Kitchen finally done after more than 3 years!

ni_2006September 5, 2011

Hi all,

I am not sure if anyone remembers me or my kitchen! The remodeling started in April 2008 and was for the most part completed with the installation of the backsplash in December 2009. I wanted to have the walls painted before I posted the "final" reveal pictures! After living with patches of bluish-greenish-graying paint color samples for the last 3 years, I finally painted the kitchen a couple of weeks ago! To give you an idea of how long this whole project has taken, my DS1 was just 6 months when we started, and he is about to be 4 years old next month!!

We encountered some drama along the way, but luckily everything turned out alright! I would like to thank all of my GW friends who were extremely helpful during this journey! You are all amazing!! I learned so much during this process!

I dug up a couple of "before" pictures to give you an idea of what the space looked like before the remodeling. Please excuse the mess - we were in the process of packing up when these pictures were taken!

"After" photos

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Here are some details.

Cabinets: from Hanssem Kitchens, Eureka style in cherry. Most of the base cabinets are drawers, which is such a treat since we did not have a single drawer in the previous kitchen (not even for silverware, what was the previous owner thinking??)

Granite - Bianco Romano (I really struggled with this choice, but I am so happy with this decision. Thanks to GW friends for your input!)

Faucet - Kohler Forte

Sink - Ticor double-bowl sink from Galaxy Tool Supply

Soap dispenser - from Lowes; purchased for $19.99

Refrigerator - Kenmore Pro counterdepth fridge (purchased prior to remodeling; the fridge that came with the house was yucky)

Dishwasher - Bosch

Range - Bosch slide-in electric range

Microwave - Sharp over the counter microwave

Vent hood - Zephyr Tamburo (since we have the stove in the corner, this was the only hood that allowed us to open adjacent wall cabinets; I am not thrilled with its performance)

Floor - white oak, no stain

Cabinet hardware: Ebay (I really wish I got different handles! I keep on bumping into them and getting bruises on my legs.)

Pendant lights - $20 each from Home Depot!

Tapmaster - my favorite item from the renovation; a lovely present from DH for mother's day last year (my first mother's day :)

Paint color � Comfort Gray (Sherwin Williams); after purchasing close to 10 samples, I found the perfect bluish-greenish-grayish color!!!

Backsplash � calcatta herringbone from Ann Sacks (inspired by Willowdecor�s kitchen); field tiles are Grazia Rixi tiles in Mandorla color

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I love it and would like details! Your wood is so yummy and i love the marble backsplash and shelf! Very warm and inviting!

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Oops thanks i must have xposted with you.... thanks for the details! Enjoy your kitchen!

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What a transformation. I like the way the stove is in the corner with the recessed alcove. Nicely done with the windows bringing in so much light.

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I remember!!! Congratulations on finishing! We're at 3 1/2 years and we're not there yet...

It looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Absolutely beautiful!!! I love all of your counter space.

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What a nice big kitchen--ditto on the counter space!

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Your kitchen looks so spacious and open! Really love the changes you made. Your cabinets are great and I love how your range area. I have considered putting our range in the corner, but don't think I can afford the loss of cabinet space. Love it all.

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Color me green with counterspace envy! I love the BR in your space also. Comfort Gray is on my list of fav grays, but it looks much more blue in your kitchen than the chip does in mine. Great choice for you!

Congrats on being finished!!!!

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Great Job. I love your hood and the nook behind the range. Nice use of space. I hope you have many enjoyable years with your family in your beautiful kitchen.

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It's beautiful! Love the deep rich cabinet color! And the herringbone backsplash is perfect! Thanks for coming back and showing off your beautiful kitchen!

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That is some transformation! Just lovely. Love rich color of the cabs and the olive oil nook. Congratulations!

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Absolutely stunning! Your kitchen inspired me to begin considering the combination of white countertops with cherry cabinets. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful finished kitchen. I love the stunning cabinetry and the granite looks fantastic. The backsplash choice is spot on and the cabinet hardware looks perfect. Love it! Congratulations on your finally finished kitchen.

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Beautiful. And you have inspired me to show mine. It is
almost done. A few details I need to finish but I need
to just bite the bullet and show my pics.

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Looks really calming - congrats to you!

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I remember you! Thanks for coming back to post. It looks wonderful.

