Finish help - Waterstone matched to Rubinet

SE_MESeptember 2, 2013

I realize this is a long shot, since the Rubinet brand is not well known, but does anyone know which Waterstone finish would most closely match Rubinet oil rubbed bronze?

I have the Rubinet for my island prep sink and my pot filler over the range. It is a very dark brown, a living finish, so the edges are starting to rub off a little bit. Just based on websites and other GW'ers pictures, I think it is right in between WS's Antique Bronze and Black Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I am leaning towards black oil rubbed bronze, but hoping someone can reassure me that the WS black oil rubbed bronze is not actually coal black. Poohpup's prep sink picture gives me hope, it looks a little more brown in that one.

I am working on pictures. Thanks! Suzanne

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Holly- Kay

I have the American bronze. It is a dark brown with some coppery highlights. Your Rubinet is a bit darker. I think that the Caribean Bronze is probably closer to your faucet than the black oil rubbed bronze. See if your plumbing house can get you a salesman's sample ring. That is how I chose my finish. I was waffling back and forth between the American Bronze and the antique bronze, decided on the American bronze. I don't think that the photos on their website do the actual faucets justice.

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Holly- Kay

Poohpup's faucet is beautiful!

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Thanks holly-kay! I found your earlier Waterstone threads very helpful in my decision on this particular faucet. I agree, American Bronze is too light, but I think Carribean Bronze will be too light as well, or at least too highlighted.

Long story on timing. I had to cancel the original Cifial faucet we ordered, it was taking way too long to come in from Spain....seriously, we waited over 6 months. The irony is that after we canceled the order, we installed the cheapest (and when I say cheapest, I mean like $12) faucet they had at Home Depot. That was December, between the holidays and my job and a new baby, I failed to care about faucet shopping again.

Until this weekend, and lo and behold, Quality Bath is having a 20% off Waterstone sale. With the faucet, air switch, soap dispenser combo I'll save $320 if I order before 9 am EST. So while I'd normally drive somewhere and look at finishes in real life or order swatches, I might take the gamble to save the money. The sinks are far enough away from each other, it won't be too glaring. Famous last words, huh? I'll try to drive somewhere tomorrow, maybe Quality Bath will let me change the finish selection if I call in the change same day.

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Holly- Kay

Wow, so happy that you are finding it on sale. You will be very pleased with the quality and beauty of the faucet. I feel that it was money well spent.

The finishes shown on the website are just not close enough to the finishes IRL the good thing is your faucet will look lovely and blend well regardless of your finish choice. I bought Shaub hardware in Michaelangelo bronze and I thought it might clash but they play nicely together.

Your bs is gorgeous! I can't wait to see pics of your faucet when it is installed, it will be smashing!

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Quality Bath was great about holding off on the order. Drove to a showroom, glad I did. The black oil rubbed bronze was indeed too dark. I ended up selecting the Antique Bronze. holly-kay, you were right, the Caribbean bronze was the closest in overall color and luster, but it has far too much highlighting to coordinate with my existing Rubinet.

I will provide an update in a couple month when the faucet is installed.

Thanks holly-kay for your help

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Glad you found the right match! Which Waterstone are you putting into that beautiful kitchen.
And what a tease to show the backsplash and pot filler without the rest of the kitchen.
Btw - my DH and friend totally wrecked our original faucet with less than a month until reno and we put in the cheapest thing we could find. Worked ok until one day, I was holding part of the faucet with old faithful spouting straight up in the air!
Glad to have my Waterstone. I am sure you will love yours!

PS did you have a boy or girl? Congratulations!

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Holly- Kay

I am so glad you were able to get the one that will look the best with your Rubinet. The photos of the finishes aren't as lovely as the real deal.

I just loved the Antique Bronze but with our wretchedly hard water I knew I didn't want a living finish.

I agree A2 I can't wait to see pics of the rest of that gorgeous kitchen!

Welcome to the WS fan cub SE! Congrats on you little one too.

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a2gemini - I am doing the 5500 extended reach pull down. I really wanted a more traditional, widespread faucet with two separate handles, which is what I had originally ordered. But after living with the cheapo unit for so long, I finally gave into my husband's request for a single-handle pull down. He does do more of the dishes, so I guess it's only fair!
Yikes, I hope our temporary faucet holds out just two more months....we are already on month 10! Can't believe I've let it go for so long.
We had a baby boy in March, our first. It's been so much more fun and rewarding than I expected!

holly-kay - thanks again! one of these days I'll clean the kitchen enough to take some good pictures. So much of the final design and finishes are based on my time spent on GW, so I really need to return the favor and post some pictures.

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