Venting here but if you have a suggestion

jeb1075September 9, 2012

I bought an old house that needed a lot of work - I tore out a wall, gutted the kitchen and pretty much everything, and designed my kitchen layout myself, but took it to the KD at my local cabinet/tile store for her to fix and finish and get the cabinets. She was very careful with the spacers needed in the corners I thought, but now that all of my appliances are in, I can't access three drawers next to the dishwasher unless I open the dishwasher all the way! I never got a copy of her master plan - I'm sure I can get one, but before I go bat-s-crazy on her - is it possible I bought some crazy Maytag dishwasher that sticks out further than any other dishwasher in the universe?

I seriously just want to cry right now and have to wait until tomorrow to call and scream at someone.

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Can you post a pic? I'm sure that will help someone that knows this stuff answer you.

So sorry to hear things aren't going as planned. I would definitely make sure things were ordered as specified and make sure the final plan matches your measurements. I had a friend with a similar problem, she had done all the design herself and built in the needed clearance for her DW, but the counter guy measured the peninsula wrong so the installer decided not to install the corner spacer. She had to nudge things this way and that to get the door to open because they messed up her planned spacing.

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Sophie Wheeler

A standard DW without a handle should not stick out at all. It should be flush with the adjacent cabinets. Yours may be installed improperly. If you bought a fully integrated DW with a handle that protrudes, you should have given her the specs (along with all of the other appliances) to be sure that the proper spacing was accomplished.

Pics of course, would clarify the situation.

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Is it possible the dishwasher is installed incorrectly? If it is sunk further back a bit would that make the drawers operable? Agree with williamsem, a pic would be very helpful.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We had to have the sheetrock cut out behind the dw for it to fit properly into the cabinetry....

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I will post a close-up picture tomorrow - I was cleaning up and leaving when I noticed it tonight and I got so upset, I just had to get out of there before I destroyed something in a fit. I am nearing the end of the remodel and am slowly moving my stuff in while living down the street at my mother's house so at the very least, I am not there staring at it all night long plotting revenge against someone. [insert sarcastic smiley] The DW is one of those with the controls on the top - and I thought (not even considering stick-out length) that the controls would always be hidden until you opened it to press the buttons but it IS installed so that you can always see the buttons. IF that is the problem, that will solve the bottom two drawers' problem but will not solve the top drawer problem even if recessed a bit. My current contractor is not the guy who installed the cabs and isn't the guy I started with - that guy quit after I apparently made him cry when he found my construction blog.

I realize this isn't a close-up picture but it is the best I can do at this hour.

The whole blog can be found at the link below if you are so inclined. And let me add that these forums have been BEYOND helpful to me during this entire process and even though I have been silent - all of you who post and help are just plain awesome!

Here is a link that might be useful: Construction Blog

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Sophie Wheeler

Yup, the DW isn't pushed back far enough.

Also though, for a DW with a handle, you need additional clearance/fillers at the corner on the fridge run. Did you tell the KD which model of DW you were using and provide her with the specs? Perhaps pushing the DW back where it belongs will correct that issue as well.

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Even from a distance, that dishwasher does not look like its installed correctly. It should be flush with the sink cabinet. You may be correct though in saying that the handle would still interfere with the top drawer. There are fully integrated dishwashers with recessed handles. Perhaps you could exchange your dishwasher for one of those.
Here is a picture of a dishwasher that I had ( but in white) in my previous kitchen. It is a Bosch 500 series. The recessed handle is a nice feature.

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I had no appliances when we did the kitchen and it was one of those things where I kept asking if I needed to order the appliances now and she said, no, I'll just use standard sizes. My last house should have been redone but I didn't have the means then and now I just have had no idea what I'm doing. If I have to get one with recessed handles, so be it, but I think that company will be paying for it. My plan is to get my contractor to meet me there tomorrow to look at everything.

Thank you all so much for your input - very informative! I don't know how this has happened - my first contractor that thought he was smarter than everyone else on the planet complained about my design because he said I had too many spacers - but the ones around the stove corner have worked out well - everything opens/shuts. The DW corner - there is a spacer so that the DW will open and not hit the drawer pulls - I think "we" meaning the KD just forgot that the drawers would have to open, too.

I'm sure this is partly my fault, too, for not submitting my plans at this site because one of you would have caught the problem! :) (I have loved studying the kitchen plans here, too)

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Hope you get it sorted out. Just wanted to say what a project! It's looking awesome. These little glitches are SO irritating, but you've done such a great job on that house! So congrats on that, sorry for the frustration today, hope you get it all worked out soon. ((hugs))

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Looking at your blog, I was quite taken with your backsplash. As I was admiring it, it suddenly occurred to me that it's the same tile we used on our fireplace, just in a smaller version and configuration! Great minds...

You made your contractor cry? It's hard to know whether to frown disapprovingly or offer you a high-5 ;-)

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Suzannesl - I ordered the same tile for my fireplace, too, but in a different pattern! Just haven't gotten that put up yet. And I didn't really mean to make the first guy cry, but he would make decisions on things like where to put light fixtures without checking with me first, then a local website that tells us what's going on in town, etc., found my blog and featured it in her daily webcast and the contractor saw it and got mad when he saw that I was complaining about the same things on the web that I did to his face and got all upset. But then just quit without finishing anything.

My new contractor came to meet me today to go over things. He checked out the DW - maybe it's the model I have but he says based on the rubber ring around it, we could recess it approximately 1/4 inch more to 1/2 inch more, but the space needed for the bottom two cabs to open is at least an inch if not more. We did not use a measuring tape and he is not responsible for anything but the install of the DW (well, in this instance that's all he is responsible for - he's done a great job on finishing up the rest of the house) so he really doesn't have a dog in this fight. He said he will get the guys back to see about recessing it more, but that they installed it at that particular spot since that is where they needed to screw it in.

I don't know exactly 100% what he means but he doesn't really just BS me so I'm trusting what he's saying. He did say that possibly a different DW made for a panel front would be shallower but that the spacer in the corner should have been a 3" not a 1" - even that wouldn't help with the top drawer and the DW handle but I will take responsibility for that big handle since that can be solved with a different DW front.

I called the KD who pulled up my plan and says she had a 3" spacer there so why didn't the installer that she referred me use it (he's an independent contractor that they use all the time). but then she said a 1" would be enough if the DW were installed properly so it's everyone else's fault. She is going to come see for herself tomorrow what is going on.

Current contractor says his answer would be to pull out the 21" drawer cab, replace with either shelves/door (which still wouldn't open all the way) or even 18" drawer cab with 3" spacer and that can be done without damaging my Caesarstone.

I will see what the KD says when we meet.

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