Pendants over island - 24''- 27" from top for small size ones?

thedorkSeptember 26, 2013

If my pendants are clear glass - what is the lowest from the top of the island I can install them. We are both short 5'1 and 5'6' and the ceiling is 8 feet.

If they are smaller size - 6-7'' wide - can they be put lower than the usual 30'' from island or 60'' from floor.

I like them when they are lower - the island is 3x4 - not used for prep area.

Please share your thoughts - thank you!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We are both reasonably short, (5'4" and 5'6") but I have mine at 35" above the surface. The higher they are, the more light they cast. Also, if they are clear, you want them high enough so the light doesn't hit your eye so directly. Also, your guests may not be as short as you. Unlike a dining table, you are frequently reaching forward over an island to clean or grab something, and you don't want to be hitting your head on the light, as may often happen at a DR table where it's 30" above the surface.

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