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Thank you all so much for the nice comments. The amount of information and help I received from the forum was invaluable! We are so happy with how the space has turned out. We definitely have a lot of countertop space (about 95 sq feet), which means I have to work extra hard to keep all the mess off the countertop!

I need suggestions for the window treatments! Help!! I really like the idea of having roman blinds and would love to learn to make them myself, but I have no idea what colors would work.

Also, what do you think of the "Family" art piece on the wall? I do like the colors and the idea that we can hang key on the hooks, but it feels rather bulky for the space. I would appreciate some suggestions for another piece of art. That wall is about 26 inches wide by 30 inches high.


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Ni 2006-
Love all your choices. Your kitchen is both traditional and modern with tons of counter space and the light granite keeps it bright and airy.

I am currently doing an update on my kitchen and chose Monte Bello granite (somewhat similar to yours) and will go with soft white subway tile and a herringbone calacatta mosaic like yours also. I am keeping my golden oak cabinets, but I might stain them to be about the same color as yours (not yet decided on this- the lighter oak actually looks pretty good with my new top treatments). I made my own mosaic because I liked polished finish better than honed with the oak cabinets.

Question- what color(s) of grout did you use for your tile area and the mosaic area? Are they the same color or different?

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pricklypearcactus - have you already posted pictures of your kitchen? I would love to see the kitchen that was inspired by mine :)

boxerpups - I do remember your kitchen. Don't you have white cabinets, white square tiles, and granite that looks like soapstone? I can't wait to see the finished pictures!

rhome410 - what else is left to do? I could have sworn you were done!!

prill - I really like your blue rixi tiles! Seeing the tiles in your kitchen really helped me make my decision to move forward with Rixi tiles...

breezygirl - the paint does look bluish on the screen, but it has an element of blue-gree-gray on the wall. I looked for so long to find the right color and everyone thought I was mad for living with paint patches for years!

JLGC - I just looked through my records and found that the grout we selected for the field tiles is called Sauterne and it is unsanded. The ground we selected for the marble tiles is called Alabaster (it is sanded grout from MAPAI).

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What a beautiful kitchen! Might have taken you 3 years to complete but you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come!

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Nice! I love how the kitchen has a light feel even with the dark cabinets. Great choices. Enjoy!

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I like the way you utilized the corners, and agree about the paint color. I'm going to have to make a note of that color.

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Love your kitchen. How are your hanssem cabinets holding up?

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Sorry for the delay in my response. The cabinets look great from afar, but when you look closely, there are a few dents here and there. I don't know if it is because of the manufacturer or if it is because they are made of cherry, but they are fairly easy to scratch. If I had the chance to do it again, I would go with a harder type of wood but in the same type of stain.

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Just beautiful! You'll enjoy entertaining this holiday season in our beautiful space. Congrats on a job well done.

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Looks great!

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Wow; gorgeous. I love the oils shelf.

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Wow, rich color choice on the cabinets. Great job!

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Just wondering how are your cabinets holding up. I am considering Hanssem Neo for my new kitchen. Thanks.

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How's your Hanssem cabinets holding up ? We really are struggling to find enough reviews on this brand.

We are trying to compare with armstrong which are also priced same.

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what a beautiful transformation!

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Gorgeous kitchen! I love the style of the doors, the hardware used, the gorgeous Bianco Romano Granite counters (I need to now get a sample), the appliances, the backsplash, the shelf in back of the range, etc. Thanks for letting me know that you keep bumping into the handles and getting bruses on your legs since that is something I did not think about as I have no hardware on my doors right now and my new kitchen will have hardware that I have not picked out yet. Thanks for letting us know that your cabinets are Hanssem Cabinets as it is a door I am considering if I decide to go with full overlay frameless and not inset.

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Beautiful transformation; doesn't matter how long it took, it's great! Love all the counter space!

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We are considering Hanssem for our kitchen as well. How are your cabinets doing after all this time? Did you go with all plywood?


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What recessed lighting did you go with? Do you know how far they are from the cabinets? How are the cabinets holding up? What did you use for the corner cabinet? Any pictures inside? Did you go with all plywood or not? I love the style of the door and the color of the cabinets. Are the cabinets cherry with no stain? Did they darken much? Thank you for sharing. As I said before, you have a beautiful kitchen.

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