Lavender_Lass: Not Bunnies...

oldbat2beSeptember 5, 2012

Lavender, I know a lot of us have had you in our thoughts lately. We are going with a star and cross pattern in our pantry and I am researching grout colors/thicknesses. I came across this lovely tile which made me think of you. It just seems so happy... like your wonderful bunnies. I know, different color scheme, and not at all as soothing, but very happy feeling, at least for me. Wishing you the best, oldbat2be

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that was nice of you to post for her!

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Thank you! That is cheerful tile :)

I've tried flowers, herbs and even delft tile, but nothing is as happy as the bunnies. I'm still thinking about having someone paint them for me...they're just so cute! From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Lavender, back in 1814, when I was in Jr High, I took "china painting" lessons from a local lady. I was dreadful but my best friend liked it so I stuck with the lessons. We started on tiles, then progressed to mugs and plates.
I'm sure you could find someone to paint your happy bunnies. Meanwhile, best to you !

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Ok - just as a theoretical idea - how would one get these tiles made?

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