabinets) with pale yellow walls (to tie-in to liv rm which is open to kit with the same color walls). So I'd love a blue granite that is this shade or a softer, paler version. On my other posting, someone sent me the name of another nearby granite source, in another town, so hopes are rising again!

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I also collect Blue room spode & need help with picking out granite for my kitchen...Saw 'Blue Bahia' loved it but could not afford $150/sq ft

Here is a link that might be useful: blue & white kitchen

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