Kitchen sink / dishwasher placement

mrspeteSeptember 18, 2012

Our basic plan:

A 20 x 14.6 kitchen /dining area.

Half this space will be a U-shaped kitchen.

The other half of this space will be a dining area located across a penninsula.

Yes, it's small, but we're also planning a 12x8 pantry, so storage won't be an issue.

What IS an issue is the placement of the sink and dishwasher. I keep playing with various arrangements of cabinets . . . and what I keep coming back to is that if I put the sink in the middle of the U (which is typical), it just doesn't work -- not enough space. But if I use the penninsula as my clean-up area, I have ample space for a nice-sized sink, the dishwasher, and pull-out trash. I'm fine with the sink overlooking the dining area.

My concern: This leaves the "upper portion" of the U -- my prep space -- under the window. From a FUNCTIONAL standpoint, this seems fine. I'd have the trash can right between the prep area and the sink (perfect location). I'd have drawers in the cabinets under the windows, so my knives and cutting boards would be well-placed in the prep area. I'd have the stove on the cabinet to the left of the prep space, which seems convenient. My KitchenAid mixer could go into the corner between the prep space and the stove. And a window to look out into the back yard while chopping or mixing seems pleasant.

BUT, what about the LOOKS? Is it odd to have a "blank run" of cabinets under the window? It'll be a pretty window with an arch. When a kitchen has a window, it seems that the sink is always under that window.

Will this look odd?

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Yeah, that's a tough one. I've looked for kitchens with windows that don't place the sink under the window, and there aren't a lot out there. It'll be different. Sounds like your U has two long arms and a short base. If you are interested in receiving alternative layout ideas, post your layout and the gurus will chime in. You could, for example, eliminate one of the arms, and fill out the base of the U to allow for a dw.

Or you could just buck the trend of the expected!

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If you can spare the space, what about leaving an opening for a stool you can sit on while prepping? Might make it say "luxurious prep space here, seat, view, and all!".

If I can move my pipes, I may have my sink next to the window. That worries me a bit, it seems sinks are either under the window or in their own space, like you would have. Haven't seen any right next to the window.

If it works better for you, it's definitely worth exploring. Post the layout here. You will get so many good thoughts to consider. I'm still working through all the sugestions I got, and the ones that haven't worked out either sparked ideas or gave me insight into how the space needs to work.

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My current kitchen has just this configuration, and I love it! Sink on the island is great, because I can talk to all and sundry who wander through. The counter under the window doesn't look odd at all, and is a nice place to work. If the window there in your kitchen is lovely, I think the set up will be great.

Full disclosure: I'm tweaking this layout and moving my sink off the peninsula in the remodel. We're adding windows on the other side of the U and I'm putting the sink there. But honestly? I have severe trepidation about moving it off the peninsula, because I really love it there.

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