Rhome410.....are you there?

springrozSeptember 7, 2012

Rhome, just a little concerned because I haen't seen you here,and the blog has not been updated in almost a month! Want to make sure you are OK!


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This is the most recent post I have seen from her on Aug 12 ...

I assume you already tried messaging her from her "my page" first and she has not responded ?

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Springroz, thanks for caring! (my blog has an email address on it, too, in case you ever want to contact me) Trailrunner and Malhgold let me know you were asking about me here. (Thanks, dear friends!)

Nothing to be concerned about, though, it's just life. With 7 kids still living at home with school starting for 6 of them and sports for 4 (including DH), plus health issues and other events with parents and the garage addition, days speed by. I'm finding that a houseful of toddlers and preschoolers was NOTHING compared to the activity, needs, and rollercoaster ride of 6 teens/young adults! I have ideas for the blog, but can't seem to find the time to sit and write them out... And wonder if I have the time, if that's what I want to do with it.

I intentionally took a little time off, meaning to sew, something I still haven't managed... And I didn't mean it to be this much time. I did write a blog post title the other day, but it's as far as I've gotten! ;-) I promise to try to make more progress today.

Thanks again.

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Yay Rhome. Glad everything is ok. I was fine until I saw spring's post, then I started to worry too. Especially when I went searching for posts from you and the last one was many weeks ago. Not that I can say anything, it can sometimes be almost a year between my activity levels, haha.

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I was wondering the same thing as well! But, I knew school was starting back up, you have kids away, and was hoping it was just "normal life", and am glad to see that is was, and hope to see you back here full throttle, soon! Of course, that is the selfish side of me....

Can't do it without you, Rhome!

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I know you know how to contact me, Susied3! ;-) And I welcome kitchen emails (or others if you need me) any time.

Thanks again for caring, everyone.

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I figured that, but was missing your input, and wanted to check!


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