Fun countertops and fun backsplash?

bahaccaSeptember 30, 2011

I love granite with tons of movement and the backsplashes I'm attracted to are often on the more busy side. Is it a design no-no to have both the counters AND backsplash be focal points? I realize I could just continue the granite up the backsplash, and may do that given the right granite, but I'd like to do them both differently.

My other thought is going with a really bold backsplash and stainless counters(but I'm not sure I've sold my husband on stainless counters yet--maybe if I get him a price on them that is considerably lower than granite, but I've only seen 1 price here)

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There is focal point in terms of color/movement; but something can also be a focal point by virtue of it's design, texture/patina, you know what I mean... I see no reason why you can't achieve both. It's all about what pleases you. My soapstone has tons of movement but for me, my backsplash/hood combo also stands out.
From Drop Box

From Drop Box

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You are so right, remodelfla. Your soapstone is a star, AND your backsplash/hood combo is an attention-getter in own its quiet way. Like a beautiful, bejeweled leading lady on the arm of a quiet leading man in some 1940's movie.

I want to see more of the supporting actress in your first picture, though: let us see that beautiful cutting board! I love it. Where did you get it? (Sorry for the threadjack, bahaca!)

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thanks angie... my talented DH made it for me as a birthday gift about 3 1/2 years ago. It's my favorite gift he ever gave me! This is what it looked like after 3 years of multiple daily use with very sharp knives. I know I should but I never even oil the board. Maybe that'll be one of my weekend chores cause I really should!

Sorry bahaca... I hope my original response helped some.

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I remember seeing a very festive colorful mosaic backsplash +/or counter that was hand done. It was posted this last spring I believe. I think it was full of every animal or thing one could think of. It was in very bright colors. I loved it. Does any one remember this? And can you post it?

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No problem for the hijack. That cuttingboard is pretty darned special, and even more special because of who made it. Now I'm wondering "How do you make a cutting board like that???LOL

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Wow! That is one elegant, yet useful, cutting board. Remodelfla: your DH should sell those -- maybe he does?

As to the mosaic backsplash/counter, Enduring, are you thinking of Plllog's? It's mentioned in this thread. In the comments, Plllog posts a link to her tile tour. The tiles are really cool, the placement masterful, and the result is truly unique and wonderful.

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WOW! Not my style, but I can certainly appreciate the workmanship and the uniqueness of plllog's design. I think I'm going to do pinterests of several different ideas I have and have my husband pick!LOL

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Kashmi, ?maybe your link to Plllog post was what I remembered?...yes, as I link to the tile tour plllog posts I am pretty sure that is what I remembered. Could there be another? This one is wacky and way out there. So many lines in the graphics too. I love it that it has every color; I am a proponent of every color. When ever I do something with my house it seems every color ends up in the mix. It can be hard to find, but those colors are always there; maybe this is very common. Plllog has a beautiful backsplash.

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OH, I have to say that plllog's backsplash and counter are worthy of the characterization of "FUN"

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plllog's tile work is genius!

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I think you have to pay attention to scale and pattern so there is a contrast and they're not fighting each other, but do believe it is possible to have movement in the counter and fun in the backsplash. It'll take more effort, maybe, but really worth it in the end to love both. Why not? :-)

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I was trying to think of who had the "fun" bs all day. Of course it is pllog's!

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Here is the backsplash I made of handmade concrete tiles:

This was a fun project for me and I am happy how it turned out.
For more before and after, I have included a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: FB album of more bacjsplash photos

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