TKO reviews of L-Shape plan Sketchup views

smilingSeptember 11, 2013

If you've ever posted your own plans for review, you will understand how nervous I am, and yet so interested in the comments you may have on this plan. Thank you for looking and responding with your ideas. The TKO GWers here are so experienced, I really look forward to hearing your thoughts!

It's a one person New England kitchen ready for a gut redo. My primary goals are three:
1. to expand the number and sizes of windows in the exterior walls in order to maximize light and views,
2. to create a walk-in pantry particularly for my space-hogging canning equipment and supplies, and
3. to direct traffic flow to the two ends of the L-shaped space (keeping the prep, clean-up, cooking, and baking in the central area.

You may notice that I've planned a bar area (darker cabs) at one end that connects to the DR. I've also planned a snack and beverage area at the other end which connects to the living area. The small banquette allows for table-height snacking near the snack and beverage area. Aisles are deliberately narrower than 42 in order to restrict traffic.

Please note that I cannot expand the scope of the project into other rooms, and so the doorways must not move. The large bay window is brand new, and I plan to keep that too. After trying this plan in Sketchup for a while, I do surely hope that these images will be usable for your review. OK, deep breath, here goes:

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second viewpoint

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third viewpoint

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I'll let the pros answer but I'll ask a clarifying question. What is the single doorway next to the one labeled "Exit to Patio/Garden"? Is that the passage way to the living area? It will help will suggestions to know exactly where these traffic paths are heading. The total dimensions are also missing.

You may also want to read the post on what information to include. Having this information may generate more useful responses at an earlier time.

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Thank you, gooster. You are right that the doorway you mention is into the living area.

Here is a simple floor plan with the major dimensions. (This is from the Ikea room planner, where I don't know how to construct the banquette so it might be confusing that it's just represented with a block of cabinets as space holders.)

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I seriously think you should increase the aisles around the island. 36" is the least amount acceptable, preferrably 42-48". If a fire were to start in there, you might have a problem getting out especially if there is more than just you present. People panic when there is a fire and with small aisles, they panic even more. It would make the island a bit smaller, but for safety's sake, consider it.

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3. to direct traffic flow to the two ends of the L-shaped space (keeping the prep, clean-up, cooking, and baking in the central area.

With the banquette where it is, doesn't that direct traffic right through the work area? As it is, it looks like people will be hip-swiveling to go through the kitchen. Is it possible to move it to the opposite wall?

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Where is the entrance to the pantry?

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L-shaped spaces are always a challenge, but your plan is making it harder because you've plunked the pantry down on one of the sides, making one of your legs now a pretty skinny space.

Why do you devote so much space to two nearly identical styles of dining areas? I'd suggest eliminating one or the other. You really don't have space for that redundancy.

The pantry design is very inefficient. You have the only entrance on the far side, away from direct access to the kitchen. It effectively doubles the distance you have travel to retrieve stuff from there. That, alone, would drive me crazy enough to undertake a rennovation.

Also I'm not sure about why there appears to be a whole other sink/island/DW position on the far side of the kitchen, beyond the dining table. Are you planning on having a DW/clean-up zone in what functions as your DR? That's taking efficiency too far, IMO!

Your space is not small; you have plenty of room to have a good-sized kitchen and, around the corner but still close by, a nice dining room. But right now you've got the two functions completely tangled up with each other.

I think it would prove very useful to start from scratch again and think about the functions, not the appointments, of the space. The plan as you have got it now seems to be a conglomeration of attractive elements you may have seen in pictures of other kitchens rather than a well-planned, integrated for best function space.

You need to begin by thinking at the functional level and work out that spatial arrangements of the work zones, first. Then with those functions located, decorate the room in pretty ways. In other words stop thinking about how it's going to look, and begin by thinking about what you're going to be doing in the space - and how and where those activities are best arranged in relation to each other.

Google Sketch Up is a hard way to do this kind of iterative tinkering because it doesn't lend itself to well to free-hand noodling. I'd print some graph paper, mark on it the fixed items (walls, windows, doors, etc.) and then pencil in the work areas and begin to build a functional arrangement. It generally takes many versions to find the best placement. Don't bother at this point doing elevations, just work on a floor plan.



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I agree with L that you should just use some graph paper for now. You don't even need to scan it to post here. Just take a photo. Graph paper is much easier to read and understand. Label all measurements. Start with a blank slate.

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Why is the oven across from the baking area? I would prefer not to cross the walkway with a hot pan. It also blocks your view of the banquette, while you are working at the main sink.

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To me it pretty much looks like a giant hallway with random counters and functions all over. This is a large space, I think with a new plan you'd be much happier.

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What a great space you have and all those windows are lovely.

I think it might be a good idea to move the baking counter to the front of the box window like meyersdvm's kitchen. It might mean some corner turning from the DR, but your clean up can be a peninsula at the spot you now have the banquette. The peninsula may discourage people who come to the kitchen for a snack or beverage to go any further. If your clean up is close to snack center I think both DWs can be on the peninsula along with trash, and recycle can be at the island. If you think a separate sink is needed in snack center it can be at the left of the LR entry and sitting can be on the right of the entry.

I think the pantry can be resized if baking is moved to the window wall. If the wall on the right from the hallway entry can be moved more to the right you can have a narrower, but slightly longer pantry. Entry to pantry could be across from the bay window.

B/w the main fridge and wall you can have a tall cab for your dishes and glasses.

Here is a link that might be useful: meyersdvm's kitchen

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